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UK reaches peak Bitcoin as bin firm accepts cryptocurrency

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Re: It's just money

But when the bubble bursts, and the value of it falls off a cliff, it will be a brilliant time to buy some. No way that a lot of the stupids accepting bitcoin as payment will be able to convert their systems in time to stop you buying loads of stuff for sod all (believe me, a LOT of systems are not forex linked to the actual trading value at a particular moment).

Oi, force Microsoft to cough up emails on Irish servers to the Feds, US states urge Supremes

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Re: UK not much better (in the quality of its arguments)

The article clearly states that MS can access the data from within the US. In which case, why can't they legally access it and hand it over after a legally binding US notice to do so is served to them in the US?

I have no interest pro or anti any of the parties in this case, but surely where the information is accessible from, and by whom, is just as important as where it's physically stored? Otherwise, all reasonable law enforcement in the digital realm could quickly become impossible (and before you start cheering that prospect, just consider the case where you're the victim of some massive privacy or financial theft that could be solved if that was the guiding principle.....)

UK needs a 'digital twin' to keep track of its data assets – report

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Blue sky thinking at its' most vague, unfounded in reality

For crying out loud, this proposal that collecting real time analytical data will enable the optimisation of systems is being pushed as a new and innovative idea? Been done by engineers and scientists long before the first computers ever appeared I'll think you'll find. Plus it won't have much impact anyway, as most network infrastructure seems to be put in on a "sod it, that'll do" or, slightly better, a "that's the best we can manage with x amount of budget" approach. There certainly won't be enough budget left to build in and adminster a load of analytics stuff by a full time team outside of a really big organisation.

"The commission said that "doing nothing is a big risk".

When it comes to government IT, it seems like doing anything is quite often a bigger risk. To be fair, I once worked briefly for a boss who thought this too - his approach was that any innovation or change carried a huge risk of things going wrong, so best to keep with the crappy old systems so nobody else around the company heard of any screw ups. (This explains the use of the word "briefly" in the above sentence)

UK.gov told: Your frantic farming of pupils' data is getting a little creepy

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Re: Get formal permission or just drop it!

Well, they're becoming more and more like Google every day - mass collection of data, and making money off it. The Tory manifesto title should have been "You Are The Product", and they should have been upfront about the fact that lower taxes for a while mean saying farewell to youyr privacy, forever.

Microsoft asks devs for quantum leap of faith

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instead of writing in C#, devs use a language called Q#.

In which all code will be both terrible crap and a work of genius at the same time.

Until you observe it. Then it'll just be terrible crap.

Big tech wants the ICO on EU data protection board in Brexit fallout

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In a letter sent by Brexit secretary David Davis, he said that although Brexit means Brexit, and the UK will not abide by EU rules afterwards because Parliamenmtary Sovereignty and Taking Back Control, sucking up to Facebook and Google means that OK we'd like to join with other European countries in some organisation setting common standards and rules.

Just you wait.

It's a decade since DevOps became a 'thing' – and people still don't know what it means

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Still not a thing you can instantly conjure up

However years of experience of development plus configuration and administration of servers with good mentoring and advice from older more experienced folk and an eagerness to learn and put in the hard graft..... well that will give the required insight. A short cut to this level that's possible via undefined hypey hype? Put me in the "totally unconvinced" category.

Boffins foresee most software written by machines in 2040

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Re: Who will program the software writer?

Have written several code generators myself over the years, and used some others, so the answer is obviously computer programmers. They are good for basic gruntwork such as database access code, initial user interface generation and very basic data validation (eg order must be between 0 and 1000 quid). After that, it's diminishing returns as the complexity of what you need to define for the generator approaches the complexity of just writing the complete code in the first place.

"But they point to recent Facebook research, saying it suggests machines may be able to negotiate with each other to communicate their requirements."

Not a chance until humans can manage this in an efficient, complete, consistent way too (Note : anybody using the letters UML in a reply here will be ignored). Again, you'll just come up against the complexity problem where the requirements definition becomes more complex that the syntax definition of the target language.

Citrix cracks Windows Store's monopoly on Windows 10 S apps

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Citrix cracks Windows Store's monopoly on Windows 10 S apps

You will be able to get all 5 of them from Citrix too.

Give 1,000 monkeys typewriters, they'll write Shakespeare. Give them robot arms, and wait – they actually did that?

