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Two Brits face criminal trial for sending 'menacing' tweets


MENACE is the distinguishing feature

The key here is the actual, real *menace* in the tweets from Nimmo and Sorley to Criado-Perez. The actual threats to rape and kill. Is that so hard for everyone to grasp? I'm disheartened by the mysogynist crap on this thread generally, but mostly by the false equivalence being drawn between the really frightening, actual illegal threats of graphic sexual violence and murder directed at Ms Criado-Perez which caused her to fear for her safety, and general feminist rhetoric and opinion, which can be simply ignored.

Members of my fellow gender, you're being dicks. Recognise that Nimmo and Sorley actually caused genuine fear and there was a proper role for the police and courts in this case, but when a feminist writes a polemic suggesting "all men are bastards"* there really is not.

*Also most feminists don't actually believe this, they just want equality, in my experience, is that so unreasonable?

Sega’s Out Run: Even better than the wheel thing


Lost a girl over Outrun

When the pub my then girlfriend and I frequented installed an upright Outrun machine, our relationship was inevitably doomed. I spent "more time playing that stupid game than talking to [her]" apparently. Oops!

Actually, I think I won that round. She was a bit bonkers anyway. *hums Splash Wave happily*

World+dog: Network level filters block LEGIT sex ed sites. Ofcom: Meh


Re: Drain cleaner

That's nonsensical. If I use a website regularly, or follow links from a trusted website to another site, then suddenly I can't get at it because of the filter, *of course* I know the site exists and will need to ask it to be unblocked.

Incidentally I have much experience of such things having a filtered connection at work, and legitimate reasons for occasionally requesting an unblock. So the original question is a good one, and I'd like to know the answer.


Re: How does the choice work?

On Sky it's on the "MySky" web account management pages, a basic filter with 3 categories "PG" (no porn, social media, hate speech, drugs etc.), "13" (same but allows Social media) and "18" (no filtering)

There's no need to phone an operator and do a Partridge impression: "Can you get porn on my telly please?" :)


Anonymisers defeat the filter so this is legit

To be fair to BT, this is arguably a reasonable control to prevent the filter from being bypassed, so it is still "protecting the children". And the bottom line is - it's still optional and you can opt out if you don't like it, so it's not strictly censorship. NB. It still sucks big time.

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