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Jack in black: 12 years on, Twitter finally makes a profit from its firehose of memes and misery


The BBC will be pleased

After 10 years or so of promoting this US corp across all BBC TV and radio and web has finally paid off. I'm sure all UK Licence fee payers very happy to see this US corp Twitter finally making a profit - now will the BBC switch it's attention and start promoting a different US corp?

As a licence fee payer I demand to know!

Death notice: Moore’s Law. 19 April 1965 – 2 January 2018


Don't understand people who keep on about Java being 'slow' (whatever that means...). It's nonsense and anyone with half a brain knows that.


'No evidence' UK.gov has done much to break up IT outsourcing


Re: Partly down to rules set out by government.

And others like you clearly - not qualified to make IT decisions. Probably why gov tech has such a high rate of failure.


Re: Partly down to rules set out by government.

Just a shame that there are people like you, making decisions about IT, who are just plain ignorant about technology.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare


Re: Killed photo's app on HighSierra

Well, I purchased mine from Apple only 6 months ago (decent spec), but I think it is the same basic model that has been in existence since 2015 or so- so maybe the impact on my machine is more than on other more recent machines. The performance hit that I've seen is app slowness, quick drainage of battery, and also excessively warm laptop on lap...

It really is a pile of sh*t now.


Re: Killed photo's app on HighSierra

ok fair enough, thanks for the info


Re: Killed photo's app on HighSierra

Thanks but how do you know? My new mac book air has become unusable overnight. An apple support thread indicates this is a common problem. No-one has had any response from Apple. How can I trust the benchmarks - who is producing them?

It may be a combination of the intel patch and also lack of care in the upgrade process (for OS and app) of course


Killed photo's app on HighSierra

Thank you for filling in the blanks as to why my recently upgraded (to High Sierra) mac book air is now running like a dog and going through the battery in a couple of hours (this is a huge change from before the upgrade when I could comfortable get 5/6 hours from editing using the photos app which was easy and quick to use).

Apple support are not interested. My mac book air is still under 1 year warranty so I can get a full refund on that (presumedly?) Does anybody know if I will be able to get a full refund for an over 1 year old mac book pro also?

I think I might return both if possible - anybody tried this?

Apple support thread...


No, the FCC can't shut down TV stations just because Donald Trump is mad at the news


Re: Lots of Russian robots in today

Putinbots, putinbots surfing on the net,

putinbots, putinbots, Putin's band of men,

they type from a script,

and lie quite a lot,

putinbots, putinbots...

Infesting forums with Kremlin propaganda since... - well, well before Putin's murderous war against Ukraine in 2014.

Oracle says it is 'committed' to Java EE 8 – amid claims it quietly axed future development


Re: Die Java Die

"I don't think they are, Java is *incredibly* unpopular with a lot of the programming community, at least in part because of the overly verbose syntax and bloat"

It's especially unpopular with lazy minded people with some type of irrational prejudice against it. Maybe at some point in their career they had a choice of programming language and didn't choose Java. They choose the wrong option. Java is more popular now than it has ever been. Java 8 provides excellent features and continues adding progress in terms of verbosity.

Really it is tiresome to get these type of comments here. Java is the most popular programming language today and has been more or less for 15 years. Get over it...

$10bn Oracle v Google copyright jury verdict: Google wins, Java APIs in Android are Fair Use


Re: Oracle should be grateful

"Java would have died ages ago if it weren't for android."

Err.. no it wouldn't. Java has always has been mostly used as a server side development language. Don't know where you are getting your information, but that side of Java use there is still healthy and shows no signs of diminishing.

Bloaty banking app? There's a good chance it was written in Britain


I can only guess, given the ignorance in your comment that you are referring systems written by your good self. Yes Java cannot prevent useless developers producing a mess...

Streetmap's lawyer: Google High Court win will have 'chilling effect’ on UK digital biz


There is no UK 'digital' industry and never will be

The dominance of the US corps in this space, mean the only sane business plan for any start up is to build your business with the express intention of getting bought by one of the US corps.

The likes of Google dominate and possess so much spending power that they can crush any nascent business if they choose to. You cannot start anything that is vaguely in their arena and 'take them on'. You have to play ball and when they come calling, you smile and bend over, grab your money and run.

It is a sad situation and a total failure by UK plc. The UK politicians are as much to blame as anyone else. Their double speak and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Oracle issues emergency patch for Java on Windows


The 'Java sucks' brigade...

Thanks for the unformed commentary again on a Java related story. What world do you guys inhabit? Now let's see..

"vulnerability on Windows platforms"

Yes, windows.

