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'Occupy' affiliate claims Intel bakes SECRET 3G radio into vPro CPUs

Cocoa Jackson

Re: Serious Business

TimNevins wrote on Contrails [chemtrails]; "...actually provides scientific evidence ... What in the World Are They Spraying?[see comment]

Simple balance in critical thinking setting aside biases and the truth on 'chemtrails' is clear. Have you actually researched activity outside of high volume air traffic areas in the US? Global ecosystem geoengineering in a relatively small area of the planet is just not feasible.

There definitely are despotic scenarios facing our species and they are front a centre.

Top of the list we have a global economy controlled by Banks. Overseen by the BIS, Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, who set policies for all Central Bank Corporations. The BIS create the monetary agenda for all banks, your bank. Banking has 'Friends with Benefits' ; government, transnational and local corporations as stakeholders in an emerging hegemony. Not 'small to medium business', but vaste corporations. This is in plain view.

Recommend getting your critical thinking focused on this issue first.

Why keep an eye on 3G vPro CPU issue? Because it is "Serious Business", literally.

Clandestine access of our interface via our data pipeline has monetary ramifications for our whole working life. As transnational corporations leverage power and wealth to write laws to suit their profit premise in country after country. Operating out of any court that fits their agenda, prosecuting transnationally those breaking their laws. The US already has highest percentage of the world's prison population, that trend looks like spreading.

This technology as a tool could be very profitable for the 1% and their 'Friends with Benefits'.

Then we have the rest relying on the trickle down. Inclusive of wannabes who follow neoliberal right and left in ignorance.





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