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Carbon emissions - this time it's personal


The problem with Carbon Calculator sites

..is that they provide a snapshot. If you change your habits you have to go back to the site and go through the whole process again. This is neither realistic or a very efficient use of time.

Furthermore, the DEFRA site like the rest of the offerings out there provides a snapshot dependent on the quality of the questions asked and honesty/knowledge of the user. Sites also rarely factor in enough of foot powered activity, and realistic representation of an individual should reflect how 'efficiently' they get from A to B.

And anyway, live information/knowledge vs. static/retrospective?!? Let me see now.....

Its also entirely short sighted to identify another "elecrictical device" as being a downfall, when the footprint and consumption of the device can be paid back in potential carbon efficiency gains in a matter of days. It is to fail to understand the bigger picture....Reminds me of the farmer who saved his seeds and as a result never grew anything. False economies.

And finally further development work has already made it possible that even a physical device is not neccessary. The last time I checked, there was a high likelyhood that it was the mobile carrying peoples of this world who were more likely to be the polluters.

Carbon Hero makes small differences add up to large ones.

Thanks to James and RegHardware for the posting though.




UK going to hell on hardware, eco group warns


The Good News

The subject is in the news. More people doing more research means the quality of the information improves. More customers voting with their wallets, means manufacturers are forced to engineer around energy consumption rather then perhaps less important factors.

CRT vs. most new tech. Pilot burners vs. ignition. Hot water tanks vs.demand-led systems. Radiators vs, underfloor heating. A rated white goods vs. C....the more consumers become informed, the more conomic forces favour them getting what they(and the environemnt) wants.

The most important thing is when given options, if within ones economical spectrum choose the leanest, greenest product.

Green is the new black, and this alone will mean that sustainable/environmental products will stop compromising the consumers experience/functionality/service/coolness

Be part of the solution...and have fun doing so




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