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Man cuffed for testing fruit with bum cheek pre-purchase


Arse handling

Seems a shame to bin everything. Rubbing it on your arse cheek isn't really any worse than everyone elses' grubby hands squeezing the veg.

I heard they dig some veg up from under the ground. Dirty bastards!

What happened to the "Badgers" icon?

'Men only' job ad posts land Facebook in boiling hot water with ACLU


Re: Didn't ElReg just have a story about women-only coding camp?

"Judging by this style of writing, that would be about two years ago?"

I'd peg him as old (well, as old as me). "/me" is an IRC thing. Do kids still use that these days?

Bigger on the inside: WD’s Tardis-like Black² Dual Drive laptop disk



Why make it so complicated to the end user?

I'm no expert, but it must be possible to present the two drives as a single drive with two partitions with a bit of hardware jiggery-pokery, no?

Submerged Navy submarine successfully launches drone from missile tubes



So presumably, the X will be dropped as the system becomes every day.

And it might need a dedicated launch tube. Can I suggest the "FC U AS Hole"?

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