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Survey: Tech has FREED modern workers – to work longer hours


"Internet, email make you more productive" Don't know about other fields but in my field of medicine (family practice) adoption of electronic medical records have actually increased the time requirement! The government has mandated it (with penalties for non-compliance) and software vendors have lobbied politicians, hospital administrators, and government administration with systems that are not yet fully vetted or perfected. The result is unpredictible shutdowns, slower input of information, mass layoffs of medical transcriptionists (the ones who typed the dictated records for the former ((superior)) system) and care providers having to pay more attention to computer screens than to their patients!

All in the hope that a new system would facilitate easier access of patient records among different physicians (it hasn't)

Bose says today is F*** With Dre Day: Beats sued in patent battle


Apple may have the legal resources but they still need a shred of a legitimate case to base their defense on. And if Bose has all the justice on their side, which I suspect they do, it will be hard to defend.

Native Americans KILLED AND ATE DUMBO, say archaeologists


So I understand we're talking elephants here, but I've been told for years that these early indiginous Americans ate mammoths and, maybe, mastodons. Aren't elephants very closely related to mammoths? And, if so, then why is this so worthy of (new) news?

Google's Nest gobble: Soon ALL your HOME are BELONG to US


"Google's Nest gobble: Soon ALL your HOMES are BELONG to US"

Only happens if people WRONGLY persist in resting all their hopes and confidences on computer technology.

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