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Re: WTF happened to these monkeys

Good point. But the monkeys have learned to control robots with their brains and humans haven't, and revenge will be theirs when the rise of the robots actually happens.

Three useless UK.gov 'catapults' put in Last Chance Saloon

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Email to Catapult staff

You're fired.

Seek 'passion' and tech skills will follow, say recruiting security chiefs

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Yeh, you shouldn't hire peoploe who don't give a ....

Great rocket science level of insight there 'Thom'.

What's that? You can cross train IT people with proven skilss and experience to work in IT security? Well F%£ me! What next? You should train and mentor people to fill ALL your skill needs? The amazing new insights are just overwhelming me.....

Although the headline suggests that a healthy love life will also magically give you new tech skilss, althouigh some idiot will probably suggest that sooner or later as well.

Microsoft to run VMware on Azure, on bare metal. Repeat. Microsoft to run VMware on Azure.

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And so it starts...

I wondered when people would start running virtual servers inside containers inside microservices inside actual hardware..... Just beware the event horizon of architectural stupidity and you'll be fine....

When it comes to ML, reports of JavaScript's death are exaggerated

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My God.....

The self driiving cars and autonomous pizza delivery drones are going to be programmed in javascript and python!!!!

How hazardous is going outside the house going to be? If the js and python code I've seen in real production systems is anything to go by, this is a all a ruse to make us so scared to go out that we have to rely on delivery services (when they haven't crashed).

The Reg parts ways with imagineer and thought pathfinder Steve Bong

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"Mr Bong admitted to having a close working relationship with the Kremlin this week, in a piece titled Yes, I took Putin's roubles to undermine Western democracy. This is my story"

Fake News!

An article with that title doesn't prove that Russia had any involvement! Those 26 meetings with Russian officials were just friendly chts amongst fellow vodka officionados...

Amazon Key door-entry flaw: No easy fix to stop rogue couriers burgling your place unseen

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Re: "The idea is that letting the driver in your house"

Really? Letting someone you don't know into your locked home where they could nick anything and everything they wanted of yours is less risky than having them leave a few books or dvds outside where those few books or dvds could be stolen?

Yet another idea revealed in a flurry of excitable hype before anybody has properly thought about it (or more likely doesn't want to risk the potential career damage of going against the groupthink that will be rife in this part of the company's "ideas factory" or whatever terrible name they've given it).

MPs slam HMRC's 'deeply worrying' lack of post-Brexit customs system

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Re: Why do we need to import anything...

I think you'll find that the tea in the teabags isn't actually GROWN in Yorkshire.... maybe we can look forward to decades of drinking delicious "rhubarb tea"

So the MPs are slamming the unpreparedness of IT systems for brexit, after telling everyone for ages that it would all be so easy. Would be interested to know how businesses are supposed to make their systems compliant, when we don't know wheret the hell the rules are going to be once we leave thanks to the "everything's going great, but we;re not going to tell you what we've achieved until the very end" attitude of the government.

Plus, if the system was anywhere near well designed, it would scale horizontally, allowing additional load demands to be met simply by adding more servers. But this is government IT and they obviously don't care about stuff like that when they can feel ideologically correct about the "put everything out to competetive tender and award to the lowest bidder" (i.e. Capita, EDS or one of the other of those lot) process.

Frowns all round as Smile and Co-op online banking goes down

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Update the marketing spin

no queues, no hassle, no jargon, no nonsense...........no service

UK.gov: Snoop laws not 'significant' obstacle to EU data protection talks

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Aiming for Adequacy

"digital minister Matthew Hancock reiterated that the UK was still aiming to gain an adequacy-plus model "

Don't be too ambitious, eh? Just the absolute minimum required. As much snooping as possible and as little data protection as possible. That's the spirit. Take back control. And use it to control your own citizens.

Algorithms, Henry VIII powers, dodgy 1-man-firms: Reg strokes claw over Data Protection Bill

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Don't worry

I'm sure all these 100s of put-out-to-pasture former MPs and party donors and bishops will be able to understand all the consequences and complexities of such an incredibly complicated bit of replacement legislation which of course absolutely won't have anything snuck into it by the government that is a bad idea. Of course they will. They've got Dame Martha "lastminute.com" Lane Fox to explain it all to them.

We talk to Tron artist Syd Mead: On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy

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Every time

I have to do a "kill -9" I think of one of those shiny blue people disintegrating. However, they can be quickly reborn as a new PID by running the ./startup.sh script. Usually these days it's some guy or girl called "java".

