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Retiring greybeards force firms to retrain Java, .NET bods as mainframe sysadmins

Johnny C

Mainframe systems people shortage ???

I worked on DOS, then VS1, then MFT, then MVS, and lateley z/OS platforms. Totally scalable, very fast and very secure. Never hacked and never went down. Only down time was when we upgraded to a new model CPU. Even moving all data on dasd was done while system(s) kept running at full speed using TDMF or PPRC...etc. I had over 40 years in a single company thru buyouts and name iterations, going public, then back private and then some new tech managers got hired and 'my position was being eliminated', whatever that means. A measly 6 weeks severance and out the door. Amazing that I can not find another position in the Tampa, FL area that pays decently. I keep reading these news flashes that CIO's are worried about the retiring boomers that grew up supporting the IBM mainframes, are now retiring in droves and there might be a system support shortage. I think the issue is no company seems to want to pay what the position is worth, with 20, 30 or 40 years experience. I continue looking but I find it unreal that the technology sites show a job offer looking for many years experience with almost every mainframe acronym there is, for 40k or 50k per year.

Still looking !!!

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