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Uber? Worth $40 BEEELLION? Hey, actually, hold on ...

Conrad Rockenhaus

Re: billion?

I don't see how a service that connects drivers to passengers can be worth over a billion dollars, let alone 40 billion. They don't own the cars, I doubt they own their own data center infrastructure, it's an app, some developers, and a yacht.

Exploits no more! Firefox 26 blocks all Java plugins by default

Conrad Rockenhaus

The Java update procedure for the average end user (think the average home user that doesn't know the difference between a process and a processor) is so user unfriendly that they usually wind up skipping the the Java update, creating most of the vulnerable systems with Java installed on them in the first place.

Oracle needs to fix Java update.

Drugs e-souk Silk Road back from the dead with new Dread Pirate Roberts

Conrad Rockenhaus

Re: Obligatory

Remember when Freedom Hosting was taken down and it's owner was arrested? The law enforcement officials involved added a JavaScript exploit to unmask the anonymity of Tor users.

Never used Silk Road, but I seriously doubt that the FBI wouldn't take advantage of the vacuum created by the loss of Silk Road to start collecting intelligence on users of the service.

I would hope that previous Silk Road users would see through this possible ruse and avoid it like the plague if they want to avoid compromise.

Helium-filled disks lift off: You can't keep these 6TB beasts down

Conrad Rockenhaus

Re: Wouldn't a vacuum be better?

Man, the RAID rebuild times will extend into the weeks at this point! I would think at some point the size versus versatility would outweigh itself.

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