National Audit Office: We'll be in a world of pain with '90s border tech post-Brexit

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Re: How hard can it be?

"One day, in the dim distant future, we'll have a Government and civil service who understand IT"

Don't hold your breath waiting. It's an Oxbridge carve up for humanities graduates only. And given the fact that the average IT manager is also a no clue zone when it comes to technology and sane project management, how can you expect any of the Whitehall greasy pole climbers to ever get near to a level of basic competence required?

Didn't install a safety-critical driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!

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Safety Critical Patches

Of course, this just admits that the things are unsafe in the first place. Say you've been riding around in one for three years and then a safety critical flaw is found in the software after a string of horrid pile-ups. Is installing a patch going to put your mind at rest about safety? I've plenty of experience of seeing bug fixes released that then cause new and even bigger problems. How many patches before it's really "safe"? Releasing buggy software and then in effect having the users find the bugs is all too common a practice. In a car it would be criminal negligence at best.

Selling unsafe goods is not allowed, and the government should not be so dazzled by the new shiny tech that they don't treat these things with extreme caution.

So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?

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It's a secret negative recruitment test by Google for IT managers

"Users can employ their corporate credentials to authenticate across devices using Google Play"

Manager : "Yes, I'll agree to give all our corporate authentication credentials to Google Play - what could be the harm in that?"

Google personnel dept : "Here's another company full of suckers, add them to the c.v. filter so none of those idiots ever get a job with us".

Microsoft faces Dutch crunch over Windows 10 private data slurp

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"Microsoft president Brad Smith reckons North Korea was behind the WannaCry malware that infected the country's national health service earlier this year."

And some company in Redmond, USA was behind the Windows 10 malware that infected the country's PCs earlier this year.

It's 2017... And Windows PCs can be pwned via DNS, webpages, Office docs, fonts – and some TPM keys are fscked too

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Who designed this then?

"visiting a website or opening a file with a specially crafted embedded font can cause malware within the font data to run and hijack the PC."

How the hell did you design an OS that lets programmers embed code in a FONT?

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard

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Look at it this way

After 10 years of maintenance, our product is still so riddled with bugs and security holes that we're just giving up.

Got a software development and deployment story?

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"You might have been give a blank slate and a huge budget to reimagine software development and deployment from the ground up"

Has this ever hapened to anyone, anywhere, ever? If this is the sort of rubbish they'll be spouting, I'll stay well away and carry on working in the real world.

Ghost in Musk's machines: Software bugs' autonomous joy ride

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Autonomous vehicle software

When it crashes, so does your car.

Personally, having worked in software develoment for years I'd rather be in a car with a drunk driver than a self driving one. I'd onsider it safer, no matter what Elon "why do we have to keep reading about this guy's nonsense schemes" Musk says (or possibly because of it).

Let's go live now to Magic Leap and... Ah, still making millions from made-up tech

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Never mind the money....

Sure, they've burned through a billion bucks of money that was easily parted from the fools who funded it. Just celebrate the fact this has failed, because otherwise every time you went out you'd have to dodge hundreds of the folk who downloaded apps made with it that are walking down the street just staring at their smartphones watching whales jumping out of the pavement, like a zombie army on some digital LSD trip.

The axeman strikes again: Microsoft has real commitment issues

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"A reputation for flakiness risks long term damage to Microsoft in the enterprise. "

Hasn't harmed them for the last 20 years, so I don't see how that's going to change now amongst the many who wrongly assume there's no viable alternative. He should have called his book "Hit Ctrl, Alt and Delete" and chosen the Shut Down option instead of desperately trying to foist a range of too late "me too" copies of other companies' stuff on an an increasingly uninterested world.

Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?

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The Home Office

Has she not asked anyone to explain to her how "it works"? Is there nobody there that understands it?

"Well minister, it will be rather difficult to stop because it's done using something called source code, which is how all other computery stuff is done too"

"Right, draft a bill for me that bans this source code stuff, that'll solve the problem"

BYOD might be a hipster honeypot but it's rarely worth the extra hassle

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Why stop there?

Once you've got peole to accept that they must spend the money you pay them to buy a device to do their work on, the possibility to take this idea further opens up. First up you could try BYOS (Buy your own stationery), and progress towards BYODAC (Buy your own desk and chair). Hell, some of these beardie suckers you wrote about might even fall for RYOOS (Rent your own office space) if you can convince them that you're the hippest, newest thing in town.

