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2 weeks till Brexit and Defra, at the very least, looks set to be caught with its IT pants down


Re: Effects of food import tax

"Alternatively UK government could spend the extra tax receipts on helping the less well off"

Hahahahahahaha, do pull the other one. This will never happen with a Tory Government in power*

Where power is buying DUP votes with taxpayer money.

Meizu ditched hole-free phone because it was 'just the marketing team messing about', not because no one really gave a toss


Get a QI charging phone holder for your car, such things are available.

Official science: Massive asteroids are so difficult to destroy, Bruce Willis wouldn't stand a chance


Re: Of course not, you need the whole team

Wouldn't it be easier to send 1 Chuck Norris up, he'll smash it in one punch and all the little bits will be so scared they'll runn away.

A once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity: NASA bids emotional farewell to its cocky, hardworking RC science car on Mars

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Re: RIP Opportunity

"FinanceMyF***ingWallYouB***ards! if Fartus gets his say."

Shhh, if he knows NASA are spending money on this he might divert it to his wall.

What a smashing time, cheer astroboffins: Epic exoplanet space prang evidence eyeballed


Simulated crash

Why is that planet(s) made from tiny balls? Did the CGI budget not stretch to Universa Sandbox?


Fraudster convicted of online banking thefts using… whatever the hell this thing is

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Re: Baby Shark?


Why did you have to put that back in my head

No not THAT kind of Office Wizard! Roll a diplomacy check to win the election: Vote tie resolved by a D20


Natural 20

What are the odds on that? It's got to be more than a million to one.

Happy Christmas! Bloodhound SSC refuelled by Yorkshire business chap


One of these for the new investor -------------->

US bitcoin bomb threat ransom scam looks like a hoax say FBI, cops

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Re: Just wondering here ?

You can't just take the money out of a bitcoin wallet, transactions have to be signed by the wallets private key, and as it wasn't made by a TLA it doesn't have any backdoors in to bypass this.

Icon cos can't be 100% sure on the TLA bit.

Official: Voyager 2 is now an interstellar spacecraft


Re: Solexit 2

Judging by this chart Pioneer 10 has just snuck ahead to beat Voyager 2 with Pioneer 11 close behind. New horizons is a distant 5th but catching up fast.


FYI NASA just lobbed its Parker probe around the Sun in closest flyby yet: A nerve-racking 15M miles from the surface


Re: So what I'm wondering now...

The answer to this question is relative

Dollar for dollar, crafting cryptocurrency sucks up 'more energy' than mining gold, copper, etc


Re: Ending in 2140?

Miners are rewarded for each block they validate with a reward in bitcoins plus the transaction fees for the transactions recorded in the block.

The number of bitcoins awarded per mined blocked is on a decreasing scale, halving every 210,000 blocks. This will next happen in 2020. Eventually it will reach zero in about 2040 as part of the original design of the currentcy, at this point miners will only receive transaction fees for validating the blocks.

£220k fines for dodgy dialling duo who didn't do due dil on data

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"These fines should set alarm bells ringing and deter marketing companies across all sectors that are contacting people without their consent,"

So that's why we keep seeing them then? Hopefully GDPR will actually have some effect on these scum.

It's Two Spacecraft, One Mission as BepiColombo gets ready to launch


Re: Remember the mystery goo container

I've been trying to do docking in orbit, and damn that is hard. So many spacecraft fragments floating around :-(


I think the point he was making is that weight depends on gravity which varies with the size of the planet you are on, or is zero in space. Mass is however constant wherever you happen to be.

With sorry Soyuz stuffed, who's going to run NASA's space station taxi service now?

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They've already used all the technology they found at area 51, it's time to move on to area 52.

Convenient switch hides an inconvenient truth


1900 was not a leap year as it is divisible by 100 but not 400

In the Gregorian calendar three criteria must be taken into account to identify leap years:

The year can be evenly divided by 4;

If the year can be evenly divided by 100, it is NOT a leap year, unless;

The year is also evenly divisible by 400. Then it is a leap year.

