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Tiscali swallows Pipex broadband and voice

Brandon Lee

Another Nail In Unlimited Dowloads Coffin

As a Bulldog user, who's owned by pipex, who jumped ship due to tiscali's poor service, slow speeds, crap customer support (thank you for being non english caller welcome to dubai....) and most of all defined my use as excessive (2.6gig in a week .... thats about a full Retail XP - sp 2 patch cycle.......).... and moved me to their sin bin network where my download speed never got above 5k (on a 8 MB line.....dial up anyone?).

I then got offered a chance to get out my contract due to my 'excessive use' and they hummed and hawed about it and made it difficult to actually do so.....

Bandwidth throttling, traffic shaping and 'peak time usage' as part of a AUP are now part and parcel of all the big isp's. Bulldog was one of the last ISP's to have no specified DL limits....

I'd haev settled for ANY other ISP buying them.... but this is just the end. I can feel my bandwidth being bottlenecked just thinking about it....



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