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'Year-long' delay to UK 5G if we spike Huawei deals, say telcos

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Re: 9 Months delay?

Yeah, 1Gbps with a 10GB download limit. A limit that you will reach in 80 seconds!

That said I now have unlimited downoiads on three with unlimited wi-fi hotspot.... So I could ditch my landline.

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I'd be suspicious of any company with an unpronounceable name!

The Japsters learned a long time ago to make their company names more western friendly.


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Re: Paranoia?

Everyone who writes software always creates a backdoor, right? I do anyway!

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

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Unless it's a massive professional drone surely the mass is way less than that of a duck, which planes are designed to be able to cope with?

When they find it they should put it on some giant scales next to something of the same mass... say a witch.

I was once one of you, F1 star Lewis Hamilton tells delighted IT bods

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Re: What a knob

I'd like to see sharks with frickin lasers on their heads driving the cars

Well, this makes scents: Kotlin code quality smells better than Java

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Yes, great, lovely

I don't have the time to learn it....I'm in the pub... oh I do.

I should be attacked with sharks with mini non-lethal lasers

Norwegian tourist board says it can't a-fjord the bad publicity from 'Land of Chlamydia' posters

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At 11 quid a pint

I'm surprised anyone has it off

Amazon staffers protest giant's 'support of the surveillance state'

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Amazon peeps

Pot calling kettle a muppet

Great news, cask beer fans: UK shortage of CO2 menaces fizzy crap taking up tap space

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Doesn't matter what I drink, still don't get laid.

UK military may recruit wheezy, alcoholic keyboard warriors

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I'll do it!

Просто дай мне маска акулы, лазер и головной ремень.

Stingray phone stalker tech used near White House, SS7 abused to steal US citizens' data – just Friday things

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Stingray? Nah...

A shark with a laser on its head!

MH370 search ends – probably – without finding missing 777

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Re: Everything on a plane is designed to float.

Ahhh, well, you see... it was a special toilet made by Andre Geim. When I said floating it was more 'levitating'.

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They didn't find him, it was a cover-up. He was actually the pilot of MH370, so good luck finding him!

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"You could lose several dozen such planes under your average B&Q warehouse if it got covered by sand, debris, etc."

I lost my car in the car park once at B&Q. Have they checked there for MH370?

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Re: Why is it always...

Are you saying MH370 is down the back of someone's sofa?

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Live Transponders

"The flight was tracked "live" by 2 transponders which were deliberately turned off."

They weren't turned off, they are actually still broadcasting. If you tune in to the first one using a 405 line set you can see "Singer Presents...ELVIS (68 comeback special)" on a loop.

If you tune into the other transponder using a squarial you'll see an episode of "Up Yer News" from 1990 with Armando Iannucci playing Jack Ruby outside the Dallas Municipal Building.

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How do you design a jet engine to float?

Have you actually ever got a jet engine on a set of scales and compared it with a duck to see if they weigh the same and therefore float?

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Everything on a plane is designed to float.

Especially the engines, it's why the fan blades are hollow!

On a different note about float...

I did a floater on a plane once.

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We all know that this was caused by...

A shark with a laser strapped to its head.

Boffins bash out bonkers boost for batteries

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Re: Energy

Can't wait to get home and try this. Just at the petrol station now.... Going to get that wide deep container later.

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Hopefully those frickin' sharks can swim for longer and kill more frickin' people

with frickin' more efficient laser diodes on their frickin' heads.

Or am I missing something?

Flamin' Nora! Brit firefighters tackle blazing fly-tipped boat

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Fly-tip, no. Sharks with lasers...

They must be to blame, surely?

Airbus windscreen fell out at 32,000 feet

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Re: Hero ?

I agree, hero, pah! It's not like they were flying in shark infested waters, sharks with lasers on their heads.

Project Lightning, you say? Virgin Media's fibre rollout is pretty glacial

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Re: Same here, maybe cancelling

I've got the FritzBox dishing out static ip addresses to other routers... can't remember how though. Took me ages.

App devs bewildered by last-minute Google GDPR klaxon

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Just charge for it

I've got many apps on Google Play and the paid for ones generate more money than identical ad funded ones.

I'm simply going to convert the ad ones into paid/subscription apps.

Last attempt to find MH370 starts this week

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Sharks with frickin' laser beams I hope!

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They aren't looking on the moon

Everyone knows that it was hijacked by two agents for the CIA, Elvis and Jack Ruby as co-pilot. It was then flown to the moon as part of a conspiracy to cover up the truth about 9/11.

No doubt that this post will be deleted, I can see the black helicopters coming for me now!

Ex-ZX Spectrum reboot man threatens sueball over unpaid invoices

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Sharks with lasers

I think they need to bring in the sharks fitted out with the finest laser attire to this one!

The Register Lecture: How to build your own tractor beam

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Surely this could be done with laser beams? What? No? Oh, Frickin laser beams!

Nest reveals the first truly connected home

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There are companies linking all these things together from different brands.

MyAV is one example in the smart home entertainment side of things.

Please, Hammond ... don't hurt 'em: 'Suggestions' time for UK digi tax clampdown

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Re: help roll out full fibre to local areas

Yeah but VM's network can't handle static IP addresses without breaking packets in half. Useless for a lot of businesses or home workers.

Sneaky satellite launch raises risk of Gravity-style space collision

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Re: Can't they just use lasers to vapourise them?


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Can't they just use lasers to vapourise them?