To summarise article : money you save getting the fools who work for you to buy the kit they need for work will be offset by money it costs to handle all the different brands, OS versions, customisations, etc. Who would have thought that providing standard kit for everyone with standard configurations might work out cheaper?

Dildon'ts of Bluetooth: Pen test boffins sniff out Berlin's smart butt plugs

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Re: Something's wrong!

I think they were in there quite deliberately; disgraceful how people can sink into such low forms of innuendo and sniggering on a Friday afternoon....

"A hacker "could drive the Hush's motor to full speed, and as long as the attacker remains connected over BLE and not the victim, there is no way they can stop the vibrations."

I think "the victim" can stup the vibrations affecting them by becoming disconnected from the device in a more direct physical way, should they so wish, although as they would have to be "connected" in the first place, why would they wish to? This gratuitous, puerile non story has gaping holes in it.

It's a real FAQ to ex-EDS staffers: You'll do what with our pensions, DXC?

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"DXC is looking to slash operating expenses by $1bn in this fiscal year that ends March, and is using a mixture of redundancies, offshoring, real estate closures including office space and data centres, automation, squeezing suppliers and cutting back on staff expenses to help it do so."

Obviously the pension decision can't be related to the fact the comany is heading down this well-worn route can it?..............

For my twopennorth, why would you spend your entire IT career working at a company like this? I've got about 3 years worth of contributions into a final salary scheme at one ex-emloyer that will theoretially pay a few quid a month when (if?) I get to retire, but most IT careers are far too mobile in terms of switching jobs in order to make significant career progress that I don't think this is a massive issue for the industry in general.

Microsoft: We've made a coding language for a quantum computer that may or may not exist

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Nurse! My sides have split!

"That’s a quantum joke, that’s an excellent joke,” said Microsoft Technical Fellow Michael Freedman"

If you have to point out that it's a joke, and modestly mention that it's "excellent" beause nobody has laughed, then you're massively overestimating your talent as a comedian.

Wanna get started with practical AI? Check out this chap's Rubik's Cube solving neural-net code

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Seeing as the system has to be told the moves that were made to scramble it, I too would be able to write a program that used this information to "solve" it - by reversing those moves. Does this now qualify me as an expert in "Artificial /intelligence" or is this just another example of the worthless hype trying to equate algorithms with sentience?

Don’t fear the software shopkeeper: T&Cs banning bad reviews aren’t legal in America

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No problem

If the terms and conditions ban bad reviews then you should automatically assume it's shit.

For Facebook, ignorance is the business model: Social net is shocked – SHOCKED – that people behave badly

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"but it woz the computer wot did it"

Sorry folks, you take the money to publish this stuff. If you can't be arsed to look at what you're publishing and it turns out to be vile hate spreading crap then the responsibility lies squarely with you, the publisher.

Microsoft reveals details of flagship London store within spitting distance from Apple's

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Hell plans slight temperature increase

Sadly, I can see this being some sort of a "success" in the sense of it not losing too many millions of pounds o year. The sort of clueless, glassy eyed zombie tourists who swarm down Oxford Street, lost in bewildered amazement at the amount of crap being offered for sale to them are surely ripe for stumbling into this place once they're sufficiently in enough of a trance.

Mind you, whether they have the desire and money to actually buy anything is another matter. I suspect that "flagship store" in pricey location really equates to "massive loss we can write off against tax".

Microsoft and Facebook's transatlantic cable completed

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Great News

Twitter should sign up for it too - then if all their traffic as well as that for MS and FB is going via this cable, a vast amount of bandwidth will be freed up on the existing cables due to the enormous amounts of idiocy that will go via the new cable instead.

UK Prime Minister calls on internet big beasts to 'auto-takedown' terror pages within 2 HOURS

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Poor Requirements Specification

Let's supose for a second that the magic badness-detecting AI engine did exist. We all know it's impossible, but she's heard or read some people waffling on about AI so stupidly assumes it's a real thing that oould do this.

Now surely you would just run all content through the magic engine at the time it was uploaded in order to check it before making it available on your site, so what's this random "within 2 hours" figure for that she's just pulled out of her backside? She would make a fine middle manager at an average UK medium to large company with inane clueless "ideas" about IT systems of this quality.

