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Congo lynch mobs attack penis-snatching sorcerers



maybe it was just a cold day? If you must flash it about while measuring, wait until it's warmer.

London teen orders 'cab, innit'


where's that to?

Bristol airport? Where's that to my babba?

And £180 is approximately the taxi fare from central Bristol to so called 'Bristol' airport aka shithole flying cheap and nasty airlines to cheap and nasty destinations. Gold sovereign rings compulsory.

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal


rose tinted

What's good about BBC coverage? They've always had the same feed as Bernie gives everyone else.

Nodding dog Murray as a commentator was marginally better than having a blind person behind the mike. Just because ITV are worse (James, and the creepy guy that only lasted a season or so) doesn't make BBC good. The only channel that ever did F1 properly was Sky. So what if it cost a little - it would cost a lot more to go to the race - and with 8 screens and commentators Ben Edwards, John Watson and Damon Hill actually adding value it remains as the best way to watch.

Are BBC going to show all the sessions? Or just the race and qualifying? On real channels or relegate it to BBCi where you can't record unattended.

Same old, same old but now paid for by good old license fee.

Maybe that's why BBC relegated qualifying for their previous motor sport 'top dog' MotoGP to digital to make way for Crufts. Signs of things to come?

Hamster-in-rain emergency prompts 999 call


how about 555

hmmm, let's see. I'm in a bit of a flap and feel I need to call for help. What numbers can I remember? 999. Oh, no, maybe I should try and find a phone book or turn on a computer and look up the number of the local station. But I'm all in a tiz. So I'll call the only number I know.

wtf haven't they got a simple number (555?) for non emergency calls that routes locally. It's not difficult. Yes I know there's an 0845 something one but I can't remember that many digits. And I'm not paying some extortionate amount for directory enquiries whose number I can't remember either.....

Security fears stymy online sales


can I be clearer

Oi, thick as shit anonymous coward. It was google throwing the error. It didn't return any results - only the error. Do you need a picture? Hence blame google, not the site I was trying to find. Next time try reading and then you might understand as clearly you don't. And no, it's no longer giving the error; everything is fine with the world again.


blame google

How exactly are google helping allay peoples fears when instead of providing results they throw a 403 Forbidden - your search request looks similar to results from a virus or spyware, etc, etc. Q. What was the offending search term? A. Evans. No wonder joe public doesn't know what to believe/trust on a screen in front of them.

PC World parent awaits FTSE 100 relegation


It's very simple (much like, er, no, better not libel them here)

I blame their service. Or lack of. Everyone knows their high street shops are a complete rip off but PCWB used to give next day delivery with decent enough prices. But having cocked up a number of my orders, failed to respond to written complaints (how stupid/arrogant do you have to be to ignore recorded delivery letters when I'm sitting on goods they delivered multiple times and won't take back???) is it any wonder people go elsewhere. Good riddance to them.

Solwise Simple Connect powerline Ethernet adaptor



Great. Yet another product with a light that changes from red/green/amber/orange/whatever. I'm fed up having to ask the family or anyone in the office if things are on/off/errored because lights change between red and green. Manufacturers - my guess is lots of buyers of kit like this are male. And around 10% of men are colourblind. It would only cost pence to add multiple lights for the different speeds so the position of the light would be the indicator. Well done Sony for making the PS2 have a nice big blue light.

eBay glitch wipes out 11 year-old account without a trace



No doubt about it, ebay and amazon don't care about anything as long as they get their cut. I didn't want accounts with either of them (or paypal) but in this crap country what alternative is there for getting anything different to what's available in the high street. Any high street - they're all the same. Don't trust google either.

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs



I always fancied registering my car as a cab so I could use the bus lanes. And cut everyone else up. Now there's another good reason.

Vodafone UK loses roamers worldwide



Is it just a co-incidence that I get no signal in central Bristol this morning?

Google malware watchdogs bite mom-and-pop shops


Lowe Alpine

wonder why google thinks a site full of rucksacks is harbouring nasties?

Swiss deploy glass airliner


Re: Just read about the US plain...

... and I would like to ask El Reg to ban everyone that posts who either can't spell or who doesn't know the difference between plain and plane. Must make it difficult to go on holiday to most places. Plaices?!

Man cuffed over 'cycling cheat' email hack


climbs like a gazelle, buts fails public accountability test

Well done John, good summary of Rasmussen's tour. No IT angle in my comment, but it is Friday!

Plods to get helmet cams


who controls the watchers?

So when plod is wandering around the park in the summer they won't be recording the sunbathers? To watch later when they're eating doughnuts? Is it any co-incidence that there are more helicopters hovering overhead when it's sunny and everyone is out in their gardens?

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