"an attacker would have to trick a user into visiting a compromised Website before installing Java 6, 7 or 8"

Um.. ok

"Getting an attack to work would be very difficult"

oh right...

"people with an existing clean install of Java ... don't have to worry"


And finally:

"Peeps still have Java on their machines? In 2016?"

Java the most used software development language in the world for 15 years and counting...


But I'm sure you know better!

Larry Page was held back by Google execs from flooding world with new dot-word domains


.xyz domain

Rubbish domain simply because it is three syllables.

.com can't be beaten on syllables...

Celebrating 20 years of juicy Java. Just don’t mention Android


Re: Facts

"The cross-platform stuff was then, and still largely is, marketing. "

Not sure about that. My experience has almost always been developing on one platform for deployment on another platform - and it works.

Oracle's piping hot new pot of Java takes out the trash (faster)


well done for highlighting your ignorance, albeit anonymously...

Bitcoin trade biz MyCoin goes dark, investors fear $387 MEEELLION lost


The irony...

The irony is that although it looks like a straight ponzi scheme, the scamster will probably use bitcoin to hide the money trail...

Actually forget that, they'll probably use HSBC.

'Tech' City hasn't got proper broadband and it's like BT doesn't CARE


BT have sent on average 2 letters/flyers a month addressed to the person that inhabited the residence I now live at. And for 2 and a half years I have put all of them back in the post marked 'not known at this address'. And they keep coming...

Scale this to the UK and that's quite a massive postal bill. This is incompetence/complacency.

Tells you everything you need to know about BT... Fairly typical from a former monopoly, still living off the spoils of that status.

Five years of Sun software under Oracle: Were the critics right?


Re: Yes. The critics were right

"I am mystified as to why people stick with Java when it is *clearly* encumbered by Oracle"

So I'm developing say a web application with a Java back-end. How is Oracle 'ecnumbering' any part of the process I go through?

If you are 'mystified', you probably have not used, do not know Java - or failed to use it correctly when you did.


Re: Java is shit

I doubt if applets represent even 1% of the Java that is done today. So the 'Java is shit' headline is pretty irrelevant, no?

Are you talking about Java Swing? Again a small percentage of the Java that is done today. And Swing is ok, if you do it right.

Cyber battle apparently under way in Russia-Ukraine conflict


It was only a matter of time...

Putin really knows how to engender himself with the neighbours, doesn't he? Is a leader who makes enemies of all who surround his country a good leader? I think not. Putin is digging himself and Russia a giant hole.

As for the claim that CGHQ is involved - what is the motivation? False flag? The Russians just invaded Ukraine, was that a false flag as well? Did the GCHQ bods cut those cables? I'm sceptical of much, and certainly of this claim. GCHQ will be listening as much as they can to determine what is going on, before perusing some random peoples webcams across the UK for kicks.

Google warns Glass wearers: Quit being 'CREEPY GLASSHOLES'


Take your glasses off if you want to continue this conversation...

This is how I'll start, but I think I will get increasingly pissed off with people who don't do this as a matter of course.

So maybe it get to the stage when introduced to someone:

"Hey, this is my mate Dave"

- "Hi Dave, oh..."


- "Did no one teach you any manners?"

- "Pint anyone?"

Something like that anyway...

Google's paid link settlement plan will lead to fresh wave of abuses, claims Euro rival


Re: Care-o-meter: LOW <-[]----------------> HIGH

I think the point being that Google have the power to make or break an online business in the UK and there is no comeback should you be penalised unjustly by them. It only takes one bad month to put someone out of business. This is not a healthy position for UK online businesses.

In my case the site was penalised by Google and booted out the rankings entirely. We had a forum which linked to the site which was not functioning but users could register (the forum was only linked back to the original site). Each registration seemed to produce a Google indexed page which had a link back to the original website. I think after a period of the number of these 'registrations' led to the Google bot deciding this was some type of link farm.

Of course I don't know, I guessing, because they refused to enter in to a dialogue about it. I have no problem with genuine ranking movements. The problem as far as Google is concerned we just have to trust them. And I don't.


Re: Care-o-meter: LOW <-[]----------------> HIGH

Only people complaining?

I doubt that. As an example, a couple of years ago now, but I'm sure it still goes on, I had a domain listed in the top 5 for a particular search - it was there for years.

There were absolutely no dubious SEO practices going on with the website (you'll just have to take my word for it).

Suddenly the site dropped completely out the rankings and stayed that way for four months. Repeated attempts to contact Google were met with blind indifference.

Can you imagine launching a UK website and that happening during your first week? Goodbye business.

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