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Eight in ten IBM Global Tech Services roles will be offshore by 2017



In 30 years IBM has gone from 80% of global IT market share to a fifth rate Indian Consultancy. Hiring bods off the street of Delhi with credentials from degree mills in India. After 5 years dealing with offshore I have yet to meet one with any grasp of database systems.

The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet


Re: Paperless. Ah, I wish

It is coming sooner than you think. Laptops + Reliable large screens in all conference rooms + Hotelling = paperless office. I am living it. The printers on the floor stand idle.

Easter Islanders didn't commit 'ecocide' after all, says archaeologist


Re: Incorrect book, and deeper evidence

Jared Diamond is an extremely sloppy "scientist". He first posits a big theory guaranteed to sell a lot of books, and then collects facts, pseudo-facts, and rumours to support it.

Apple on the attack against British snooping bill. Silicon Valley expected to follow


Re: Slight correction

the powers laid out in the bill could will are being misused


Australian boffins say Quantum Pentiums are on the horizon


Re: Noooo... how long must this go on?

Thank you DAM: That one electron was a howler by a reporter pretending to know what he was talking about. Happens all too often. The Qubit elaboration was worth reading comments for!

Larry Ellison's yacht isn't threatened by NoSQL – yet


Re: SQL is obsolete - Oracle is over

Set oriented data capture, processing and analysis is over and dead! No more Industry, Utilities, Banks, Government, Accounting. All will be replaced by json and javascript!

There: Much more succinct and to the point.

Roku 3: Probably the best streaming player on the market ... for now, at least


Re: Roku Media Player

Some major assumptions in your disrespectful comment. Case in point: over the last 10 years I have ripped my CD collection bought and paid for over the past 35 years to flac, and if I can't play that then the machine is worthless to me.

Meet the man who inspired Elon Musk’s fear of the robot uprising


Re: Hi, I'm Clippy, your personal Office assistant

Yes I remember that piece of junk, with its horribly stupid blinking eyes: took days to figure out how to get rid of it. Bayesian machine learning at its worst. Was that from Office 95?

Our 4King benders are so ace we're going full OLED, says LG


Re: Why are TVs such lousy monitors?

I've been using an inexpensive (chinese I imagine) 39 inch 4k tv as monitor for the past year. Seiki: Videophiles probably hate it, but I get tons of real estate to fill up with editor, design and development ides, vmware machines + all the regular web / email / anything else. Very happy.

Inside GOV.UK: 'Chaos' and 'nightmare' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites

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Re: Sympathy for the devil

False Assumptions:

#1 Things you do not understand in 5 seconds are shit

#2 One size fits all

#3 Agile is gods gift to system development (sheesh)

#4 Crap rushed out the door is ever any good

What a ridiculous post. Clearly drinking the koolaid.

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


"It's also the time you are least likely to spot them. 11"

You haven't met our requirements authors

How much did NSA pay to put a backdoor in RSA crypto? Try $10m – report


Re: unlike in the UK....

The French Revolution came well after the Declaration of Independence (16 Years). Though no doubt the ideas of Voltaire, Diderot et al were in the air.

The authors of the federal papers, Declaration, and Constitution were all educated in the classics, read Latin and in some cases Greek. They were well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of Athenian democracy and Roman republicanism, and crafted their foundational documents accordingly. It has been a remarkable success, though in many ways that seems to be grinding to a halt as it did for their ideological forebears.

Americans are so immersed in self-love that they are incapable of crediting a person of any other nationality as producing anything of benefit. A simple example: The rotten Phillip's Head screw (an American invention) totally dominated over the Robertson's Head (A Canadian invention). Only recent re-branding as Square Recess after the inventor has been forgotten and patent rights expired has led to Robertson's Head gaining decent market share.

Doctor Who Episode One: Through a glass. Darkly


Re: tl;dr - ST:TNG's crappy analogue source makes digital compression harder

You do know NTSC stands for Never the Same Colour?

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