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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Sizzling sag aloo

Sleepy Bob

Re: Interesting...

Recently I've started using dried basil in Indian recipes. Works a treat.

So - you thought you knew all about the INSTANT COFFEE DUNES of TITAN?

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not at a ...

low tide

It's a Doddle: Amazon inks train station parcel deal with Network Rail

Sleepy Bob

Wonderful Idea

I can't wait till my local station, with 1 window, and 1 person on duty, starts to do this. Awesome.

Brits to vote: Which pressing scientific challenge should get £10m thrown at it?

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Science education...

.. on why homeopathy (and similar) don't work.

Denmark dynamited by cunning American Minecraft vandals

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Re: Accurate user count?

Your 19 is my 19K. Internationalisation

DeSENSORtised: Why the 'Internet of Things' will FAIL without IPv6

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[pi@dns0 ~]$ nslookup -type=AAAA www.theregister.com



Non-authoritative answer:

*** Can't find www.theregister.com: No answer

[pi@dns0 ~]$ ping6 www.theregister.com

unknown host

BT Tower to be replaced by 3D printed BT Tower

Sleepy Bob

Where is the pussy?

All plastic BT towers should have a pussy walking up the side.

UK.gov to train up 11-year-old cyberwarriors

Sleepy Bob

This terms Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher ...

will be Richard Stallman

Shivering boffins nail Earth's coldest spot

Sleepy Bob

C02 snow

I'd like to see it snowing C02, although maybe the atmospheric conc. is a little low?

Mixed bag of motors lifts India's budget Mars shot

Sleepy Bob

Re: And for a lighter look at hypergolic compounds..

Added that blog to my bookmarks. Good stuff.


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