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Swine flu apocalypse: Batten down the hatches


will be the most senior member of management

And so let the board room blood bath begin. At least I'l be locked in the server room while the knives/staple removers are out.

Ready or not, IPv6 is coming


The G20 of IT

Just get together and make it work or else sod off, simple.

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband


158 comments!!!!!, slap my arse with a fish

Haven't even bothered to read any yet, just had to post the fact that in all my years as a sad pc wako, I've never seen such an outpouring from the sad pc wako populace. I'll take my time and savor the vitriol later; but if this woman was in to S&M I just know there are plenty of people out their ready and willing to give her a good spanking. Bend over Jacqui for the flagellating fish cometh, or would you prefer to tie the hubby down, I’ll only charge him 4 pound a shot (should get that one passed the bean counters).

Psion countersues Intel in not-netbook spat


From Psion 5mx to patant troll?

oh my Psion 5mx, one of the best bits of kit I ever owned. but they droped the ball, or lost their balls, If they had kept that spark of inavation they would own the market. They didn't, so move along, nothing to see here.

Microsoft plays with small, sleepy servers


heat the oil

If your kittens arn't crunchy you need to get the oil hoter.

Judge issues radioactive 'pr0n downloader' alert


glowng overlord

We must band together to fight these irish iradiated overlords, oh for the teachings of tom cruis.

Unravelling PC form factors


Missing category

You left out that all important category “Pocket Juggler” This covers those members of upper management that sit in a locked office all day tossing it off.

Time for the pub

Yahoo! to! name! former! Autodesk! chief! as! new! CEO!



Not en%$gh! F8c428ng exclam$#@%&&&^$ f*r g*d$ sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

101 uses for a former merchant banker


sort them

line them up in hight order and use the short ones as comedy drinks holders

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record


Excelent service

It's a pity all the other service providers don't put as uch thought in to customer service. If this was how they tried to get market share soon dell would be sending a techi out in the box to fit the damn part.

Mars rover sets sights on distant crater

Paris Hilton


These old men should be put out to stud.

Parents plant spyware to snare sex predator


Where’s the problem?

Where’s the problem? This guy had been involved with a child since 2006 (15 now, 13 then), didn’t stop after a court order and he is a big enough crap to do this to a young girl. The parents may lose their daughter over this but what do others suggest, turn your back while the most precious thing in your world is being destroyed. To risk losing so much to protect what is so dear to you, must be an impossible situation to be placed in At lest these parents had the courage to make that decision in order to protect their daughter form this parasite. They didn’t beat her; lock her in a soundproof cellar; emotionally abuse her or deprive her of food and security. All they did was to find out what was going on, they monitored her internet use. In a similar situation I would do the same. For those who think they are somehow in the wrong, shame on you.

Blighty joins killer robot club with Afghan strike


Home shopping channel

Ok, WAR, HUH, what is it good for. But can I have one for Xmas. Just what every BOFH needs.

Mines the one with the illegally modified usb missile launcher in the top pocket.

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help


is there more than showers

Even after having a shower women won't sleep with me, is there anything else I can do. Hang on, have to go just found a new half life mod,

What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?


Are you all blind to this conspiracy!

The pieces are falling in to place in front of your very eyes, well they are if your looking at the main news page, hit the back button, no again you were on the comments page, there it is. Canadian jogger struck by lightning while listening to religious music? It’s started, am I the only dyslexic that sees Steve Bigjobs is an anagram of Ozzie bin Laden. Repent all yee iSinners for the .Net security update of the board is upon you.

OOOOHHH look Friday, is it time for pub yet.

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