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Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)


Re: Over excitement much?

Depends if we get our act in gear and stop supporting shit companies like APPLE and start focusing on research into space travel technology.


Aliens spelt with one "L"

And the bible was written by mankind.

In 1000 years would you pick up a superman comic book and truly believe there was a superman?


Re: Did I miss the announcement?

The suns not yellow, it's actually white.

It only appears yellow to us because of our atmosphere.

BETHLEHEM-grade SUPERNOVA possible 'within 50 years'


Perhaps there was a being beamed down via the last closest supernovae explosion because their homeworld was falling apart.

And he came here to save everyone. But we put him on some wood and staked him.

;sad face;

Mars defends: HUMANS to SEND UFO to Red Planet by 2016


Re: Of course they have to say that...

I wonder what the locals said when people said they were going to sail to the other side of the world

I think even if it's a scam, it's putting hopes and ideas into peoples minds, and it's actually getting people to realize that people can talk freely about the idea without ridicule.

Every single word and conversation about this gets us one step closer, think about it and you'll understand one day.

It's not like we spend our money on anything important other than consuming resources or selfishly indulging ourselves to our deaths.

Alien planet is just like EARTH - except for ONE tiny detail


put your finger in your ear and move it around whilst reading this...

Sounds to me like a galactic game of Pac-Man

I am a recovering Superwoman wannabee


Is this real?

I don't believe that the writer of this is being serious.

But it really does bug me as a man (aged 24) to read about how "unfair" it is being a woman.

It would be a different story if there were actual examples or realistic fears, but to just throw it out there like "it could be my fears...but it's Probably mens fault as well" i mean what the hell?!

Bringin in some REAL sexism, yeah this article is the kind of thing i would expect from a female.

Argumentative, passively aggressive, extremely subtly sexist and it's all pieced together to get a reaction or some sort of dramatic response.

Well i don't like to keep a lady waiting so here's my dramatic response to all feminists:

Poor men that have to deal with women their whole lives in an attempt to satisfy our instinctual coding, to find a mate, (men always have to ask first, or are expected too..that includes proposals) do manual labor (opening those jars really is challenging) and then when we get home, our ideas of extra curricular activities is shot down with a "oww but I have a headache and my favorite soap opera is on" and then if (on the rare occasion) us men are too tired, suddenly we are being unaffectionate?! OR ACTING DIFFERENTLY (accusations of cheating come in) It's could just be my worries.......but it's probably females just as much.

ON a personal note,

My whole life I have treated everyone equally based on the variables that should be added into the mix (such as is he an a-hole or if shes a cheating lying scumbag) and how far has that got me? people take advantage of kindness, the women get bored of you, they take you for granted, and they cheat on you. 3 individuals each have shown this such behavior.

I'll still continue to treat everyone based on the variables they give me because that's the proper way.

Something for the writer to think about - perhaps you feel like you are treated differently because you treat other with more hostility then you think. Your colleagues are not stepping stones or rungs in a ladder for you to climb up to where you want to be. Monster.

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