It liiives! Sorta. Gentle azure glow of Windows XP clocked in Tesco's self-checkouts, no less


Re: Local Optician

That said, they're not Internet connected, so perfectly safe.

Yes but did they lock down the USB ports?

icon -------------->

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while


Re: CBeebies on Sky too

We had this too, pressed a few buttons and had Peppa pig on for a bit, plus a shed load of adverts.


No comment?

"Three years ago the BBC's web presences did more or less the same thing. The corporation declined to say what caused it beyond an "internal system failure"."

Actually there was a rather long and in depth blog post about it


Form an orderly queue, people: 31,000 BT staff go to Openreach in October


"Ofcom identified serious failings with BT's ownership of Openreach, a subsidiary that runs Britain's entire broadband infrastructure."

Where did VM and KC go?

Heatwave shmeatwave: Brit IT departments cool their racks – explicit pics


Re: That last picture

I assume the cable was secured by plugging both ends into the same switch.

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual


Re: Only cracking I have done is

Reminds me of when we got about half a dozen desktops back to head office for a RAM upgrade at a place I used to work. Spent about 30 seconds trying to open the padlocks with a pair of pliers which only got as far some minor dents in the lock. Then turned the pliers on the loops on the case the locks went through, it was lick putting a hot knife through butter.

WD's Purple reign continues: 12TB helium disks for vid spy tech


Re: Helium

Helium is less dense than air so the heads can be closer to the platter allowing greater data density.

Select few to watch World Cup in 4K high dynamic range colour on BBC iPlayer


22 players, 1 ref and a team manager "discussing" a finer point of a tackle/goal or whatever.

Noise from blast of gas destroys Digiplex data depot disk drives


Re: Safe for personnel?

They really ought to use inert gas mixtures in US gas chambers, they're quick, totally painless and kill without any sense of suffocation or fighting for breath.

Micheal Portillo did a BBc documentary on this a few years ago. When he asked US people if they preffered the gas method most didn't as it no longer seemed like a punishment.


Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for UK.gov


What made the panel so odd, was that I found myself agreeing with Jacob Rees Mogg on the unBritishness of ID cards. At that point I thought it was time for the first gin of the evening.

I had this strange feeling too, was very unsettling.


They didn't need any papers when they came over here as the Carribena was part of the British empire .Much like you don't need any papers to move between England/Scotland/Wales nowadays.

X marks the Notch, where smartmobe supercycles go to die


There seems to be 2 types of commentard in here

Person A wants a cheap no nonse phone that make calls and send/receive texts and maybe a quick game of snake, and there's a nice selection pf phones for them

Person B has money and wants all the blls and whistles, theres a phone for them as well.

Person A is a grumpy old git and can't understand why person B wants to spend so much money on a phone.

Person B is too busy down the pub with his mates to care what person A thinks, plus he has friends that he can call on his phone.

Let the down votes begin.

He He He: Seagate's gasbag Exos spinner surges up to 14TB

Paris Hilton

Re: Limits?

Good point about the red blood cells. They are about 3 times bigger than a sperm cell and they definatly have DNA. Icon cos she throw more "data" around than any tech firm.


Re: Limits?

Not even close to DNA, which packs about 3 billion base pairs* into every cell in your body. 2 bits per base is 6 Gigabits or 0.75 Gigabytes. About 20,000 of these will be over 14TB which using blood cells would be about 2,000,000 cubic micro metres or 0.002 cubic millimetres. So not even close to a drop of blood yet.



Samsung starts cranking out 512GB eUFS storage


Dacia make basic cars, I don't know if you can get them that side of the pond tho

Apple embraces El Reg! iOS 11 is now biting the hand that types IT


Re: I.T just works..

I bloody hope not, that's me out of a job

Logitech: We're gonna brick your Harmony Link gizmos next year


Re: Official info?

