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Violence, vandals and vomit: London's naughtiest tech Tube stations revealed

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Old Street is also very close to Shoreditch, which is a very popular location for going out drinking for all sorts of people, including those from the city. Doesn't really prove that techies themselves are causing the issues, does it?

It'd be a bit like saying there was lots of naughtiness in the stations around Soho, and then blaming that on media post production companies, who happen to also be concentrated in Soho.

Why Agile is like flossing and regular sex

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Re: When the business mandates Agile but still thinks Waterfall

I hate to break it to you, but there's nothing really that hip or trendy about Agile. It's like Coldplay. It might well be more recent than some other things, but it was interesting and new quite some time ago.

I've seen Agile done extremely well (place where I currently work) and it done extremely badly. Often it depends on management. Gantt charts, IMO, have no place in an agile methodology - the entire thing is focused on the short term and emphasises that there are vast uncertainties in the long term, so you can shove your precise long term planning out the window.

That's part of the problem, too, though. It's very good at dealing with the short term. It offers no framework for the long term. If your team and management can plan for the long term in agile without a framework, you're golden. Otherwise you can find yourself in a world of pain.

Also, wrt the original post, if your standups are over 10 minutes long, you're doing it wrong. Our standups have 10 or 15 people in and they're often only about 5 minutes. It's a status update. Say your piece, don't get into a discussion.

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book

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OR, they're buying out the competition because they're afraid of them. Or afraid of a competitor nicking them. Y'know, like, the reason they bought out Instagram?

Hell is other people ... Thousands play same Pokemon game on TV. Mayhem ensues

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Re: Catch em all

It's a modded ROM. You can even get Mew in this version.

Current thinking is that they'll never get past the safari zone - you have to get two items in a large zone within 500 steps, and pay for each try. It's possible to run out of money at that stage in the game, leaving the game impossible to complete.

That's if they ever get out of the team rocket hideout. They've been going round in circles in a maze for over 12 hours.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front

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I don't understand. Wikipedia is an organisation, not a company, so they're not losing revenue through this. If anything, they're saving on bandwidth, surely? And still fulfilling their mission of spreading knowledge to the world.

Secondly, a lot of Google's Knowledge Graph stuff comes from Wikipedia, anyway. Give a quick search for "Samsung" on google and... the summary is from Wikipedia. With a link to Wikipedia. (and the third thing on the page is.. wikipedia)

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