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Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update


Yawn. More bloatware and yet another set of new problems to work around. This has never happened before, surely it hasn't!

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired


The arrogance is astounding. Take it to the shop? If you use public transit or have a small car how do you do that, not counting the inconvenience? Is Samsung paying for a courier?

Fujitsu's Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage


A salesman stated that his storage facility was 100% safe and no data could ever be lost. I asked him if his company would sign a contract giving 'me' total ownership if we signed up and subsequently lost any data. Never heard from him again :D

Lenovo thought PC salesfolk could sell servers and was wrong by about $500m


Re: A lot of the revenue decrease is no more US Federal Government sales

I take it you may never have done business with the US government. Supercomputers remain a defence item in the minds of congressional protectors. Keeping Cray in business and killing off 'Japan Inc' was their top concern in the 1990's when Japan had a few far more capable (and stable) offerings. Nothing has changed. The US will be superior or put up the walls or change the rules as necessary to keep it that way (in their minds). Regardless of how accurate those claims, anything else will be accused of being fake news or summarily dismissed.

The developments in China with their home grown chips and software will cause apoplectic fits in US government when they mature and internationalise.


Re: Arrogance of sales management

Their motto is why expend resource on multiple sales calls and actually engage a prospect when anyone can click and order right off the web site :D


IBM supercomputer class sales teams have long ago found good jobs with other vendors and who are doing quite well.

Raising minimum wage will raise something else: An army of robots taking away folks' jobs


Re: McDonalds touch screens

Are you a Trump science and medical advisor? It is well established that humans are 'dirty' and spread diseases. The more group touching the more susceptible to pass something along. I suppose you never wash your vegetables and fruits either. I guess all those other peoples germs help your immune system, right? s/not paranoid but scientifically and medically literate

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff


It is small, fast, definitely suits the more techie mindset, but is buggy as hell.

I have myriad first line web sites I visit where only Firefox has problems, from simple display of content without going non responsive to non-functional chat services. Frankly I am tired feeding the almost endless list of web sites to the developers. Reresh made no difference so it is Firefox not an add-on. I tried Opera for its built-in VPN, but it is slow and clunky and lacks a lot of what I love about Firefox such as remembering which directory I store from which web sites. Chrome? Too "hip" and magical with much happening under the covers. Maybe I should give in and use Edge? (Just kidding).

nbn™ needs copper to build FTTN: another 15,000 km of it


You need to get a life oh Pompous one. The FTTP product might not be perfect (and probably far from it) but is at least reasonably current technology. The rest is rubbish built for the last century. Nice rant though, and nice you hate anyone apparently not an LNP supporter. FWIW I am politically agnostic and support the best programs not the cheapest or most expedient eg, an independent voter.


Perhaps created by the ALP but perfected by the coalition. At least the original ALP FTTP had a decent outcome, not an over hyped under performing "product". But what is that small fact to a partisan?

Plutus Payroll pays people after Senator writes to Australian Taxation Office


Business as Usual in Australia

Another fine example where the welfare of Austrian workers is secondary to partisan wrangling and unchecked bureaucracy and the absence of laws with teeth protecting anyone about anything.

Many Australians are not getting their super contributions and nobody in the coalition government gives a rats, and the self entitled who don't make their payment generally laugh all the way to their own retirement.

Canada says yes to net neutrality – and no to Trump advisor, eh?


Watch John Candy's "Canadian Bacon", dated but right on.

Department of Human Services says citizens, not systems, to blame


Yet this person has not been sacked for her detachment from reality and inability to manage. Why?

nbn™ is installing new hybrid-fibre coax cables


I would not punt on that. Cable bandwidth is shared amongst everyone connected to it. The cable might run at 100 Mbps but if only 25 others are streaming it is already down to 4. How many in your area are on the same cable you will be on?

HFC - state of the art 1990s. Reflecting the coalition's mentality. Lucky it is not the 1950's again!

If nbn™ can't say when it will arrive in your street, you're getting a Telstra HFC connection


Priceless Incompetence

My address is supposed to get NBN "Jan-Mar 2017" but it is in the planning stage with no details. Sure it will be engineered, installed, and turned on within 3 months. As sure as Tony will become PM again. Ooops, should not suggest that even in jest.

Huawei very happy to be on Map Of Tasmania


Re: Cost Trumps Security?

"what Einstein came up with the brilliant idea"

The Tassie government of the day, of the same party that granted the Chinese the lease of Darwin harbour. It is endemic in their thinking, if one can call it thinking.

Microsoft's cmd.exe deposed by PowerShell in Windows 10 preview


Precious. Powershell's Update-help had an error and failed to do anything, everything, or something. The outcome of what it did or did not do was not clear. Microsoft at its finest.

Sad reality: It's cheaper to get hacked than build strong IT defenses


Same Old

This is the same reason credit cards are not better secured. A few hundred million dollars a year to write off fraud is not only less costly than doing security right, it is also a corporate tax deduction.

Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins



8.1 downloaded (and downloaded and downloaded) and Installed fine. Then wifi would not work more than the first connection to anything. Had to uninstall the intel wifi device so it could reinstall during a reboot. Then bitdefender firewall blocked everything. so now on windows firewall. Then 56 MB of updates immediately found included a new wifi driver. during install it forces you to use your microsoft account - and transports all of that info (password, alias name) onto the PC whether or not you want it. Linux is getting better every day.


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