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Google: Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation



Even Android 2.1 works fine on my G1 if I use a decent ROM like Cy Mod.

Legacy hardware can run the latest Android IF the developers want it to. Its down to the time tha tthey put into making it compatable.

Windows Phone 7 blocks out popular HTC model, blames buttons



My G1 is running Eclair very nicely right now, and even does Live wallpapers acceptably.

Again - all thanks to XDA!

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


What a lot of crap

I thought Dell sold online - so she must have had a way to access the net?

AND its really, really hard to buy a linx based Dell on their site.

AFAIK the 'repair netqwork; does the equivalent of a dhclient <iface> i.e it drops your connection and gets a new DHCP lease. You could of course unplug and it would do tthe same.

Im quite happy with my Ubuntu install (Originally 4.10 - and seen every update since with no issues - how many windows systems can say that! ) But I now ~DualBot Vista and 8.10 as I got a new PC. Both run like a Dream - Vista is much much slower with file based tasks though.

She had plenty ways to get help and never pursued them - if I spent tha much on a laptop I sure as hell would. Its her own fault if she gets flamed here.

Hacker defaces temples to OS X



"Jeez, next thing ya know people will start arguing over which text editor is the best. Are you a NotePaddy, an UltraEditor or a VIrgin?"

You missed both emacs and vi off of that list....

BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes


Im a linux user

But not until someone made the point that the BBC license fee is a levy on those with Television receiving equipment that I saw where the 'other camp' was coming from.

If they charge a license for owning a PC then I expect it to work on my PC, until then I'll wait till the DRM is cracked, and I don't give it long...


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