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Mass SQL injection hits English language websites

Mike F

Silly image

The image on the linked artical http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/images/google_search.gif has blanked over the address they searched for forgetting that it displays itself more then once on the result page :P

See: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%22http%3A%2F%2Fs.see9.us%2Fs.js%22

Silly people :D

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

Mike F

How many roads must a man walk down...

... before he gets run over?

Google crawls The Invisible Web

Mike F


An infinite loop would be cool but google seems to of covered that already :P

Disallow: /search

Found in their robots.txt: http://www.google.co.uk/robots.txt

Mines the one with the google logo on it...

BBC commercial tentacle confirms iTunes store push

Mike F

@Ryan Morrison

I aggree with you, I use linux all the time as my home OS but when people compaire linux, mac and windows and then bitch because they cannot get something for linux it really annoyies me. Linux is an obscure OS, ok so a little recognision would be nice but it's understanding that windows and mac get all the goodies first becasue they are mainstream!

People that are on linux and that have the cheek to moan becasue something is not developed for linux really need to rethink why they are using it in the first place.

UK driver details lost somewhere in America

Mike F

The current state of things..

WIth the way the government seems to treat the protection of our data at the moment I might as well just put my details on a poster and paste it up around the country..

Knowing my luck they will be taken down as vandelism and disposed of more securly then the last lot of data...

Daring Register raid snatches key government URL

Mike F

I wonder...

If the reg did make a spoof site i wonder if the people from the gov who were ment to make the site would notice it is not theirs :D

BT feels the need for 50Mb speed

Mike F


I bet you they will advertize this 50Mbit service as "50Mb" convincing the non-geeks that they get 50Meg a second... At least Virgin Media tell the truth about their services

Cloak and dagger Chinese firm tells Google to change its name

Mike F

Why not...

Why don't Guge just make their phone number a £50 a minuite number and make a bit of cash off it :p

Asus shows off bamboo-clad 'eco' laptop

Mike F

At least...

At least you can put the lid down and use it as a bread board...

TV ads too loud, industry watchdog says

Mike F

Has anyone...

Has anyone every bought something or though "ooh lets go buy macdonalds becasue they sell organic plastic chicken nuggets?" from watching an advert! I feel most adverts are just white noise in the background of the media world.

Oh dont get me started on the adverts on the start's of DVD's either....

How do you carry your mobile phone?

Mike F

What useful infomation...

What useful infomation to any rookie pickpocket :D

Milton Keynes: world centre of porn and sex

Mike F

Who says...

Who says that we have a problem with drugs in this country


Dell offers XP again amidst Vista complaints

Mike F

RE: RE: Good

Hey James C I can make "sweeping claims" if i wish after all they are my opinions!

Go get a life


Mike F


Right from the start i knew vista was going to be a overblown piece of crap just as Windows ME and the Ps3 was/is :P!

I used linux atm 'cause i've enough of windows and their silly ways. I feel vista is the straw on the camels back for micro$oft.

Dutch escort agency to service geek virgins

Mike F


Another virgin media product then??

Topless roadsigns tackle Danish speeding menace

Mike F

Watch out...

Just watch out for the speed humps :p

Godless coins released in US mint cock-up

Mike F

Reply to the "Not In "God We Trust" as you said." person

The artical never said that E pluribus unum means "God We Trust" it says ..."E Pluribus Unum" inscription, ALONG WITH "In God We Trust"...

Read the artical before you comment :D

Sky goes dark for Virgin Media

Mike F

The current bill

If we (me and other virgin customers) are losing good programming then our bills better drop. I don't think its fair for sky to raise prices as they are scared of a little compitition from virgin media.

Great moments in human research

Mike F

Picky chickens?

I will never look at a chicken in the same way!

Tesco USA to deploy 'world's biggest' solar roof

Mike F

Not exactly short

Well lets face facts, tesco arn't exactly short of a bit of spare cash are they!

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