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Yes! Pack your bags! Blossoming planetary system strikingly similar to ours found by boffins

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If you leave now,

you'll get there just about the time it becomes habitable.

What do sexy selfies, search warrants, tax files have in common? They've all been found on resold USB sticks

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I used to

shred all my mail. Now I sell it on ebay as recycled paper.

Thought you'd seen everything there is to Ultima Thule? Check this out: IN STEREO!

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If you are having trouble seeing it...

I got a nice view using relaxed eyes and reading glasses. Ultima definitely appears flattened as opposed to sphereish, nice! If you are having trouble seeing this, try reading glasses, get close to the screen ~30cm, relax your eyes and concentrate on the center image. You may need to be a bit closer or farther depending on the size of your screen and the strength of your glasses. Good luck.

Buffer overflow flaw in British Airways in-flight entertainment systems will affect other airlines, but why try it in the air?

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I don't know about you, but I find a book more entertaining. Other than the flight tracker showing how much longer the plane will be over the ocean it has little value. Low rez movies on bad screens and a terrible selection of music hardly qualifies as entertainment and the WiFi solution is oversubscribed with hundreds of devices inside a metal cylinder which causes frequent failures.

The very presence of an entertainment system causes people to close all the windows and create an atmosphere akin to a tomb or the Elevator to Hell. BYOE (Bring Your Own Entertainment) and you will be happier.

IT guy at US govt fraud watchdog stole 16 computers from... US govt fraud watchdog

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He didn't steal enough

Manafort just got under three years for not paying millions in taxes, lying to congress, breaking plea agreements and being a tool of autocratic regimes. I bet this guy gets a longer sentence because he didn't steal hundreds of times more. Possession of marijuana has resulted in more time for less well off offenders than these two will serve.

Level up Mac security, and say game over to malware? System alerts plus Apple game engine equals antivirus package

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Spy Engine

Sounds like it could flag all sorts of machine events and make judgments based on them. It could just as easily be used to flag suspicious employee behavior and report it as well.

Did you know?! Ghidra, the NSA's open-sourced decompiler toolkit, is ancient Norse for 'No backdoors, we swear!'

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It would be a good test as it is a bajillion lines long and complex. You could compare it to its source code which you compiled it from.

Real life sci-fi: Massive exoplanet booted out of home by binary parents – then slipped back inside by passing friendly stars

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Good Samaritans

returned the abused planet to its parents God knows what will happen to it now. They should have called Planet Protective Services instead.

Qbot malware's back, and latest strain relies on Visual Basic script to slip into target machines

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You can lead a user to security,

but you can't make them implement it. However Microsoft doesn't even lead users toward security.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

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Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show

Yes but it is unclear how many of the sellers at gun shows are licensed dealers. Different rules apply to the "private" sales which are common at "Gun Shows". All you have to do is claim it is your hobby and not a business to sell without background checks, so get facts straight. Quit reading NRA propaganda!

The "Gun Show Loophole" is still large enough to supply an endless stream of mass killings.

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Gun show

At many gun shows you can purchase a gun with no checks what so ever. No ID check no forms, just cash. No need for test firing near the police. However this guy sounds like a candidate for the Darwin award.

How's this for sci-fi: A cosmic river of 4,000 stars dazzles lifeforms as it flows through a galaxy. And that galaxy is the Milky Way

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Continents and Stars

All the important continents are in the northern hemisphere, so are the important stars. That's why compasses point north. Four thousand stars hiding in the southern sticks just haven't yet been assimilated by the northern stars. Bet my best load stone they wont stick together for another orbit of the galaxy core now that they have been discovered and found to be aberrant.

Blockchain is bullsh!t, prove me wrong meets 'chain gang fans at tech confab

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Because Block and Chain

Blocks are solid and so are good chains. Sounds like a solid investment, kind of like gold, except gold is a bit on the soft side, but never mind. Just keep your eye on the ball, I mean chain. Solid investment. Got to love it.

It's now 2019, and your Windows DHCP server can be pwned by a packet, IE and Edge by a webpage, and so on

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How oh how

does that acrobat keep falling down and getting hurt. Time for retirement before all that is left of the poor thing is patches. Adobe, if you had an ounce of concern you'd put it to pasture before it ruins any more security unconscious lives.