It looks like the hub =! link, there are seperate apps in the play store for them and I haven't received any notification about my harmony ultimate being dscontinued. I might try diconnecting my internet tonight anbd see if it still works, just to see if it will.

It looks like a lot of people on here have bad experiences with logitech but mine is the opposite. I've got a keyboard and mouse still going after about 10 years and a harmony 525 which is still supported (yes I can still download remote codes) after more than 10 years.

Still shit for Link users though.

Tories spared fine after being told off by ICO for election telemarketing


the ICO has "warned the Conservative Party to get it right next time".

That'll be we got away with it this time so lets push it a bit further next time then

How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act

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Re: Meanwhile in a crack den beneath NSA headquarters...

You heard me son, Santa Claus is a person in interest and terrorist.

And anyone who mentions him is on the list too, that should just about cover the whole population.

NatWest customer services: We're aware of security glitch


Re: password specifications..

Would it not be possible to hash each character in your password, add a slat to it as well to make it a bit harder to brute force if the DB bacame compromised.

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham


Re: Snake Oil

To copy from JFK

"We Do These Things Not Because They Are Easy But Because They Are Hard"

Here's to the ones pushing at the boundaries -->


Re: "The fission process turns two forms of hydrogen"

AFAIK from my A level days, each atom has a unified atomic mass that is slightly different from what would be expected from just adding up the number of protons and neutrons. Carbon 12 is used as the yard stick for measuring this and Hydrogen has a mass of approximatly 1.0078. If 12 Hydrogen atoms were combined there would be an excess of mass of 0.0936 which is turned into energy using E=MC^2. i.e. small mass change = HUGE energy, that's the easy part the tricky bit is controlling the fusion so you don't get all the energy at once, see icon -->

China bans cryptocurrency fundraising schemes


Re: What can you spend the tokens on?

Blockchain.info show how many coins were traded for each block, looks like about 50k per 10 minutes of ~$200million


Whoosh, there it is: Toshiba bods say 14TB helium-filled disk is coming soon


Re: Helium is tricksy stuff if I recall correctly.

So, How Long does it take for the helium to bleed out?

Slightly longer than the warranty lasts

Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city. And this is a good thing, it says


Re: Who stuffed the headline then?

I read it as 20 metre lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city.

Was relieved to find out it was 20 million mosquitos

Don't panic, but your Bitcoins may just vanish into the ether next month


Re: Bitcoin is bound to collapse in value prior to this date

And that happens to currencies every day. None of them are backed by Gold any more.

And why would a currency backed by gold be any more valuable and stable? Gold itself has little intrinsic value as you can't eat it, wear it or make many useful things with it such as car or plane parts. It's value is only linked to it's shinyness and like all currencys it's only value is that which is collectivly assigned to it. In this sense BitCoins value is based on the same collective imagination as all other fiat currencies with the exception that the collective is currently much smaller. The future of BitCoin and other virtual currencies is in the size of the collective that believes in them.

NASA flies plane through Earthly shadow of Kuiper Belt object


Re: (Illustration not to scale)


(Kuiper belt, other stars not included)

Boffins ready to demo 1.44 petabit-per-second fibre cables


Re: Impressive but ...

i wouldn't want to be the guy swapping all the cards for the read/write of them.

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'


Re: Common sense required

Lawyers are coming?

Techie the most recession-proof job


Re: I'd argue...

"that "politician" is the most recession proof job."

Recession proof yes, but not election proof, except in a 'safe' seat

UK safety app keeping lorries on the right side of cyclists


Re: Well meaning...

It's not always the cyclists fault, I've been knocked off my bike more than once by a vehicle over taking and then turning left, fortunately I wasn't hit by the articulated lorry that did this to me.

Euro space boffins ready, mere hours from flinging Rosetta lander at Comet 67P



Surely you mean ESA.

XBOX One will learn to play media from USB and DLNA sources



My PS3 already does this. I still can't see the point of the XBONE


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