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World's largest ship swallows 900 MEGATINS of baked beans


Re: Article is incomplete

Great scott! That's 2496 episodes of Eastenders. If you would care to imagine it.

Elite: Dangerous 'billionaire' gamers are being 'antisocial', moan players


It really is a vocal minority

The game has been working as well as any MMO "works" during its early release. They have delivered on their promises (bar the offline mode) and they have chosen not to ban/punish some people who abused a system to gain money.

For people who are scared of the big bad space bullies there are two very easy solutions. Play in a solo or group session, or travel to one of the 400 billion other star systems and avoid them that way.

Simple really.

And as for the "kickstarters who haven't received the game". What? being a kickstarter myself I can tell you I've been playing this game long before it got released. If you want to see a group of short changed kickstarters just go look at that poor Star Citizen crowd. Where's their game?

Ground control to 2014: A year in Space


Re: Not a complaint, honest.

Um. And there was this.


SCREW YOU, Russia! NASA lobs $6.8bn at Boeing AND SpaceX to run space station taxis


Re: Hail, Hail, Hail!

It's such a hideously arrogant statement to make in this day and age. Especially since old Musky is South-African/Canadian.

He then followed it up with a comment about everyone in the room being "'Murcan! Or at least pretending to be."

I watched that conference live and I have to say I almost turned it off then and there.

GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks ... by drinking urine


Re: Ironic


You know army can shoot people but you can't shoot army too?

Boffins attempt to prove the universe is just a hologram


Re: Interesting times

That's some straight up Greg Egan thinking right there and I like it!

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?


You're not a terrorist or a revolutionary. Your just making a buck pandering to a mob.

Give me your thumbs! \/ DOWN \/

Assange™: Hey world, I'M STILL HERE, ignore that Snowden guy


Re: Well my cousin will be happy

It wasn't murder. It was manslaughter.

Go write a poem about chick peas or something.

Japanese finally produce a ROBOT which isn't DEAD INSIDE


There seem to be tinpot firms that do this every few years. Stick a face, some wheels and a pair of useless flagella on a coat-stand and claim it's a paradigm shift in robotics. Even Asimo seems to mostly run on preprogrammed routines. Hardly a robot.

Now Petman, Bigdog and Schaft. Those are robots.

Supermodel Lily Cole: 'I got a little bit upset by that Register article'


Come on guys, she's got to do something with all her spare time and it's a little unfair asking her to spend her own money when she's had to do all that pouting.

Honestly, if I had only earned £7m at her age I too would felt owed something by the British tax payer.

The cute things they say



We have an elderly Sales Rep around his mid sixties and he is as shit with computers as you can possibly imagine.

He has some pretty wild expectations such as thinking you can diagnose and repair his home inkjet printer without him a) telling you the make and model, b) telling you what specifically isn't working and c) actually being at his house so that you can ascertain all of the above and implement a fix.

To top it all off he is either dribbling on all of the equipment I give him or doing something else even less pleasant. I am really hoping its dribble. Really hoping...

Snowden's Big Brother isn't as Orwellian as you'd think


Re: Typical.

Sheeple is a good way of describing them.

"Intelligence agencies are baaaaaaaad. UK gov is baaaaaaaaad. Glassholes are baaaaaaad."

Glassholes beware: This guy's got your number


Re: There's plenty of stories about “Glassholes”

Why are they so inherently evil?

Why is it assumed that as soon as someone owns one of these devices they are going to be using it to film you and invade your privacy?

If I had google glass I would be using it to experience augmented reality overlays of my every day world. Something reminiscent of the AR specs that everyone uses in David Brin's novel Existence. I certainly wouldn't be using them to spy on the activities of a bitter sysadmin with nothing better to do than try to block my glasses from accessing the internet. I'd be using them to post virtual sticky notes pointing people to good bars and reading restaurant reviews that pop out and hover in front of the restaurant as you walk down the street (above head height so you can see where your going, duh). To me, that sounds exciting and fun. Maybe I'm just a techno facist bastard though. Or a glasshole.

In summation. Grow up. If you want to spend all your time blocking these things from your corporate/home/starbucks wifi then more fool you. You will make a laughably small impact. The rest of the world will have moved on.


Just jealous...

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base



Are we still harping on about this?

Get over yourselves.

Spies are doing their jobs. Trust them to show some discretion and to keep their house in order. Do not assume that they will do ANYTHING a politician asks them to do.

German space centre endures cyber attack


There's no evidence...

...to disprove aliens did it.

Therefore aliens did it. Or the NSA. NSA or Aliens. Certainly not the chinese tho.

Apple vows to add racially diverse EMOJIS after MILEY CYRUS TWITTER outrage


Wow. To think I had problems.

Microsoft frisked blogger's Hotmail inbox, IM chat to hunt Windows 8 leaker, court told


You poor wounded people.

Point on the doll where the big mean microsoft hurt you.

