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EU anti-trust watchdog ponders TeliaSonera/Telenor merger


In Norway there are only 2 major brands. Netcom (TeliaSonera) and Telenor. Oh this is going to leave the pathetic competition (by which I meant they both offer exactly the same prices) as non existent.

Stand clear! Will HTC's One act as a defibrillator for Windows Phone?


Re: "Premium smartphone buyer"

Maybe you should really check out windows phone then. Because my phone shows extremely detailed public transport in Oslo with real time and alarms. It also has free maps with driving mode and free traffic updates there too. The only things I have a gripe with are the facebook app is behind it's android counterpart and the kindle app is pretty much abandoned and shitty.

Bill Gates-backed SOLAR POO RAYGUN COMMODE unveiled


I wonder if it would be possible to adapt it to add on a second chamber which is say in the house where all that heat could be channeled into cooking by switching the cable.

Pine trees' scent 'could prevent climate change really being a problem'


Re: Phew

Why is it that if you don't believe in MMGW you automatically must want to burn tonnes of fossil fuels? That's the biggest issue with the whole climate change debate these days. It's shifted so you can't talk about sustainability without being absorbed by this practically religious debate. Do you honestly believe that if we invented a magical box tomorrow that gave you unlimited clean energy the world would be fine? We're still pumping ass loads of chemicals into waterways, dumping plastic in our seas etc. What use is crippling our economy and pumping all our money into some futile attempt to stop the climate from changing when we're destroying everything else anyway? I've never seen Lewis ever advocate that the status quo is good, merely that we don't need to become tunnel visions on a myth

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book


Re: Communication, Communication, Communication

Norway's telcos have already seen the writing on the wall and responded. All but the cheapest package now offers unlimited calls and texts across all the telcos. So from £20 you can have unlimited everything except data. Now you pay through the nose for that. £20 plan = 1gb £30 plan = 3gb. No such think as an unlimited data phone plan anymore. Suddenly all the apps are more expensive than using the phone as a phone.

What can Microsoft learn from 'discontinued operations' at Nokia?


I can see the usual anti windows dribble coming from people who have clearly never used a windows phone. My last 4 phones have been android and my tablet still is. And android is a nice system. But windows 8 phone is a nicer phone to use. It runs quicker, on lower speced hardware and is easier to use. That said MS still has to seriously step up because there are some things in windows phone that seem incomplete yet. Particularly coming from an android background. Most of them stem from windows phone's over protective system limiting what apps can do but I have big hopes for windows 9 if they invest in it and round off the corners.

Thanks for suggesting eBay should flog PayPal. It's not happening, CEO tells Carl Icahn


Given that these days a lot of small retailers either start on ebay or include ebay as a distribution then ensuring that they use paypal for one would pretty much ensure they would use it for both, no? Clearly this guy is just talking ****

Hacker breaks into ThrustVPS, launches phishing attack from firm's own servers


Well that would explain the email I got from "thrustVPS" claiming they needed me to tell them my vps password, username, paypal address etc. Given that I was born with more than half a brain that went straight into the trash. Not that I have a vps with them anymore anyway.

AT&T's sponsored data plan: Who, us, violating net neutrality?


But if google were to do a deal where they paid you directly to cover your data allowance if you use a google app to track it does that break it? If not why is this any different? And how does it differ to Amazon's whispernet?

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