It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary

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Neither fish nor foul

but let us insist the cow is in the category that most benefits big business. Legally these are the only allowed categories and if business is not placated, congress critters won't get their free steaks.

LibreOffice 6.2 is here: Running up a Tab at the NotebookBar? You can turn it all off if you want

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I thank all the developers

I too have been using since StarOffice and the trend has been toward better and better versions. It's not perfect but neither is MS and Libre doesn't push you to subscribe to some cloud service, but do think of donating. Thanks again and Cheers!

National Enquirer's big Pecker tried to shaft me – but I wouldn't give him an inch, says Jeff Bezos after dick pic leak threat

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I miss "Bat Boy"

What a poor excuse for a soul Pecker has. He probably goes into his vault of blackmail to get off. Too bad he signed an agreement with federal prosecutors. He might not get prosecuted for blackmail but computer crimes and possession of stolen materials could still get him trouble in three jurisdictions, two state plus federal and his company promised not to be involved in any crimes for three years on his agreement. "Bat Boy" may finally be avenged for being slandered.

Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down

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Single point of failure

Well... They got it down to one, can't get much better than that.

US lawmakers furious (again) as mobile networks caught (again) selling your emergency location data to bounty hunters (again)

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The free market will fix this

People will naturally gravitate toward providers who respect their privacy and the others will slowly go out of business over the next hundred and fifty years.

At least Sony offered a t-shirt, says macOS flaw finder: Bug bounties now for Macs if you want this 0-day, Apple

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macOS is so secure you don't even need....

Pixaaaarrrrrrghh! Mars-snapping CubeSats Wall-E and Eve declared dead (for now) by NASA bods

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Was it the Pixar image

of being too wretchedly cute which caused them to quit? Are they plotting robotic revenge such as redirecting asteroids in our direction with their remaining fuel to get back at us?

European Commission orders mass recall of creepy, leaky child-tracking smartwatch

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Don't be so alarmist

This is just to get the IoT generation used to the corporate surveillance state. Early exposure will make these children better equipped to function in the brave new IoT world.

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it

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Famous saying...

See no evil, speak no evil, be a weevil

You think election meddling is bad now? Buckle up for 2020, US intel chief tells Congress

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Re: Can't Wait

I no that.

redpawn Silver badge

Can't Wait

for CGI audio and video showing all sorts of nastiness without enough time or resources to refute before the election. After the election we'll once again be told the misinformation had no effect on the outcome, as Americans (don't laugh) are to smart to be fooled by such things.

Worried about Brexit food shortages? North Korean haute couture has just the thing

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Must use insecticide instead of deodorant

otherwise these fine garments will keep insects from starving.

Raspberry Pi Foundation says its final farewells to 40nm with release of Compute Module 3+

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What do you destroy

if you plug it in to a memory slot because you know it has to happen? By the way, I like these little computers and use a number of the regular variety in projects. Now I need some coffee to go with my Pi.

The Apple Mac is 35 years old. Behold the beige box of the future

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They were upgradeable sort of

I bought one of the original 128K boards for for $20 and built a circuit to combine the video signal into a kind of composite output. Powered it with an old Apple II power supply. I put this into an old briefcase along with an old speaker. I changed out a resistor in an Apple /// monitor to get it to scan faster and ended up with a green screen Mac. Yes it was not good enough, so following instructions found in a book, I changed out the ram and a controller chip for 512KB. Copied the the protected ROM from a work computer but it still was clunky until I bought a daughter board which clipped onto the CPU and allowed 6MB, 2MB for RAM drive and had a SCSI controller. Another $400 for a 40MB drive, a great deal at the time, and the Hackintosh finally became useful. Sadly the clock chip died years later and it would not run without a functioning clock and it got dumped.

You're an admin! You're an admin! You're all admins, thanks to this Microsoft Exchange zero-day and exploit

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Equality for all

Microsoft just keeps giving and giving. No wonder they are so popular.

IBM HR made me lie to US govt, says axed VP in age-discrim legal row: I was ordered to cover up layoffs of older workers

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But Look...

at the pretty organizational flow chart. Look at the policy documents.

Now how could you claim this is not reality? You have nothing as pretty to support your claims, so move along.

Q. How exactly do you test car seats? A. With this sweaty 'robutt' that twerks for days and days

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Last I checked

sweat is not just water and how does this help the seat keep my hands from going numb from bad back pressure points?

