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Google: OK world, make our 'End-to-End' crypto tool SPOOK PROOF


TSL or TLS - Come on Ed !!!

Quote : The company reports that, because other providers do not always support Transport Security Layer (TSL) encryption, currently as much as 50 per cent of incoming messages and 35 per cent of outgoing mail was transmitted in the clear, even though Gmail itself supports TLS in both directions.

SO.. lets stick with TLS, a quick google (sic) search for "Transport Security Layer " only returned pages on TLS not TSL

China to blow away smog with DRONES


Tin hat needed

I live in China

I cannot drink the tap water

I cannot breath the air at almost 50 times the maximum permitted pm2.5

Now they are going to drop it on my head... and feed it into my food chain..

Bring on the Tin Hat and Beer .. ..

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Re: I've been helping friends (and businesses) upgrade from XP to ...

Use Xubuntu to stay clear of heavyweight Unity interface, it uses XFCE which is a lot less of a CPU hog.

Mint might be also worth a look as it's Ubuntu based, again , choose XFCE as the display manager.


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