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Trolls pop malformed heads above bridge to sling abuse at Tim Cook



If we could only outgrow our obsession with what others do in their bedrooms, we wouldn't have to read drivel like this.

More Home Office and MoJ jobs could move abroad, union warns


Same Old

Offshoring will continue until the working man wises up - if that's possible.

CBS goes OTT, releases EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek EVER MADE


Content Owners, eh?

Tell us about how much money the POOR ARTISTS who actually created these shows will be making.

Zippy one-liners, broken promises: Doctor Who on the Orient Express


So Far So Bad

So far, the scripts and casting have been so gaggingly multicultural it has been a distraction. I actually looked up the demographics of England to see if I was missing something. Worse, the lite in Clara's eyes is long gone. She was one of the prettiest girls in the world. Now she's just another young girl with makeup on.

Now you suggest a new writer is going to fix this show? I doubt it, but I'll take a look and see.

Prez Obama backs net neutrality – but can't do anything about it. Thanks, Obama


Sure There Is

The argument made for decreased network speed is, increased corporate profits. This argument would hold true no matter who the president was. And remember, there are 500 other politicians in Washington. I don't see any of them going against the corporation either.

Intel, Cisco and co reveal PLANS to keep tabs on WORLD'S MACHINES


Code Speak

Whenever you see "cut costs," read as "increase profits with no concern for any impact on the consumer."

How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?


If you can't hear it, you can't hear it

The superior sound quality of FLAC is quite noticeable, but only to those who've had the opportunity to enjoy quality audio equipment, or to those who are familiar with the sound of a live performance. Most today think the iPod is the reference standard, and so, cannot observe any benefit to FLAC.

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade



Having abandoned Usability and Cross-Browser Compatibility, goals we almost achieved once, we now think "Responsive" is cool. This'll last until some new jargon comes along. Meanwhile, web design gets worse and worse. Zzzz...

eBay bans CD sales of metal band Burzum, citing offensive material


Re: I don't get the complaints about Mien Kampf

We are ripe for "the next Hitler" right now. The Bill of Rights has been circumvented. The "Reichstag Fire" has taken place. The police have been militarized. All we need now is a charismatic political extremist. It's when, not if.


Why Stop Now?

The Entertainment Industry has been handing out racist, sexist material that celebrates violence since 1990, and claiming it is "art." KIds love it. Why change?

Plane grounded so cops can cuff semi-legless passenger


Use Skype instead. Drink all you like.

Forty-five years ago: FOOTPRINTS FOUND ON MOON


Your Plug

You just couldn't pass up that little plug for feminism, could you, Lain. It's everywhere, isn't it.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon reinvents himself as SEO guru


I Remember Him

I was wondering what happened to this guy. I'm glad to see somebody stood behind him. He should have been given an award for testing our security. The "free press" certainly steered clear of him, didn't they.

Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad


Eschew PC Speak

Unless you think 1984 was an instruction manual, you might want to avoid using the expression "hate crime," as is used in this article. It is the vague definition of the crime, among other things, that allows for the broad definition of terrorism.

Will the next US-EU trade pact prevent Brussels acting against US tech giants?


Get a Grip

Man, you guys are nuts if you go along with this. Fire whoever supports it, or you'll end up as just another star on the US flag.

German spy agency staffer spied for NSA during gov probe into NSA spying – report


A Good Time Was Had By All

In a peeing contest, everyone gets wet.

When PR backfires: Google 'forgets' BBC TV man's banker blog post


"Do No Harm" has passed. Now it's "The Google Way or the Highway." If anybody could figure out how to abuse this law, it's Google. They've become too big for their britches.

Aereo presses pause on 'tiny antenna' TV-streaming service


Since 1996 when the DMCA became law, it has held up both the spread of technology and the free flow of information. It is a cure worse than the disease. But in a country where money is free speech, we're stuck with it.

'Our entire corporation cannot send or receive emails from Outlook'


We don't export a lot

After reading this article, I searched on "Top 5 American Exports." I saw oil (!), plastics, pharma, even cars (?) but no IT. As a country, we're not as big on tech as we think we are. A large part of the tech we do export was offshored, then stamped with an American name.


Re: There are always trade-offs

Maybe we should go back to calling it "the remote server."


A "journo?" Used up all the words in the dictionary already?

Hey! Where! are! the! white! women! at!? It's! Yahoo!


Yet Another Pitch?

That's a big "So What?"

Is this another pitch to see women as victims? Are we supposed to believe that qualified women are being prevented from filling these jobs by oppressive men? I pass.

Marc Andreessen: Edward Snowden is a 'textbook traitor'


Re: Oh dear.

Once you acquire money, as Andreessen has, you identify with the rich and powerful.


Just because Andreessen did one bright thing in his life doesn't mean he's some kind of oracle. Andreessen had his 15 minutes of fame long ago. It's over now, but he doesn't know it.

FCC: We're GUTTED people think we'd gut net neutrality


The American Way

Well, it sounds like somebody at the FCC will be getting a new in-ground pool in their yard, just in time for summer! I wonder how slow my connection will become.

Retiring greybeards force firms to retrain Java, .NET bods as mainframe sysadmins


"Sixty six per cent fear that the impending retirement of the mainframe workforce after 30 years in the job will hurt their business."

Once, training one's employees was the norm. Then they decided it was better to replace the employees with someone already trained. Now the dance shifts back to the other foot.

How can I not smile?

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers


The primary means for an American company to make money today is the lawsuit. There's something to be proud of, eh? We are becoming a nation of lawyers. Ugh.

Snowden docs: NSA building encryption-cracking quantum computer


When an encryption technology is finally developed that is completely NSA-proof, it will be ruled illegal.

BT tweaks WORDING of sex-ed web block after complaints


I am urinating on the Feminist section of the Politically Correct Dictionary. And I ate asparagus today.

Hello Warsaw: Greenland ice loss will be OK 'even under extreme scenarios'


Not This Again

This issue is older and tireder than gramma. James Lovelock has it right. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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