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Skilled workers, not cost, lured Apple to China says Tim Cook


Technical work in the USA

When my daughter, material science engineer, was interviewing for a job, tech companies on the left coast like INTEL and TESLA had their pick and many newbie engineers were disappointed in not getting a site interview.

As for Mister Cook's comment about tool and die makers, he must not have considered the mitten shape peninsula that is Michigan. But then again when again when was the last time Mr. Cook was in fly over zone America (i.e. the Midwest).

Microsoft shelves 'suicidal' Android-on-Windows plan


Windows suicide.

Windows is doing a good job of suicide even without Android compatibility. A have a dual boot computer with Linux (Fedora) and windows (8.1/10) set up to boot, and the Windows side has the hardest time finding my Asus DVD drive. Linux always automounts and has no problem finding the drive. I am tempted for my next computer to buy a cheap Windows laptop and just replace the operathing system with Linux.

Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%


RE: flux capacitor

Only if you check off the dilithium crystal option.

NASA announcement of MAJOR MARS DISCOVERY imminent: WHAT can it be?


Re: O O

Spectrum is green!


A reason to play Also Sprach Zarathustra ?

iOS and Android apps on Windows 10: How is this supposed to work?


Re: I just love it

Also has the ARC running of Android apps on Chrome gotten any better?

Musk: 'Tesla's electric Model S cars will be less crap soon. I PROMISE'


Golf Outing Anyone ?

My golf outing is a 560 mile slightly greater than 8 h drive. The trip uses almost all of Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania which is non-supercharged. I would never make a round trip from the last supercharger in Ohio. Even if I could afford a Tesla I couldn't make the same trip, I did in my Ford Fiesta last year.

You know where Apple Pay is getting used a LOT? Yes - McDonalds


McDonalds and Meijer stores in the pleasant peninsula (see the Michigan state motto) both take NFC payments. It is nice to exercise the NFC chip inside my moto X occasionally.

'If you see a stylus, they BLEW it' – Steve Jobs. REMEMBER, Apple?


Stylus on Apple devices?

Never say Never. The late Steve Jobs and the still living Elon Musk should have learned that. I am thinking about Elon's comment on fuel cell cars.

The DRUGSTORES DON'T WORK, CVS makes IT WORSE ... for Apple Pay


Re: The store check-out experience

But we ugly Americans do have debit cards which require pins for a debit transaction.

Elon Musk ADMITS he met Apple: iCar 'great idea', keeps schtum on Tesla hookup


This will be expensive

One of the most expensive electric car companies talks with one of the most expensive (unlocked) mobile phone companies. This will not end up with anything I can afford....

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