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Mystery of the Chinese woman who allegedly tried to sneak into Trump's Mar-a-Lago with a USB stick of malware


'Malicious malware'

My favourite part of the description of what supposedly happened was, ""A preliminary forensic examination of the thumb drive determined it contained malicious malware," the complaint said.'

Presumably, 'malicious malware' is the evil twin of the kinder, gentler 'benevolent malware.'

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once


Not unlike the old Soviet GPU

In his autobiography, Chronicles of Wasted Time, Malcolm Muggeridge relates a story where reporter Ralph Barnes interviewed a man apparently fairly high up in the Soviet GPU. He asked:

"Why is it that in the USSR innocent people get arrested? The GPU man, it seems fairly shook with laughter at this, to the point that it was quite a while before he could get his answer out. Of course we arrest innocent people, he said at last in effect; otherwise, no one would be frightened. If people are only arrested for specific misdemeanours, all the others feel safe, and so are ripe for treason. . . . By making justice subjective and arbitrary, every citizen can be plausibly arrested and charged at any time, with the result that they live in a permanent state of incipient guilt and fear."

The UK seems to be moving in the same direction.

Wow. Apple's only gone and killed off Mac, iPad, iPhone family... figures for units sold to fans


They continue to kill off the only products in which I have an interest and raise the prices to ridiculous levels on the others, so it's hard to get very excited about any of their new product offerings. The iPhone SE format - gone; iPad Mini, not gone, but there's no way I'll pay more than $400 for something containing a chip that's 4 generations old. Clearly they made a cynical calculation that they'd make as much selling old tech without any upgrade costs as they would had they given us newer internals.

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere


Re: Racist?

Racist? No. But your editor reminds me of the organization for which I do some part-time online library reference support. They offered sensitivity training to prevent us from committing "microaggressions" against those using our service. Given that microagressions by definition can only be committed against a marginalized group and the fact that the reference service is totally anonymous, I declined their training offer.

'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows


Idiot rules

I use a password manager, so length and complexity are no problem. However, once I did get the following message about my new password - "Password strength: Outstanding!" and then below it a password failure message saying: "Password must contain one number or symbol."

A perfect example of what he's on about.

The hated Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will soon be dead. Yay?


Doctor Syntax, I'm having a hard time imagining 35 million Canadians forcing through a trade deal that's going to disadvantage a majority of the 500 million residents of the EU. Whereas, in the TPP, the US is the clear economic power, with only Japan being anywhere near the same league.

EYE-GASMIC: Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display


Not appealing

I have a 2011 MBP with the 1680 x 1050 screen. Not retina, but still a very fine screen. I have the RAM maxed out to 16 GB and a 1 TB 7200 RPM drive. When prices drop on SSTs I'll probably add one of those, either in the optical bay or as a replacement for HDD. Other than the screens, I don't find the new retina machines appealing. I still use Ethernet when my wireless acts up, I need a security slot as I spend part of my day working in a public area, and SSTs are still to expensive for my taste.

Sure the new retina MBPs are faster, but when was the last time you found yourself waiting for you computer to do something because it was too slow? I rarely re-start, so the faster boot time isn't an attraction.


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