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Rust playground down: 502


No its not

Its working fine for me!

Minecraft marketing mods miff Mojang



You can't build a building / person / ad on a server that you own / mod you created in a game that you paid for.

So what are they going to do hack my server or use DMC to get it taken offline......

Behave yourself ffs

Microsoft account-hijacking hole closed 48 hours after bug report


Re: well you say fixed...

This is nothing to do with windows, this could affecct anyone its os agnostic

Can't upgrade, won't upgrade: Windows Mobile's user problem


Re: Hmmm...

I'm sorry @kristian I call imposster lol I am the only one that sings the praises of win phone and points out arguments

In all serious conversation win 10 mobile has issues but still runs smoother than android but not quite iPhone levels of slickness but soon maybe

How to help a user who can't find the Start button or the keyboard?


Re: It's not just tech...

Well it will shave a 3rd off the cost of lessons so a fair few

Three-years-late fit-to-work IT tool will cost taxpayers £76m


Re: What they need to clear the paperwork backlog...

Or be willing to sanction those that see drug and alcahol dependency as a reason not to work

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies


Re: What is the sky?

From an earlier article on arstechnica it was #6 buckshot as he supplied the gun plus casing to law enforcement and was the basis of his defence

Snapchat TITSUP on heels of Google App Engine outage


Re: And not Kevin Spacey

But if you ask most people they will say Google is the internet lol

Japanese hack gets space probe back on track



Awesome that they could fix it from this distance. These are the things that make me proud to be human :)

Android on Windows is disruptive because neither Microsoft nor Google can stop it



Good old google always breaking compatability


VirusTotal invites Apple fans to play in updated Mac malware sandpit


Re: google Infosec unit?

I'm sorry how is this a non story ?

The fact I use the virus total api to scan all attachments that come through,and now I know I can do the same with Mac based file types is a bonus as we run a mixed shop.

Maybe you are one of these people who are still spreading the fud that macs don't get malware etc.

Go back under your rock

The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story


0day black market

I disagree how the researchers come across their findings much like every other commentard

But what if it wasn't CERT now bare with me

Their is a profitable black market for 0 days etc what if the researchers found it was going to do a talk but the FBI jumped in and went that's a nice zero day guys let us buy it from you.

Researchers agree sell it to the FBI and pull the talk.

In this situation Carnegie Mellon would not be lying when they said "we got no money for this" as they didn't the researchers did.

Just a thought and one I could see as happening if nothing else to make the university / CERT have deniable plausibility

Drop the obsession with Big Data, zero days and just... help the business


Re: EMET and other execution containment tools

Because its hard enough users dealing with uac let alone emet as well

It's Gartner Magic Graph of Wonder time! And Google won't be happy


unable to spell

Not only is that MQ box a load of shit

But so is the reporters spelling and that of the editor

What is happenning to thereg and also arstechnica the last few days have seen the editorial prowess drop some what

Have you got the grads doing the editing again ?

Password reset invoked after vBulletin.com forum software site defaced



To be honest as vbulletin must be creaking on to 15 years old and still suffering from SQLi attacks

You have to ask if the developers have learned anything in that time ? The fact it is SQLi attack shows they haven't.

You can try and make the language better / safer but if the devs don't do their bit what's the point

Laid-off IT workers: You want free on-demand service for what now?



Come up to my 12 month probation period (upped from 6 as they fired the IT manager that hired me and they wanted to restart it) I was let go of as a cost saving effort.

I had rebuilt the whole internal tool chain for the accounting department had about 2 weeks left before going live.

All backend work was done. They let me go and put me on gardening leave. For 4 weeks which was nice chucked me 7k as a golden handshake. I turned to the then IT manager and said look I would be happy to come back in a few days a week when the system goes live. The manager thanked me but HR fella said no that won't be necessary. Less than 48 hours later asked if I could come back as a freelance I agreed for £700 a day + travel. They refused. But the IT manager said you offered to come back for £200 a day. I said I did but HR shot that one down

Virgin Media boss urges UK watchdogs not to pick wrong BT battle


Re: Well he would say that wouldn't he!

So you are a virgin media customer ?

Or are you bitching because as a virgin ceo he is not saying BT to lay cable to you ?

No one gets broadband from virgin or are you moaning that you believe the cable is out of date and you would move to virgin if it was better ?

Your rant makes no sense as you have not alluded to the side that you are on.

If you are a BT customer nothing he can do.

If you are a virgin media customer why haven't you spoke to them

BBC bypasses Linux kernel to make streaming videos flow


This is why I love the bbc

Now I know people have opinions on the licence fee etc

But this is the BBC at its finest. Writing kernal bypasses to get better throughput.