What's the fate of our Solar System? Boffins peer into giant crystal ball – ah, no, wait, that's our Sun in 10bn years

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Re: Glad they helped me understand

Yes, but my comprehension of temperature pretty well tops out at a glass blowers kiln.

redpawn Silver badge

Glad they helped me understand

the high temperature of these stars by using Celsius as Kelvin would confuse me.

Windows 10 Insiders sent on quest deep into Registry to fetch goblet of Reserved Storage

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Just a little nose under the tent for now

And just why do you think you should have any control over how full your drive is anyway?

Killer superbugs in space... are something astronauts on orbiting science lab don't have to worry about right now

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E = 1/2mv^2

makes small things quite dangerous and probably causes more worry for astronauts, though traveling to and from a well populated space colony might be problematic in the Musk era.

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10

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I tried

to make 32GB work with a set top box for streaming for my elderly parents. Spent hours just updating. Gave up and it now runs Mint which streams Netflix just fine without confusing them or popping up update notices. I feel sorry for the technically challenged who get these entry level machines which are not fit for purpose.

Hope you're over that New Year's hangover – there's an Adobe PDF app patch to install

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Because they Love You

Adobe through the goodness of their heart adds bad code to every project so you will appreciate good code more. This hurts their business but they know in the long run the computing universe will be better off and you will be motivated to produce better code.

Can't unlock an Android phone? No problem, just take a Skype call: App allows passcode bypass

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They fixed it!

Governments now love for people to use Skype.

It's a lot of work, being popular: Apple, Tim Cook and the gilets jaunes

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I have one of those SEs

but I'd love to put on few stone and buy new trousers so my pockets would be big enough for a new iPhone. Bigger is always better and that goes for price too. How is the public to know a phone is good if the price is too low?

Silicon Valley CEO thrown in the cooler for three years, ordered to pay back $1.5m for bullsh*tting investors

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Bigger Fraud is Safer

fraud. You need to steal at least twenty times as much to get away with fraud. Just look at trump. Except for the mistake of being elected president, by sealing hundreds of millions he had immunity for decades.

Your two-minute infosec roundup: Drone arrests, Alexa bot hack, Windows zero-day, and more

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"It is confirmed to be a legit exploit"

Does that make use of the exploit legit also?

It's a Christmas miracle: Logitech backs down from Harmony home hub API armageddon

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Failing Strategy

How are they going to get their yearly upgrade sales now that there is no promise to brick old kit. Giving in even once shows weakness and users will soon expect products to function for a year and a half to two years. Sales will plummet.

2018 ain't done yet... Amazon sent Alexa recordings of man and girlfriend to stranger

redpawn Silver badge


Lacking fortune. This leak of data did not net Amazon income like the fortunate ones.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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Get another drone

and just follow the offending one home. Take pictures of the culprit. Allow for inefficiencies of law enforcement and the courts and the problem will be solved any month.

A year after Logitech screwed over Harmony users, it, um, screws over Harmony users: Device API killed off

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Be like me

Just replace all your tech every year and the problems will go away. You know you'll feel safer too. Come on get with the program now. The tech industry depends on you and your new kit will be secure for the better part of six months.

O little town of Bethlehem, Georgia. How still we see your internet lie... US govt throws another $600m at rural broadband

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Moving at the speed of USDA

Not a phrase frequently spoken. Daily mail except Sunday is probably what they are measuring success against and farmers can send letters for the same rate as the elite in cities. Ergo all is well.

Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal

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it's a tribute not an insult to our LSoT (Lying Sack of Trump)

Apple iPhone X screen falls short of promises, lawsuit says

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You can't measure an iphone screen

It's like trying to throw a spear at a fish. You will most probably miss. With an iphone diffraction will cause your eyes to miss measure the screen. In all likelihood the real screen is better than a meter on a side. As to the pixel count, few people can count accurately past 1000 so any complaints should be dismissed.

One year on after US repealed net neutrality, policymakers reflect soberly on the future

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What would Ayn Rand do?

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."(Ayn Rand) ISPs have brute force so we need government to level the playing field. I want municipal broadband.

Vitamin Water gets massive publicity for new flavor: Utter BS

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Gimme I'll take it

Until last year I had a dumb phone and an ipod touch 5. I'd switch back for $1000. I don't need to surf the net from the beach or while walking the dog.


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