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Study finds fraudsters foist one-third of all Tor traffic


So, by similar reasoning, the spook services are much, *much* more likely to be up to no good than are typical Internet users?

Open ZFS wielders kick off 'truly open source' dev group


Re: About time!

An unsubstantiated opinion followed by an unsubstantiated counter-opinion. Sparkling gems of reasoning? Or intelligent debate, but not as we know it, Jim.

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


Re: The 5C is not their new phone... when have they printed #s for their old phones?

>And I say this as someone who will be buying a 5S and wishing that it came in plastic... I hate that

>odd combination of glass and thin, scratch-prone aluminum on the back of the 5/5S.


wishing that (it was different),

hating odd combination

of thin, scratch-prone aluminum

... and still will be buying.

Sounds like the typical discernment of the typical iStuff buyer.


Re: preorders

>I call BS and someone needs to tell the stock market as AAPL up almost 2% today.

Perhaps spend less time 'calling BS' and check NASDAQ again, just to evaporate some of the RDF. Unless you meant 'up' in a negative numberly sort of way.

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Stylus counsel: The rise and fall of the Apple Newton MessagePad


Re: Poor execution

>Poor execution

>The Newton was a good concept poorly done--buggy, terribly slow, and too bulky. It was really only a novelty,

>and a frustrating one at that.

Plus ça change.

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