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Washington (no, not that one) to pass hardcore net neutrality law: All ISPs in state must obey

Anne Nonymous

This is flat out illegal. States can't regulate interstate commerce. And it's dangerous: Are ISPs going to have to keep up with different laws in 50 states? If they do, guess whose bills are going to go up to pay the lawyers?

America's broadband speed map is back! And it doesn't totally suck!

Anne Nonymous

25 Mbps isn't a "baseline" broadband speed. It's "luxury" broadband. All you really need is 4 Mbps to stream the fattest video streams. But of course people will use the bogus 25 Mbps number to falsely claim that there isn't enough broadband....

There be dragons? Why net neutrality groups won't go to Congress

Anne Nonymous

Competition is the answer. Repeal the regulations and then enable and boost ISP competition. They'll compete to deliver what users want and we can keep the government's meddling, censorious hands off the Net.

Three times as bad as malware: Google shines light on pay-per-install

Anne Nonymous

Google did research on this? If so, it did it only to figure out how it could install its own spyware. The Google Toolbar is known to be one of the most common pieces of spyware and foistware in existence, and Android and the Chrome browser both have spying built in (as does Mozilla, due to the close relationship Mozilla had with Google).

Handover of US internet control to ICANN officially blocked in Republican policy

Anne Nonymous

This Web site has an international audience, but here in the US we all know the real reason the Obama administration is trying to remove ICANN from US control: Google, which dictates White House technology policy. (The US CTO was hired directly from big Obama donor Google, as were many other staffers.) If ICANN is not under the control of the US government, it is harder for US courts (or any court, for that matter) to take down domains that host pirated content. Google wants piracy to go unpunished, and so this is an important agenda item for it.

Net neutrality-lovin' Sweden mulls law to censor the internet

Anne Nonymous

Regulation of the Internet, under the guise of protecting "Net Neutrality" (a term with no agreed-upon definition that applies to a condition that has never existed), paves the way for government censorship and spying. This is but one of many examples.

Broadband isn't broadband unless it's 25Mbps, mulls FCC boss

Anne Nonymous

Its a power grab.

There's a law in the US -- it's called Section 706, and you can find it if you Google 47 USC 1302 because that's where it wound up in the law books -- which the FCC believes gives it all kinds of power to regulate and meddle in the Internet. But it can only make this week argument if it "determines" that people don't have broadband and aren't getting it in a timely way. So, guess what? To keep its power as broadband is rolled out everywhere, the FCC has to keep on claiming that the minimum requirement for broadband is higher and higher. 25 megabits is completely unnecessary, but Wheeler is claiming that it is so that he can try to justify sticking his nose into more and more things and regulating the Net more and more heavily.

FCC bigwig grills Netflix: If internet fast lanes are so bad, why did YOU build them?

Anne Nonymous

Pai is right except for one thing

Those Netflix devices aren't caches. They are full fledged servers, which they bully ISPs into hosting for free by telling them that their customers can't get HD otherwise. And then Netflix expects the ISPs to give them the upstream bandwidth for the servers for free too!

What a deal! A free fast lane, free hosting, free power, free air conditioning, and free bandwidth. Who has the market power here?

Net neutrality protesters set up camp outside FCC headquarters

Anne Nonymous

I walked by there. There were guys coming by, supporting "protestors" by bringing them food and refreshments. I asked who they were and they said they were from The New America Foundation, which is a lobbying think tank that is chaired by Google executive Eric Schmidt and funded by Google. The protestors are fakes. They aren't ordinary people; they're being paid and fed by a rich corporation, headed by multibillionaires. It wants regulation of the Internet written to fatten its wallet.

Almost everyone read the Verizon v FCC net neutrality verdict WRONG

Anne Nonymous

They're making a fuss because they see an opportunity to fool the public.

The lobbying groups that are making the fuss, all of them paid by Google, are doing it because they see an opportunity to scare the public into pushing the FCC to regulate ISPs heavily, leaving them permanently shackled and permanently forced to give free bandwidth to Google. Google itself, of course, would not be regulated due to its influence on, and huge donations to, the Obama administration.


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