Snowden: You can't trust SPOOKS with your DATA


Re: Stop who?

You summed it up rather nicely.

Zaphod Beeblebrox style third arm cyborg prosthesis unveiled


Er really?

Looks like something I could whip up with all the K'nex I keep in my loft. When are Boston Dynamics going to team up with some doctors and actually get some serious results.

Imprisoned Norwegian mass murderer says PlayStation 2 is 'KILLING HIM'


Re: Atari 2600

What is wrong with your brain? You sound like just the sort of person to go out on a shooting spree. You talk as though you believe his actions were justified.

No doubt you will have a well crafted response to the following:

Fuck you!

NASA probe orbiting Moon sights ANOTHER SPACECRAFT


Re: Lawsuit

I thought they all buggered off in the late seventies.

Snowden: Canadian spooks used free airport WiFi to track travellers


If a murder has been committed and the detectives take casts of footprints in the area (yours happening to be amongst them), is your privacy being infringed? I would say no. I would say the MAC address is analogous a footprint. Anonymous and boring. Unless you happened to see that footprint elsewhere. Somewhere that MIGHT connect you to a crime. In which case, what were you doing at both the crime scene and the victims street/front garden/place of work/etc?

I don't know what kind of idiots you think the NSA or GCHQ must be employing but I imagine even the slowest data analyst would need a little more than a MAC address before giving the ok to storm your house and cart you off to Guantanamo.

Let the down votes begin.

Microsoft seeks patent for blade server chassis


Re: "the wonderful gadgets filling our lives."

Couldn't agree more.

Even the RT is perfectly suitable for light work around the office.

I totally understand that some people prefer the simplicity of iPads and Android Tabs (Maybe not quite so for Android) and I agree that the Metro/Modern UI is a little pants for non touch devices, but the surface is a much more capable device. Unless your a app-whore I can't really see any disadvantages.

Concerning this article however, I don't see how this patent is in any way valid. I am pretty sure that what they are describing are the same as the HP Blade arrays and enclosures that I have been working with my whole career.

At least they're not trying to patent a glass doorway like a certain fruity company. *cough cough*

KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS'


Are we sure...

...that the passwords listed in this document aren't just the generic, totally not important, randomly generated passwords that the ISP gives you in order to connect your ADSL? Because I would find it very odd if an ISP linked your ISP email with your ADSL log in.

But whatever. Outrage brigade is out in full force I see.

NSA: It's TRUE, we grab 200 MILLION of your text messages A DAY globally


Heavy is spy!

Spies! Spying?! Whatever will they think of next?

Please don't respond with your enlightened point of view. I won't understand it.

Facebook bots grope our 'privates', and every wronged user should get $10,000 – lawsuit claims


I want! I want!

Why are there so many of these entitled dick heads on the internet. If it really galls them so much they can set up an irc or even, shock horror, send a good old fashioned letter.

How the NSA hacks PCs, phones, routers, hard disks 'at speed of light': Spy tech catalog leaks

Thumb Up

I sense I will be voted down greatly for this. But whatever. This topic garners such one sided comments.

We have spies! Proper freakin' spies. Clandestine operations and uber hacking on our behalf.

I'm young, stupid and know no better, clearly, but as far as I know they haven't hurt me.

So I'm happy to have an actual 'Q' (the newer younger one) on my side. So what if he can see my filthy porn habits, sees who I am stalking on facebook and knows which political parties I hate. I'm a mere statistic in a grand cyber war and probably a very typical and uninteresting statistic at that.

I don't know how Hari Seldon is going to get his plan together without some good old fashioned data points.

NSA alleges 'BIOS plot to destroy PCs'


Re: You're all mad.

I'm from Essex, England.

Having done a lot of data mining myself, but in a commercial application I can tell you it is all very anonymous. Right up until the point you find what you are looking for. At which point you usually apply some logic and discretion if what you are looking at is sensitive.

I don't look at peoples buying habits and then immediately try to extort money out of them or blackmail them.

What makes you think that's how GCHQ operates? If you were working there as some sort of high up decision maker, would you allow a politician to come along and tell you to start snooping on someone to discredit them? I know I certainly wouldn't. I'd see that as a stain on my honour.

So again, why do you believe GCHQ are out there to shit all over human rights? They probably have prevented harm coming to you and those you know. What proof do you have of them bullying normal folk around?


You're all mad.

I can't even get angry about this any more.

I rank all you anti NSA/GCHQ types with the nutjobs that rave against scientific projects in the BBC comment section. Its necessary. The world is a mean place. And yet in your mind you seem to populate these organizations with pantomime villains. As if they have an irresistible compulsion to hurt people and damage lives when their actual objectives are to do the complete opposite.

If anyone offers a counter argument you shore up your defence with the "That's what they want us to think defence".

Get over it. They are certainly not going to stop it because a bunch of outspoken neck-beards demand it. Especially if you are right about all of this. Which you are not.

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