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In defence of defenestration: Microsoft MUST hurl Gates from the Windows


Why not get rid of Gates, getting rid of Steve Jobs worked great for Apple right?

This just reinforces my view that most bankers are idiots who think because they get to hand out free money from the government they somehow earn that money through business success - give me a break. Yeah get rid of Gates, it worked really well for Apple when they got kicked out Steve Jobs. Then in a few years, when the share price has crashed, they'll beg Gates to come back and he can demands 10% of the company to do so and buy up most of the rest thanks to the share price being so low.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality


Re: Boot to desktop in WIndows8(.0)

Yeah, you could do this, but why bother?


Re: Still no better.

I agree PCs are for creation not consumption primarily, but what's the problem? The touch menu is just a full screen start menu with the option to access some basic functions by touch (if you are not in a suitable place to get a laptop out or you just want to check something quickly.) As soon as you press the single button to take you to desktop you are simply in the familiar windows 7 desktop environment (only it works better and is faster). What is so difficult about that?!


Where's Office?

Frankly if a PC user cannot find Office without it being on the start menu, they shouldn't be using a PC at all, they will probably not even know where they are saving their files, such people should stick to utility devices like mobile phones and Android/iOS tablets. Such people should not be engagin in incessant whinging, holding back real power users of proper PCs with their ignorance and laziness, they should make the tiny effort required to educate themselves or stick to simpler toys and leave the real machines to the adults.


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