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Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10

I am the liquor

On the other side of the coin, I'm still getting on fine with a 32GB/2GB Linx 1010B Windows 10 machine that I bought 2 or 3 years ago, as a basic web browsing/email/light office work machine. Admittedly I wouldn't fancy trying to use MS Office on it. LibreOffice works nicely though.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: That argument goes both ways you know.

Rephrase it as "hardly a decisive outcome to make a major constitutional change". That argument doesn't go both ways. Changes as huge as leaving - or joining - the EU are, as you may have observed, spectacularly expensive and complicated. There should be a higher bar to making such a change than a simple majority. Otherwise we could end up leaving/joining/leaving/joining every time the opinion polls fluctuate above or below 50%. You need some hysteresis in your control loop.

Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget

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Re: just one bulb reduced my fridges light use from 15w to 3.3w

I reduced my fridge's light use to 0W by shutting the door.

My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day

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Anyone need an old 88MB SyQuest drive, or a Farallon SCSI-to-10base2 ethernet adapter for an early-model Mac?

Basic bigot bait: Build big black broad bots – non-white, female 'droids get all the abuse

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Re: I'm struggling to think of any black androids in film or television

Chad Coleman played a terminator in a couple of episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but you're right, there does seem to be a lack of representation in the terrifying killer robot community.

Does the robot cop in Futurama count?

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while

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Re: 60 Million people...

We tend to forget that London has a lower annual rainfall than (say) Paris (France, not Texas).

Supposing for a moment that Wikipedia is a reliable source of information, London and Paris, France have very similar amounts of rainfall. Paris, Texas has nearly twice as much as either! Paris, Texas is almost as rainy as Glasgow, if you can believe that.

Either my name, my password or my soul is invalid – but which?

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Re: "Wrong" email addresses

Plenty of systems won't accept emails where the TLD is more than 3 characters, because they used some half-baked regex copied off Stack Overflow. It was wrong long before the recent TLD proliferation, too: .museum has been around since 2001.

What can $10 stretch to these days? Lunch... or access to international airport security systems

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Re: Unfortunately there are only so many pet rabbits one can hunt and eat in Surbiton.

You can definitely raise your own pigs and chickens in Surbiton though, there was a documentary series about it in the 70s.

Happy 10th birthday, Evernote: You have survived Google and Microsoft. For your next challenge...

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Russian/Udi computer scientist Stepan Pachikov

For the benefit of anyone else who, like me, googled it and couldn't work out if it meant Unique Device Identification, Unilateral Declaration of Independence, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, or Unexplained Drinking Injury:


GitHub given Windows 9x's awesome and so very modern look

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Re: And this is bad?

Give it another 10 years, that thing you liked will probably come back into style.

Like my beard: I grew it back when Charlie Darwin made it cool, and now I'm a fashionable hipster. A little patience is all that's required.

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Re: UI elements that make it obvious what they do?

At least the VS team had some sort of good reason for switching to non-standard scroll bars - to display useful stuff like the locations of changed lines, compile errors, breakpoints etc. Worse is applications that use non-standard scroll bars for no reason at all: yes, MS Office team, I'm looking at you.

For extra fun in recent Visual Studio versions, go into options, Text Editor > All Languages > Scroll Bars, and select "Use map mode for vertical scroll bar".

Micro Focus offloads Linux-wrangler SUSE for a cool $2.5bn

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Re: Makes no sense

Well P in P/E is price, not profits. But yeah, I was wrong to pick out the revenue figure (which was actually 6 months revenue anyway) instead of net earnings. All I can say was it was a long lunch.

$2.535b / $98.7m = a P/E of 25.7, slightly above the average of the S&P500, but the point stands that on the face of it the price is not completely unreasonable.

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Re: Makes no sense

The numbers quoted equate to a P/E of 14.3, which is historically pretty average, and well below the current market rate (P/E ratio for the S&P500 at 1315 EDT today: 24.61). So on the face of it, not an unreasonable price,

The buyers might take the view that Red Hat being 18 times SUSE's size represents growth potential for SUSE.

Sysadmin shut down server, it went ‘Clunk!’ but the app kept running

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Re: Label, Label Label

Indeed, good advice.

The Dymo machine's not just for printing "fuck the police" labels to stick on the boss's car's bumper, after all.

The butterfly defect: MacBook keys wrecked by single grain of sand

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Re: Apple are shit nowadays

Cook, Ive, they're all just following the course laid in by Jobs. It used to be said that Steve Jobs cared passionately about Apple customers, from the moment they walked into the Apple store, all the way to when their credit card payment cleared. Apple products are designed exactly the way they need to be to attract buyers. Long-term usability isn't really a consideration. Given that job description, Ive is doing it pretty well.

