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Chinese rover pootles about... on the far side of the friggin' MOON

War Puppy

"Trust me, if there was major money in Space exploration for England, we would be doing it."

England can go 'brexit' itself. Meanwhile, Scotland, with its satellite know how centred in Glasgow, will sail away - ending the UK - I assume your English arrogance is strong.

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

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Re: This underlines one more thing

It's ok, England's Brexit is making businesses leave one way or another anyway.

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10

War Puppy

I was given a ZX81 as pay for my 1st ever dev job that was developed on my ZX80 (paid for through much wrinkled skin, car washing my weekends away).

Basically my dad was a Quantity Surveyor, barely using a calculator (up from slide rule) and I wrote some code to work up costing for a building after inputting some basic data. From an hour down to 10 minutes.

We went into his work, where slack jawed Neanderthals witnessed the future as I priced up a drawing in 10 minutes, that their best took 40 minutes over.

I do miss the days of wonder, as 'new tech' appeared weekly or monthly in magazines, I had to travel on a 1 hour bus to buy.

Is it the right time to virtualize?

War Puppy

Urgent Meeting

Our CTO caught the headline and is now asking questions.

Where is this door to the past? 10 years long gone.

Be our Guetzli, says Google, to make beastly JPEGs beautifully small

War Puppy

guetzli testing

Same PNG resized for testing ( 500,1000,2000 px), normal JPG compression too fast to worry over. Skylake 6700. Set at quality 90.

As you scale up, the time to compress gets 'entertaining'. Can see where Ryzen cores/threads will be useful if I want to do my 18,000 images. The 2000px one throws up an oddity. Needs more work.

1.2M test-1000.png

5.0M test-2000.png

292K test-500.png


200K c-1000.jpg

1000K c-2000.jpg

56K c-500.jpg


168K g-1000.jpg

1.1M g-2000.jpg

40K g-500.jpg

500 ======================

real 0m7.588s

user 0m7.270s

sys 0m0.317s

1000 ======================

real 0m46.546s

user 0m44.248s

sys 0m2.291s

2000 ======================

real 5m4.220s

user 4m51.535s

sys 0m12.659s

Build your Type 26 warships next year? Sure, MoD – now, about that contract...

War Puppy

Re: historical Scottish home of Royal Navy shipbuilding

In the early 1900s a fifth of all ships in the world were made on the River Clyde in Glasgow. Chatham? Wassat - another little England rant.

"British governments stopped subsidizing the ever ungrateful Scots" - elReg loves a stupid statement. Another little England special. The Scots have been subsidizing England while also being 'British' eh!

Can't wait to leave England to its tinpot navy and teeny tiny world presence/reputation. Yup - Scotland should leave us dumb Wanglanders to the mess we've created.

Software engineer sobers up to deal with 2:00 AM trouble at mill

War Puppy

Re: Christmas

Grinch stole Crimbo.

4K video on terrestrial TV? Not if the WRC shares frequencies to mobiles

War Puppy

Re: Concerning IPTV

HEVC is simply more efficient than H264, which was more efficient than MPEG2 .. and so on.

There are not 4x as many pixels unless you are dealing with a stream that has 4x as many pixels!!!

For example:

SD in MPEG2 is 4 Gigs of data. 2 hour movie

SD in H264 is 1.5 Gigs for the same quality.

SD in HEVC is 0.8 Gigs for the same quality.

The transmission rates for HEVC broadcast will save a lot of bandwidth, as would transmitting current MPEG2 SD streams in H264.

So getting HEVC (H265) into a new 'FreeviewSHD' box, and changing all transmissions to H265 would provide plenty of scope for more crap SD channels, or a few 4k channels on top of what there now due to the compression savings across everything else.

HEVC is needed to cope with 4k pixels because data streams would be huge under H264, using up valuable bandwidth.

Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one

War Puppy

Battery FFS

Battery that lasts Friday 5pm to Monday 9am.

Micro SD slot. Jebus - its a nightmare without one.

Good screen, android blah blah blah. I'm sick of smartphones that arent smart on battery life. I dont want 3D gaming and a 4k h264 megafiles. What is wrong with manufacturers?

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