More data lost or stolen in first half of 2017 than the whole of last year

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A poor reflection on the industry

An entrencheched culture of management who still see security as a cost without benefits, combined with a lack of thinking on the part of system designers and implementers has led to this sorry state of affairs,

How loudly and how often do you STILL need to shout "do not store identifiable user information in unencrypted plain text" before someone takes notice? I'm sick and tired of seeing company databases in the course of my work that have a User table with two columns (username, password) that do this. They often have a mandatory email address column too, enabling an attacker to have a good chance of getting into that user's accounts on other sites too. And the uninterested reaction from management every time I wearily point out what a bad idea this is is something I've come to expect. There are ways of organising a secure soltion via configuration and access control that make even an inside job more or less impossible.

We need to spread the idea that if you take the lazy approach you have no right to call yourself an "IT professional". And any company / government who stores user credentials this way should be made legally liable for any and all losses that are incurred by users as a result, plus damages. Publicising the change in the law should spur all but the most stupid into action.

Microsoft teases web-based Windows Server management console

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wow, a web based management console

Arriving in 2018, can't wait to see it because no other server product has ever had one of those before during the past couple of decades......

"Linux bird should be an ostrich, not a penguin."

Yeah, yeah, all these Linux hippies are stuck in the 70s as you say, now that Windows server's getting a web basef management console in 2018 - 38 years after the 1970s. Be glad you posted as an Anonymous Coward after your assertion that the real reason that Unix is "difficult to manage" is that it lacks a system API. Still, that provided a good belly laugh to start the week off.....

Google sued by Gab over Play Store booting

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Free Speech

""focused on free speech that would provide a platform for conservatives in the West and dissidents globally" "

Free speech of only a certain type isn't free speech. If they want to start a platform that (for some odd reason) allows one type of speech only for conservatives in "The West" and "dissidents" (whatever they mean by this - expect widely varying interpretations) "globally" then they're free to do so, and allow/disallow whatever they want on it as it's their "club" and they make the rules. Free speech doesn't mean that a supllier or retailer must stock and sell your product or service - they have their own freedom to decide that too.

Anyway, be grateful for your brief moment of free publicity before you fold due to lack of interest.

Maybe you'll then wish you'd allowed in the dissidents in the West and conservatives globally as well, or something like that....... this new right ideology's terminology is impenetrable to all but the most fervent followers.

EU's tech giant tax plan moves forward

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Re: And in DC the US Treasury is not happy

Thank you Mr A.C. for your splendid thesis on taxation. Just a few questions for you. Is taxation a simpler subject than basic punctuation? Your post seems to imply that you have a greater understanding of the former than the latter. Regarding your use of te word "libtard" (a portmanteau derived from "liberal retard" I am led to believe) : is it wise to question someone's level of intelligence by using such an offensive cliche when exhibiting so little yourself? Finally, can you explain how taxes such as income tax and inheritance tax are "paid by the buyer"? I am sure there are many Economics professors awaiting your wisdom.

I was not tempted to wade into the debate here on this thread until I read this post. With a short incoherent stream of blather and cliched ad hominem trolling it has managed to get more upvotes than down at the moment. Has El Reg finally succumbed to the trolls, after all these years of being relatively free from them?

Facebook let advertisers target 'Jew-haters'

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"Facebook's moral compass is often strangely-aligned"

Faebook has a moral compass?

And no, having a complex about boob pics when judged against so much of the shit they do tolerate doesn't work as a counterargument here.

Windows 10 Creators Update will add app-level privacy controls

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Creator's Edition

Is this just some lame, desperate attempt to convince people that by using it they will become magically "creative"?

Or is it a more sinister cross-cultural attempt to suggest divine providence for this miraculous piece of software ?

Or maybe some weird hybrid of the two : "God could have designed the universe much more quickly if he'd had Mirosoft(tm) Windows(tm) 10 Creator's edition."

Facebook ran $100k of deliberately divisive Russian ads ahead of 2016 US election

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Whar sort of moron.....

decides their vote on the basis of a few ads on facebook? Ah,the result seems to have answered my own question, but there you go : if you don't know the difference between the parties and what they stand for and don't follow the news and give a little thought every now and again to political matters, instead being lead to believe that politis is some sort of personality contest, then you deserve the appalling rubbish lot who end up making suh a mess of things.

Paris Hilton inflates cryptocurrency bubble some more, backs Initial Coin Offering

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Re: .. she will back an Initial Coin Offering ..

I think she understood the initial amount of actual dollars offering that was probably made to her to promote (not "back") the Initial Coin of Vapour Offering.

Can't really blame her for that can you?


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