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Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut

Stephen Hicks
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Retailers retaliate?

Working as I do near a behemoth of an ASDA supermarket (that's a Wal-mart for you US and non-UK types - only smaller) whilst wandering aroung during my lunch break last thursday I noticed a flock of 8 60Gb PS3s sat in the security cupboard priced at £399... so maybe it's the retaliers that will really take this war to Sony on our behalf as I'm sure they are non-plussed with this pricing situation either.

What is more telling though is that flanking these 8 PS3s last Thursday was a school of 10 Nintendo Wiis all shimmering and fresh in from the plant that very day. I have just been over to get my lunch today and lo and behold - all of the Wiis have been sold but the 8 PS3s are still sitting on the shelf gathering dust... and personally I hope that's where the PS3 will be consigned to very soon unless we start to get a fair deal.



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