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It's alive! Space hackers fire up zombie Sun probe's engines


What a Waste!!!

"Wow, it works after about 17 years" when we should be saying, "Wow, we haven't been using it in 17 years."

We spend so much time, money, and effort on these space projects to not make the most of them. The Voyager I and II are still trucking along after more than 30+ years of service, but most modern space projects have been designed with a castrated shelf-life. I'm sick of reading about a million dollar NASA supercomputer wasting away in a data center or abandoned/destroyed satellites with short lifespans. Capitalize on our investment and quit wasting resources.

Microsoft no longer a top Linux kernel contributor


Microsoft can't get any love these days...

Microsoft is drowning in the mobile market, fighting toe to toe in cloud services, and watching their core business evaporate. Any Linux contribution at this point needs to help drive customers their way. Supporting Linux on Azure is a nice step to diversify their portfolio to reach additional customers, but developing any other Linux software may only serve to help the likes of Google's Android or Apple. They can't have that. Not now.

Notice some of the biggest contributors are hardware manufactures or those with huge hardware partners. Microsoft is still predominately a software company. When most of the open source software is being published under GPL and other copyleft licences, it doesn't bother the hardware folk because they aren't making the money back on the software. If you're a software-centric firm it can really make a huge difference.

But hasn't Microsoft done enough? Oracle buys Sun and then sues Google for using Java in Android... It's amazing Microsoft never cried foul when the mono-project (and others) cropped up to map much of their .NET technologies for the Penguins to enjoy. No lawsuits. If anything, they handed hordes of code over and made several public specifications to encourage it's development. Sure it helped them some indirectly, but would Apple have done the same? Would Google? Ahhhh... No! Think of how useful the mono-project has been to the Linux world. Microsoft not suing earns them a Penguin badge, never mind their past transgressions.

Bill Gates again world's richest, tops in US for 20th straight year


Re: If it makes you feel any better

What if Bill starts by reducing prices of tired old Windows and Office? Think of all the OEMs, consumers, etc. that would benefit. Talk about helping the masses...

Don't you just love wealthy people... Lets dupe consumer and corporations into over paying for lightly refreshed products. Lets use anti-competitive practices to establish market dominance. Then in the end, smile with a used-car salesman's smile as they reluctantly give it all away...

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