Really big ones

Your manhood is safe, judge tells ZX Spectrum reboot boss

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If he's worried about his safety...

Hire a chopper to go to court in!

Android P will hear no evil, see no evil, support evil notches

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No preview for the Pixel C!


New algorithm could help self-driving cars scout out hidden objects

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Re: Vibrations

Just mount the LiDAR on a drone that flies above, gyroscopes will keep it stable.

Even better... have the drone fly on ahead, then you can see on ahead. Hang on...

BBC presenter loses appeal, must pay £420k in IR35 crackdown

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Surely IR35 is irrelevant, surely the main issue here is.... how much more would she have been paid if she was a man?

Another way to avoid eye contact: 4G on the Tube expected 'in 2019'

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Sorry... thought I was on the Daily Mail website.

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Bring back hanging!

From Vega with love: Pegasus interstellar asteroid's next stop

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Cigar shaped or rocket shaped?

Digital minister: We're still talking to BT about sorting crap broadband

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If I were the minister.

1. BT should be forced to sell Openreach, the quasi-breakup still has a conflict of interest and Openreach is badly run. Too many contractors for day to day jobs, rather than its own workforce. The job of upgrading this country's infrastructure is huge and hiring contractors makes no sense at all.

2. The people in charge of Ofcom should be fired, they are hopeless, it's proven itself to be completely ineffective and inept .

3. All new build property should be FTTP by law, no new copper, it's nuts (further proof that Openreach is badly run, everything is short-term sticky plasters, nothing is long-term).

4. Openreach should be given 6 months to start using its "dark fibre" or lose it, letting other people use it.

5. Openreach should be forced to share the exact reasons why it hasn't upgraded exchanges and cabinets in a completely open and transparent way. Currently, it not only lies to and misleads the public, but also local authorities and councillors.

6. A complete ban on network and traffic shaping, filtering and download limits. There is no point having a 1000mbps connection with a 1GB a month or day allowance and 512kbps at peak times just won't do. If the network cannot handle it, charge more and upgrade the network.

"xx speed Broadband for £20 inc line rental" is misleading.

Ofcom should have sorted this out 15 years ago when NTL introduced the first data cap.

I travel to France, Germany and Spain and regularly stay in Airbnb properties where they have fibre, proper fibre. This country is a joke. 5th biggest economy in the world, pah!

Teensy weensy space shuttle flies and lands

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What next?

Brewery making a space plane! Does it have an optional hipster beard?

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired

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Re: Go Samsung!

I use a remote app on Android called "MyAV" to control my Samsung smart TV over Wi-Fi, it does my SkyQ box and my Denon AV receiver too


It also does my Sony Smart TV, Oppo Blu-Ray player, Bush Smart TV, Onkyo Receiver, DirecTV box, Sky Germany Cable box, DishTV Box, LG Smart TV, Roku streamer,SFR Cable box, Pioneer AV Receiver, Anthem AV Receiver, Arcam AV receiver, Pioneer Blu-Ray, Freebox Cable box, Sony Blu-Ray, Philips Hue Lighting, Ziggo cable box, TiVo Cable Box, LIghtwave RF Lighting, Yamaha AV receiver and a tonne of other stuff as I develop the app!

I've actually had to buy 4 Samsung TVs as they've changed the protocols for controlling them 4 times in 5 years!

As you can imagine my house is a bit full of things!

UK waves £45m cheque, charges scientists with battery tech boffinry

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Re: Nurture

urm.. you just described the tax system.

Boeing-backed US upstart reckons it'll be building electric airliners

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All these people saying that it couldn't work because the current energy density of batteries is far lower than plane petrol. It's pretty windy at 40,000ft, have you considered that they may fit the thing with wind turbines?

I'll get my coat.

Trane thermostat is a hot spot for viruses on home networks

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who opens their ports up to the internet?

Any well made piece of IoT tat would push-pull information from a central server?

EE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in the heart of London

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I left EE for Three a month ago when I came... out of contract.

and haven't really regretted it. Still sucks at peak times in central London, but unlimited 4G on three swug the deal for me (30 day contract)

EE are really arrogant, which isn't attractive, they said my contract would continue at the same price... even though it was 2 years and included a phone (S3).

I bought a Note 3 unlocked because I needed it for research (just like the G Watch R that I have just got)... blah..blah

I'd be fine with 3G speeds on any network that actually worked reliably! That said, three is on the whole better and more reliable than EE, especially as I get the train down from Kettering regularly and with EE I only got data at Bedford station. With three I get it for more of the journey which means more work... sad little 6ft panda that I am.

30 day contract, so I am free to be whatever I want to be.

Anyway, I could do with a job as an Android developer... any takers? Nah, didn't think so, guess I will just keep plying my trade on Google Play selling my own software... blah.. too much beer tonight.

Who coined the term 'App'?

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Re: Who coined the term 'App'?


Galaxy Note

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Re: Galaxy Note

I've got the note 3 and GS3, I use them both for beta testing app dev and the Note3 is fantastic, but a little heavy after awhile. I even can now use it one handed (even in the massive rubber case I have for it).

Scammed by Simply Electronics

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Re: Scammed by Simply Electronics

It's amazing that they are still going, if they were in the UK they'd be shut down for misleading information.

I don't know if they still do, but they used to advertise as being in the UK with fake addresses. People also sometimes get stung for VAT and import duty, which makes the "great prices" not so great.


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