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Is Google purposefully breaking Microsoft, Apple browsers on its websites? Some insiders are confident it is

Hugh Jarce

Purposeful != Deliberate

I know, I know, language is whatever is used by people. But wouldn't it be useful to maintain the distinction between similar words rather than trying to make them entirely equivalent? Yes, 'purposeful' can mean doing something intentionally, but that isn't its primary meaning. Purposeful: doing something with determination or resolve. Perhaps 'deliberate' would serve better: doing something consciously and with intent.

Bah! Grumble. And it's bloody Christmas in a few days. Humph.

What if tech moguls brewed real ale?

Hugh Jarce


HTMAle is the standard drinkup brew.

Well structured, with clean delineated elements including bold, emphasised, and underlined notes among its range of attributes, HMTAle is the ultimate world-wide beer, encompassing a vast, complex web of flavours.

HTMALe - truly Hoppy, Tasty, Malty Ale - available at a variety of strengths, with 5% now the most popular.

Fleet of driverless pods to take over Milton Keynes town centre

Hugh Jarce

Cars for 1 mile trips ... helping to pedestrianise city centres ...

Look, seriously, anyone walking an entire mile is not really a "pedestrian", but some kind of elite ultra-distance athletic freak. We must use cars for that kind of multi-yard endurathon in our happy chubby future - which is the right kind of future for all clear thinking people: the future is big, the future is Hugh Jarced.

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