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Apple's iPhone plant didn't kill UNDERAGE TEEN factory worker


Re: I think the problem is the working culture

All companies at best follow the law of the land they operate in and 15 is the legal working age in China btw. In which language is "underage" translated from?

New iPad mini gobbles Retina display, 64-bit brain, puts on little weight


Will definitely get the new Mini

Retina is the max resolution that matters. No innovation in that and no future upgrades necessary coz you can't see the diff. I was disappointed with the first mini but it was still the best package available for surfing and gaming. The real innovation is to run at X times the speed and last as long with the same battery. Has anyone tried charging a Nexus? It took ages, gets really hot and lasts not very long. Feels more like using a lousy laptop. Someone wonder if the act of then soldering the A7 onto the ipads is called innovation:) Having said that, Apple does lack innovation if this isn't the last upgrade cycle for the iPads and iPhone. I suspect 2014 is the year of China Mobile TDD-LTE deal and 2015 will be the one to look out for.

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived


Avoid iPads, buy Nexus

It’s all about unit profit margin. Amazon and Google want to give us all a table at cost. So to argue about value might be missing the point. Why is anyone buying ipads or ipad minis? People who think that Apple engineers is unable to integrate this and that component is also ignorant of the fact that Apple’s business is to make money from hardware. And like Intel, why would they roll out the latest and greatest at the first available opportunity? Bottom line is Apple doesn't want to give users the high spec and low price that N7 offers, people should vote with their wallet and buy the N7.

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