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Even a broken watch is right twice a day: Not an un-charged Apple Watch


Daily charging...?

Daily charging? I'm not understanding this. My work iPhone 5S usually does two days with ease on a charge and my personal iPhone 6 Plus is doing four days between charges at the moment. You people must be on your phones all the time! As for the Apple Watch, yes charging it nightly would be a pain in the proverbial! My Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay charges every time I move and that's a decade old! Good job it's not driving a 42mm retina display, eh?

Apple hit by INSIDER LEAK: New iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2 blabbed


I wonder if the Apple employee who made this particular gaff can stand the $50M leak fine? I'm led to understand they're paid rather handsomely, aren't they?

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


Okay, I admit it. I'm one of those "fanboi" types. I did try Android stuff. I really did. But the poor 70's style Taiwanese Samsung build quality and the sheer quantity of untested and useless apps on the Play Store put me off. I even sold my Nexus 7 after a month and bought an iPad mini. Anyway, Aunty Apple looks after me and all my data, even updating and synchronising all my lovely fruity toys without my having to lift a finger.

So yes, a nice blue iPhone 5C will be joining my arsenal of fruity toys on Friday. I'm sure it'll be lovely, very well made and compliment my iPhone 5 on my other account.

I'll let you fandroids know how I get along with the new fruit, although as we all know, it'll "just work".

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