This is why I pay my licence fee for the few incredible moments in my lifetime where I can be proud of a public utility that I fund indirectly showing off the skills of their talented staff

Robo-car wars: Delphi's near crash, prang, wallop with Google DENIED!


Re: @Carl W - I don't personally agree but...

I have taken to pointing out to people the part of the highway code they have broken when I am out on my bike,

This normally reduces the effectiveness of having a bike in traffic etc but I feel it is my public duty....

But my feeling is everyone should have at least a year on a motorbike before they are allowed in a car.

On topic I wonder what a RoboBike would be like ....

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft


Re: Free for Vista Users?

Vista was EOL'd a long time ago, no free upgrade for you my friend

Researchers slurp unencrypted Viber messaging data with ease


Re: Recommended alternatives?

There isn't one, They are all as bad as each other and it wouldn't matter if it was encrypted anyway as it is stored on amazon servers so encrypted or not it is being fed to the 3 letter agencies databases anyway

Think-tank to infosec: You're doing it wrong


We can push and push

But when the shit hits the fan, we will as techies be asked why we didn't mention this before

The managers with shit on us and that will be that. We will be the ones that take the fall

I thank god that my CEO actually reads the news (tech news at that) and understands why we ask for so much to spend on prevention and recovery of these types of attack

Oh no, Joe: WinPhone users already griping over 8.1 mega-update



If you have enough sense to be able to read a how to install 8.1 you should be able to read that this is a preview,

I myself am lucky and haven't got any of these bugs speaker phone, power button etc.

But i am a developer and am using this to develop against.

If you are so fucking stupid as not to be able to read

a) developer preview

b) Preview for Developers (app name)

and make a connection to it being a developer item then you should be taken out back and shot.....

Heartbleed mega-bug clean up shrinks Tor network by an eighth


Not Secure Tor

Was there not an article that stated that the US government and 3 letter agencies were able to track people through the Tor network a few months ago ?

Maybe this is how they did it, and that the compromise has been known about alot longer than we had hoped :/

Devs SLAM UK.gov's JavaScript-astic, 'shoddy' security education website


Re: Is this what's called a 'cyber jerk'?

You shouldn't it is a marketing agency (I assume the ones who built the site)

High Court derails Google defence in Safari browser stalker cookie brouhaha


As far as i am concerned if google dont want to be answerable to the UK Courts then google.co.uk / google.com / google.whatever should be blocked at the ISP level much like thepiratebay etc are.

You have office buildings, employ people etc in the UK you are a UK practicing entity so you are under the UK jurisdiction

EU gives Google JUST WEEKS to submit stronger search biz concessions


I remember a simpler time when there was a small company who's moto was do no evil,

10 years on I see a teenage company that has renamed itself to microsoft jnr,

How monopolies change companies

HACKLASH! Syrian Electronic Army's website hacked by angry rivals



They just need their twitter account hijacked and some anti-assad tweets sent, or should that be anti-asshat ???

Nokia Lumia update spreads Black death


Re: Worked OK for me

Its not to bad, just dont try and stream video etc but images and websites are pretty good.

It was pretty fun turning the phone into a cctv camera to watch things


Re: Worked for me... @websey

Ive been lurking here for long enough to know, I just find it funny that you can probably guarantee that a major update will brick a percentage of devices.

But due to fanboism some people like that AC just seem to shit in their brain and then allow that to be transferred on to the screen as they type.....

Shit for brains just doesnt even cut it


Re: Worked for me...

Actually microsoft dont control the hardware yet


Re: Worked for me...

Have to agree was running the GDR3 developer preview updated to black, was all fine no problems with the beamer app etc

Shame it seems to be any lumia ending in 0 that is being effected

Army spaffed millions up the wall on flawed Capita online recruiting system - report



It states in the top of the article, Capita pay once recieve nothing pay again and recieve nothing again

Are the joys of having one wheel grease the other

THOUSANDS of UK.gov Win XP PCs to face April hacker storm... including boxes at TAXMAN, NHS


Or we could maybe for once get someone in public office who knows what the fuck they are going on about.


I wonder how many law suits will come from this, IANAL but surely there is a law in the UK that would allow us to bring a class action suite against all these public agencies.

As of April I am pretty sure that none of them would be able to hold up to a case in court where they have intentionally weakened their security by not upgrading systems and services.

I am pretty sure there is a data protection angle that could be used

Coca Cola slurps millions of MAC addresses


Re: I can see it now...