Azure North Europe downed by the curse of the Irish – sunshine

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It only gives you more precision if you can't work a decimal point.

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Water shortage in Ireland?

Now I've heard everything.

Drinks are on Cohesity, which has been handed $250m from investors

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Not bad for a company whose name sounds like something from a spoof motivational poster.

UK has data adequacy issues? Oof, that's too bad! says Isle of Man

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a climate that suits running a data centre

That's a particularly upbeat way of saying that the weather's shit.

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design

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Re: what do we do when the "don't run over that kid on the crossing" sensors go bad?

I expect the answer from the car-makers will be "you'll have to take over manual control." And then we just have to hope that after 10 years of relying on the computer, we're somehow better-prepared to do so than this Uber car-supervisor was after 19 minutes.

Password re-use is dangerous, right? So what about stopping it with password-sharing?

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Re: Holy crap

I agree. This is the most bonkers suggestion I've read about passwords ever. Second worse is to change a password regularly.

Indeed. I thought we'd finally managed to agree that making password systems more obstructive to users just results in weaker passwords being chosen. I guess the University of Carolina didn't get the memo.

Now IBM turns redundo gun on its Digital Business Group

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It's the craziest thing I've heard all day. Clearly it won't persuade anyone to leave if they wanted to stay, so all they've ended up doing is paying off people who were going to leave anyway for free.

I guess in a tight employment market there might be a case for wanting first pick of the alternative jobs, but IT work is a seller's market right now.

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

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Re: Compatibility

Computationally, strcmp is, and always has been, the wrong way to do this. The correct answer, as it always has been, is to use inet_pton (or the equivalent in your favourite language) and compare the two addresses in binary form.

I think Adam's point was that the human brain's stdlib only has strcmp(). It doesn't implement inet_pton or binary comparison.

US, UK cyber cops warn Russians are rooting around in your routers

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network devices are ideal targets because almost all network traffic passes through them

Almost all... I knew there was a reason I stuck with 10base2.

Torvalds schedules Linux kernel 5.0, then maybe delays 'meaningless' release

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Re: why use version numbers at all?

The concept that every piece of software is constantly undergoing change and release with every other piece of software is just plain idiotic, not to mention wasteful of developer's time.

Anyone trying to do low-level Windows API-based stuff on the shifting sands of Windows 10 will concur with that, I'm sure.

It's April 2018 – and Patch Tuesday shows Windows security is still foiled by fiendish fonts

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Re: * Company mandatory training material

I bet that includes the mandatory IT security training, that tells you to be careful when browsing the web, doesn't it.

Microsoft: Yes, we agree that Irish email dispute is moot... now what's this new warrant about?

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Re: Moot

It means debateable or subject to discussion. A moot being a sort of Anglo-Saxon town council meeting.

Americans like to use it when they mean "irrelevant". It seems unfair to blame Americans for using the English language wrongly; they can't really help it after all. But I don't think Rebecca Hill has that excuse.

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Watchdog growls at Tesla for spilling death crash details: 'Autopilot on, hands off wheel'

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Re: Roundabouts

The main problem I had when I first encountered the Swindon magic roundabout was seeing where I was going through the tears of laughter. Surely the greatest practical joke ever.

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10

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Re: Where are we now?

Never mind 4K, the Spectrum had 6K graphics! Of course in those days, that meant something different.

Reg man wraps head in 49-inch curved monitor

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Re: Still only 1080 Vertical

@ BinkyTheMagicPaperclip

When one of the monitors finally dies I will be moving to a 1440p monitor - there's none of the scaling issues prevalent with 4K

With a bit of luck, your existing monitors will last long enough for the scaling issues to go away. Things are a lot better than they were. Application compatibility is steadily improving. I'm even optimistic that the next version of SQL Server Management Studio may work propery in 4K.

Sysadmin left finger on power button for an hour to avert SAP outage

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Re: Typed 'Reboot' where ... ?

@Evil Auditor

Depending on the type of business 45 minutes downtime may or may not be reason for dismissal.

If 45 minutes downtime is that much of a problem, then sacking the tech who caused it by a simple finger fumble is nothing more than scapegoating. More reasonable would be to sack the executive who failed to put in place systems ensuring a simple human error couldn't cause such a serious problem.

Paul Allen's six-engined monster plane prepares for space deliveries

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it was just cheaper to make them both with windows

Especially when you have staff discount.

Ah, uni days! Drugs, sex, parties... sci-tech startups? Not so much

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MIT produces one £1bn company each year


Maybe we should put a bit of funding into this higher education thing.

IT peeps, be warned: You'll soon be a museum exhibit

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Re: What job will last forever

Accountants and train drivers are two more occupations that must have some sort of special automation-proof magic in them, otherwise surely they'd have been automated out of existence decades ago.

