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T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

Michael Wood

The Law

I am pretty sure the law is roughly as follows. Any change to your contract which would cause material/financial detriment means you have the right to cancel your contract.

If you are barely using 100mb each month, this change is not going to have any affect on you. If on the other hand you frequently exceed 500mb a month then this is either going to cost you extra and hence cause you financial detriment.

Be weary though, if you cancel your direct debit T-Mobile can file a non payment which can be a pain to get off your credit report. Not the worst thing in the world - but something to consider.

Holidaymaker gets £31k data roaming bill

Michael Wood
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The worst thing is

Vodafone will NOT put a limit on your GPRS charges. Having received a bill that had £70 of data on it myself, I called them and asked them to put a limit of £100 on it, as it was complete accident that my bill had rocketed to £150 when it was normally around £70-80.

They preceeded to tell me they were not able to do this as data often takes a while to appear on the bill. I said well thats fine, but the minute you see it go anywhere near £100 I want a phone call. Again they just said they couldn't put a bar on it.

I remember when I first got a phone call my bill went over £100 and I got a phone call. It is for there own protection...its the reason you get credit limits on credit cards, you want to make sure the user can actually pay the bill.

Clearly these roaming data charges are just so lucrative for them they remove the option to put a limit on it....

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC

Michael Wood

Good posts

There are some bloody funny posts on here, namely the Networked Kitchen comment along with Chris's TCP. Made me chuckle!

Orange strong-arming ex-customers for imagined debts

Michael Wood

RE: Changing T&C's

Trust me, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get out of my contract when they altered the T&C's. I even phoned the Telecom Ombudsman or whoever is in charge and they informed me they are allowed to change them so long as it is a legal term and they inform me, which apparently they did by posting it on a website I never visit. Why would I scour the website when I have a functioning phone? It baffles me...but I'm stuck with it. (Well actually I passed the contract onto my loving Dad)

Michael Wood

This is scary reading....

So we all know that T-Mobile and Virgin just suck generally with their coverage and their price plan.

Vodafone im not too sure of but last I heard they weren't that amazing and some people are complaining about them.

Many people seem to be commenting on the very poor service available with Orange too.

I am on 3, and I would never recommend anyone to their network. I signed up to a contract whereby it was £50 a month but after 6 months I could drop down to the minimum tariff of £20. So 6 months passes and I phone them and they say you have to go down in steps OR pay a one time fee of £25. When I took the contract up this was not the case, however in those 6 months they altered the terms and conditions and apparently because they posted these new terms on their website I automatically have to abide by them. So I understand by this they could change their terms to anything they like and get away with it without directly informing the customer.

I am now concerned they will add the condition "By agreeing to this contract you will allow us to screw you in the ass".....although it seems they are already practising this.

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

Michael Wood

Can America be assigned to an int variable?


#define AMERICA 1

int location;

if (Dissent == Terrorism) {

location = AMERICA;



having recently graduated with a Computer Science degree I can say with absolute certainty that in most compilers you couldnt assign AMERICA to the variable location as im pretty sure "AMERICA" does not classify as an integer. ok im done.

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