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Junkie sues pusher over heart attack

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The war on drugs has been a complete failure

despite enthusiastic and brutal enforcement, so I'm not convinced that the Canadian civil courts are really going to change anything. It just sets a ridiculous precedent that allows the litigious to abdicate the need for personal responsibility.

I guess Canadian drug dealers will have to start walking around with a pocket full of disclaimers for their customers to sign.

I'm going to be suing my local for the distress and suffering of my hangover on New Years day. They just kept selling me the beer, with no questions asked and no regard for my welfare..

Lord Triesman on P2P, pop-ups and the Klaxons


@ Ian Dedic

"hey should do it because they *want* to, because if they don't bands will stop producing the stuff they want"

I've got lots of musican friends, most of whom make very little or no money for what they do. They do this because they love music. The only people who will stop making music if they don't get paid for it are the untalented leaches who wouldn't be missed anyway.

Small indi bands have nothing to fear from filesharing, when they get noticed and get popular, they will make their money through live performances anyway.

The recording industry is a stain on the history of music and in decades to come people will look back on the era of the recording industry as the musical dark ages.

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all very interesting

but totally irrelevant to most people who are file sharing.

File sharing is illegal already and nobody seems to give a stuff, making it "more" illegal isn't really going to change that, neither is the continual bleating of the media industry about theft.

Any attempts to prevent file sharing will at best just restrict internet downloads to those with the technical skills to get round whatever lame measures are put in place, and then distributed by physical media. Just like it was ten years ago before everyone got broadband.

Triesman is just a gimp for the record industry, and his clear failure to really grasp the issue despite being the governments appointed authority on this, just makes the whole thing laughable.

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

Paris Hilton

One thing about muslim fundamentalists is

that they really show us up for the bunch of pussies that we are when faced with even the remotest danger. There just seems to be a state of constant panic and overreacting to anything that might offend muslim sensibilities.


"It's saddening to hear that Sunni and Shia are in such heavy conflict these days. Perhaps we could arrange for them to get together to re-record "I've got you, babe"?


That's so much better than the original, not quite worth getting sacked for though.

The sacking was way OTT, even an apology was unnecessary as anyone who was offended for any other reason than it being such a bad joke, really needs to get a grip.

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

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I've been using a pirated version of vista for two months now, not had a single problem with it, and it runs everything just as well as XP. I tried UBUNTU on the same machine and it was an abysmal failure of an installation, it will be a long time before I touch that amateur piece of pooh again.

Fight malware by upgrading to Vista, urges MS

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I wonder whether

Paris Hilton has upgraded yet

The first rule of Reg Club is...

Paris Hilton

I don't understand

where the Paris Hilton angle is in this story.

DA suppressed Alabama Baptist pastor autopsy


do we need to protect the faithful from the truth?

If he preached against sexual deviance and homosexuality and set himself up as a moral authority on such matters then this is precisely why this information should be in the public domain. Hopefully it will be enough to convince a few to question their bigotry/faith.

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight


Don't blame the airlines blame al qaida

"but then again, there haven't been that many caucasian suicide bombers either"

and the PC brigade have indulged themselves with some righteous indignation because there is a hint of non-whites being portrayed in a negative light, despite the fact that the statement is true. What they fail to see is that Bin Laden et al obviously don't operate an equal-ops policy when recruiting and are clearly not targeting young white kids to offer them training and support not to mention their bias against christians, Jews and atheists. Those impotent, pointless self gratifying protests really should be aimed at the Jihadi's, not the Americans who are happy to recruit people of any race or religion to do their murdering and torturing.

JP Morgan's iPhone Nano report is rubbish


I'm not interested in iPhones either

but I do get lots of amusement from seeing people get wound up like this.

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