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Boston dorm computer raid ruled illegal

Chris Tucker

As a resident of Boston...

...I can assure you that the local police tend mightily towards cluelessness.

I refer to the Great LED Freakout of 2007 a few years ago, followed a short time later with the Boston Bomb Squad blowing up a traffic counter.

This was a small metal box, chained to a lamppost that had cables running across the roadway. The cables are essentially switches that are triggered by automobiles passing over them. The metal box holds the counter. The metal box also had a label identifying it as a Mass Dept of Transportation counter, along with a toll-free number to call if there were any questions about it.

Despite all that, the bomb squad still blew it up.

They do a good job if someone is waving a gun about in public, chasing down purse snatchers, dealing with drunk drivers, et al.

But for something like this, completely and utterly clueless. As amply demonstrated in the article.


Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

Chris Tucker
Jobs Halo

What Problems?

1.42 Ghz Dual Processor G4 (MDD/FW800)

Software update did it's thing, I restarted the Mac. It booted twice and has been working flawlessly ever since, including the wireless.


BOFH: Carbon neutrality

Chris Tucker

Lack of an MCSE notwithstanding...

"Qoute: "The title of engineer should only be applied to engineers."

What type of engines do you specialise in building / repairing?

Contemporary Babbage Numerical Difference Engines, what else?"


BOFH: A question of urgency

Chris Tucker

The IT Crowd/BOFH

It's an ongoing documentary series, not a sitcom.

Just as BOFH is an ongoing written documentation of life in the IT sphere, only slightly exaggerated for comedic effect.

This edition is, essentially, what happens on a daily basis in much of the IT environment.



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