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Heads up, Chromebook: Here come the sub-$200 Windows 8.1 portables

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Re: with Bing

I saw the first Dell and Lenovo 8" Windows 8 Tablets at GITEX in October last year just before they were available, they too were ATOM powered and were fast, slick and very impressive. I don't remember the exact specs, but at the time i thought that ATOM had turned a corner and seemed to perform well when coupled with digital storage instead of slow mechanical HDD. I have no reason to believe that these ATOM powered devices will be sluggish and unusable for computing needs of most users, unless you are using CAD or something like that.

Sonos AXES support for Apple's iOS4 and 5

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You would think so, but this is the cost of your iLife (apologies if that iWord has already been used for an official app/service).. If you buy into this walled garden garbage, its assumed you must buy a new phone every 6-12 months, if you don't then its clear to Apple and the accessory makers that its your fault your stuff no longer works. The problem is that there are enough idiots who do it and enable Apple and the accessories makers to keep the gravy train rolling... just to get the same thing with a slightly faster chip and one showcase feature that mostly doesnt work properly (maps, siri or whatever). I feel sorry for anybody that has bought into the accessories as well.

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iGuess iPeople will not like this

Charity: Ta for the free Win 8.1, Microsoft – we'll use it to install Win 7

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Re: Things are hidden :-(

Its the same as Windows 7, Vista et all.. ipconfig.

Alternatively you can install one of several Apps that will display your Ip configuration.

Have you ever used Windows before?

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality

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Re: Meh.

Same for me, took me 2 hours of Windows 8 use to stop instinctively moving mouse to bottom left of screen. Personally i hated the legacy start menu, was a horrible unwieldy mess made worse by publishers being inconsistent with their naming of program group folders, plus all the unnecessary shortcuts to uninstall, help, links to website etc etc. When you have a lot of apps installed it became a scrolling nightmare and needed constant management to cut/paste shortcuts from one program group folder to another or to rename folders. I just stopped using it years ago. For anybody who struggles to change the way they launch an app, 8.1 gives them very similar to what they had before except that its fullscreen. For those that categorically refuse to accept this, then theres plenty of free and low cost Start Menu apps that replicate Windows 7 Start Menu... you have a choice.

I use Windows 8 desktop pc's (3 at home), Surface RT tablet and Lumia 920 and i love having the UI familiarity, integration with MS Cloud Services and all my stuff syncd across the 3 platforms. The only chore i have now is having to use Windows 7 at work, whilst it was excellent and still is for most peoples needs, i cant stand the sight of it anymore. What i dont miss is any of the Google services (i used to think irreplaceable) since i cut the Google umbilical cord. Most of the negativity i have read in comments under click-bait articles about Windows 8 have been from people who are anti-MS, dont use Windows 8 and have a brand loyalty to Apple, Google or Linux.


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