Teensy plastic shields are the big new thing in 2018's laptop crop

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Re: Again, the important features are not in there

Ah, the thinklight. Sadly missing on the latest Thinkpads.

I don't think patents can have been an issue on that feature. I remember seeing a Dell that had something similar some years ago. In a way it was better than the IBM version, because you turned it on with a physical switch next to the light, instead of playing a chord on the keyboard.

Chrome adblockalypse will 'accelerate Google-Facebook duopoly'

I am the liquor

@Ben Tasker:

A cynic might even suggest that this is actually about making sure some of their competitors are far less appealing (because they'll get blocked by Chrome), driving more advertisers to Google (who'll make sure their ads follow the new rules to avoid blocking).

That last bit is the wrong way round: the blocking rules will be designed around Google's own ads.

Until last week, you could pwn KDE Linux desktop with a USB stick

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Re: That's a problem with KDE

Discover is another one that is, to quote an assessment I read on a forum, a dumpster fire of an application. It seems to get more crash-prone with every version increment.

Destroying the city to save the robocar

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No problem

It shouldn't be too hard to make roads more suitable for driverless cars. First put big fences down both sides so pedestrians can't get anywhere near them. Then add a signalling system so the car can easily see if it's getting too close to the car in front. Maybe add metal rails to guide the cars, so they don't even have to worry about steering and cars going in opposite directions can't possibly hit each other. Driverless cars should be no problem at all then.

Oh wait, no, according to the RMT, the cars would then need a driver _and_ a guard.

Blade Runner 2049 review: Scott's vision versus Villeneuve's skill

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Re: In the words of director Dean Learner...

I don't know, I enjoyed Hayden Christensen's performance in this scene.


Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple

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Re: Aren't you just supposed to read and enjoy?

No, nowadays it's "Share and enjoy."

I wonder what Apple's company song is.

Linus Torvalds' lifestyle tips for hackers: Be like me, work in a bathrobe, no showers before noon

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Re: Works for me

Dilbert had a great solution to this video conferencing problem:


It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower

I am the liquor

Re: That word Portmanteau

Yeah I was scratching my head trying to work out what the portmanteau was... "clodern" perhaps.

Re-identifying folks from anonymised data will be a crime in the UK

I am the liquor

"This can happen quite easily if multiple sources are cross-referenced."

Well yes, and what that tells you is that the GP's data, in the example you gave, was not, in fact, anonymous. It was personal. It contained information that could be used to identify the individual. The users of it were just claiming it to be anonymous to circumvent restrictions on handling personal data.

There's only one kind of anonymous data in my book, and that's data which is _impossible_ to convert back to personal data. Yes, that is a very high bar. If it's possible to convert it back to personal data, then it is personal data - even if the law bans such a conversion in one particular country. Converting so-called "anonymised" data back to personal data should be a non-issue, because if it's not really anonymous, it should be handled as personal data already.

I am the liquor

Making it a crime to de-anonymise data seems rather like shooting the messenger.

Surely the real problem is at the other end of the line, with the person who claimed that the data was "anonymised" when it really wasn't, as a pretext for ignoring the normal restrictions on handling personal data.

UK publishes Laws of Robotics for self-driving cars

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Re: "Ensure systems are secure over their lifetime"

The big omission from principle 6 is the failure to define "lifetime". What's the betting the car firms will interpret it as "warranty period."

HMS Queen Liz will arrive in Portsmouth soon, says MoD

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Re: ship design philosophy question

The front one has the bridge, near the front so the person at the steering wheel* can see where he's going.

The one at the back has the air traffic control as it's a better position to keep an eye on all the planes being shuffled around ready to take off.

American carriers have one island near the back, which makes the ship harder to drive, but they don't care because if they crash it into a lighthouse or something they've still got another 10 or 11 spare.

* Nautical terms may not be strictly accurate

Microsoft breaks Office 365 sign-in pages ahead of surprise update

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Re: Surely that gives hackers insight as to whether they have hit a valid username?

@Ken Moorhouse: no, not necessarily. If the designers are sensible, the user name won't be validated until both the user name and password have been entered. Whether you enter them on one page or two, there's no need for that to change.

I am the liquor

Re: Paginated

There are all sorts of errors people make on login pages that might be affected by this design. Like forgetting to fill in one or other field; typing the password in the user name field; tabbing too many times and trying to type the password while the login button is highlighted instead of the password field; I'm sure there are many others. I'd be interested to see the research. It seems to be an increasingly popular model for login pages.

Google tracks what you spend offline to prove its online ads work. And privacy folks are furious

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Re: Bovril, Toblerone and pastrami in crusty rolls

@FuzzyWuzzys: that is one really weird sandwich, but you know I'm tempted to try it.


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