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UK's solar 'leccy cash slash ruled unlawful

Oliver King

Solar subsidy = Fuel Poverty and Job Losses

The quicker these feed-in tariffs go the better. Who in their right mind thinks that making power more expensive is good for the economy?

These tariffs are added to our electricity bills and it's us who've never been consulted as to whether we'd like to give our hard-earned to solar companies or our neighbours.

Each household is being forced to pay more and more for this crackpot scheme.

If you're poor and live in a council flat on a card meter you can't take advantage of solar, but you can bet that your fuel is getting more expensive due to the family down the road with a nice big detached house ,covered in panels, getting paid more for the power they add to the grid than that from a powerstation.

It was recently calculated in Spain that for every job created by solar/wind subsidies cost 2.5 in the real economy, a report earlier in the UK showed that we could beat that with 3.7 jobs lost for every green job created.

So effectively Friends of the Earth are for fuel poverty and unemployment.

MPs probe science behind bogus gov booze guidelines

Oliver King

Evidence based policy?

"Governments sponsor academics to produce "science" of dubious quality to support conclusions reached in advance, what you might call "evidence-based policy-making".

So exactly the same as UK climate and energy policy then!

I'm off for a CO2 filled lager.

Sony pledges 'affordable' 3D TV experience

Oliver King


Time to dispel that Sony is really a Samsung myth again. Whilst Sony we're in a joint venture with Samsung for the panel substrate, the colour filters, backlight, panel drivers and image processing are all Sony. They're now working with Sharp on the panel.

Having watched the Man U v. Chelsea in 3D in the pub on a LG polarising system it really was impressive and added to the game. It was far from a gimmick. The active shutter system is even better which I also saw at the Gadget Show.

I'm with Blimey, a 40LX903 including 2 pairs of glasses for £2k, which is cheaper than the first 1080P set I bought, plus my PS3 and Sky HD only requiring a firmware upgrade I'm looking forward to it.

Oliver King


You must be aware by now that it is illegal for a manufacturer to set s RRP for a TV in the UK. It is therefore hardly surprising that Sony is 'staying mum'.

No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas

Oliver King

Make The Most Of It

Prices will be going up in January due to the collapse of the pound.

Sun's activity not to blame for climate change

Oliver King

If Sun Theory Is Rubbish Then Why Is CERN Looking In To It?

I've just spent the last week reading Henrik Svenmark and Nigel Calder's excellent book 'The Chilling Stars'. It pretty much proves the link between cosmic rays/sun and climate throughout Earth's history. It shows how thin the science is on CO2.

What is very interesting is that the proponents of the sun/cosmic ray theory have secured funding for the CLOUD experiment at CERN in 2010. If it were bogus science then surely CERN would not be interested?

The evidence and serious science from the authors is very convincing, I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the subject.

As an aside BBC news last night suggested that methane from cattle contibutes to 7% of UK greenhouse gas output (more than cars and aircraft). If we believe in the greenhouse theory shouldn't we all become veggie to save the planet?

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