Best thing I have read on the reg forum for a long time :) have a beer and an upvote

Macbook webcams CAN spy on you - and you simply CAN'T TELL


The thing with security is everyone wants it till it costs them, whether that is Money, Time, Aesthetics or any of the above then it goes out the window.

For instance my company does the design and implementation of a large UK companies websites etc.

We had a chat with their new Information Services Developer the other day and he asked us why certain things had been done the way they had, I said they didnt want to pay.

He said thats ridiculous, I said wait till you try to get the bean counters to cough for anything, he rang me this morning apologising for his attitude and asked how we could work with such a bunch of numpties. Simple it pays the bills

BT warned: Speed up Openreach repairs or face PUNITIVE FINES


I hate the way BT have a monopoly on the infrastructure but the government dont help, I know lets get loads of people to bid for the fiber contract and then give it all to BT even though they were by far the worst contender going on previous track record etc

Zuckerberg IN COURT: Judge rules Facebook investors CAN sue for IPO non-disclosures


I believe that they shouldnt be able to sue facebook, but then I dont think companies that bring no value to the human race should exist :? either way it dont effect me.

I wonder if they will post this on the facebook blog? I wonder how many likes they would get, or all the dislikes (reg article the otherday) now that so many of their users are mobile !!

Android nasty sends your texts to CHINA


Re: Last week I chose between an Android phone and a Q5

Something I could never slate blackberry for with the playbook, choose what access you want the app to have and even with less privileges still works (some times less functionality! but why would an alarm clock need to be able to make phone calls ?)

Zuck you! Facebook introduces 'Dislike' button... in Messenger


I was referring to that point in time when you swap numbers or email addresses and all they want to do is add you on facebook, but I dont have facebook! queue the weird looks of astonishment


Re: Seriously?

I gave you an up arrow as these thumbs up things dont seem to be on the reg


What a load of bollocks, I am so glad that I stay away from these social-sinkholes or as I like to refer to them Darwinian Early Warning Systems as if someone keeps asking me for a facebook add I know I dont want to friend them in real life let alone on the interwebs

It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources


Re: Will these updates...

The joys of 8.1 allow you to completely remove the charm bar (thank god I hated it)

The point is you can moan and moan all you want but until there is a competitor that garners as much developer time and input that windows does you are stuck with it.

Now I know most people wont like this, but change happens.

Now deal with it.


Well For A Tech Site !!!!

The thing I find funny about all of this shit about windows 8 / 8.1 and the start menu, is all the moaners that have probably spent an hour using it and then just gone na fuck this!.

Well why dont you spend a few weeks with ?


- Quicker

- Easy to access (poor eyesight etc)

- unified search panel (metro)

- Legacy compatible (better than win 7)

- Inbuilt driver database (not had to download any drivers)

- Team Foundation Integration

- SkyDrive etc integration


- Metro Apps (no use)

- Boot To Desktop (fixed 8.1)

thats about all i can think of in a negative way of windows 8

I don't mind metro because all I used to do was hit the windows key and type what I wanted anyway

and for all those idiots who are harping on about 3.5gb to add a start button, did you not realize it also contains software updates, app updates and a few more things as well as kernel patches. Or was your stupidity blinding you to the bleeding obvious ?

Sky broadband goes TITSUP ALL DAY, thwarts Brits' Xmas web shopping


Re: haha

Haha Twat,

Its happened to BT many times as well as every other ISP you can possibly name

Crypto boffins propose replacing certification authorities with ... Bitcoin?


Going on how bitcoins work, you would have to have a large majority (you have to have more yes's then no's)

So if the botnet had control of 80% of the chain then they could subvert it,

with bitcoin it works (simply)

you send money to me

I accept money

the rest of the chain then confirm that the money (bitcoins) has moved from you to me. to subvert that you would have to have a large percentage under your control to say you have sent me the money vs me and the other percentage saying I haven't recieved the money

BitTorrent seeks patent on distributed storage technology


Re: is this novel..?

Well if they do they have not patented it, but im sure it could suddenly become prior art with a smothering of gold in a hand

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm


The problem with all of this, is the fact that the majority of forum admins / web masters / whatever

have generally the same intelligence level of those that they are admin'ing so no reasonable argument can be made, they make the decision and its done. it can be even worse when they are on a power trip :/

That time when an NSA bloke's son borked the ENTIRE INTERNET...


Ahhh the good old days

If only the script kiddies of today had a miniscule percentage of this mans ingenuity we wouldn't be moaning about them because the internet would be forever down and we would be working on local intranets of just a few machines

Oh i would love a world with no faceboo, twatter and the rest of them data sinkholes



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