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Loathed Aussie mining magnate Clive Palmer punts libel sueball at YouTube comedian


On the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, we give you 7 times he served humanity and acted as an example to others


Re: "oh boy"

"And I doubt it would have happened without a visionary behind."

An @rsehole with a visionary behind, no doubt

Go fork yourself: Bitcoin has split in two – and yes, it's all forked up


BCC is Bitconnect's symbol on the crypto markets, not Bitcoin Cash. Newbie error here: lots of people bought BCC prior to the fork and are now finding out to their detriment they didn't get what they thought they were getting.

Arctic ice returns to 1980s levels of cap cover


Agreed. Original title of the article and the email was "Arctic ice cap GROWING massively, returns to 1980s levels of cover". Don't think I can trust the rest of the site if this sort of cherry picking gets this level of airplay. I'm out of here. Unsubscribed.

Android Wear 5.1: A more enduring wristjob for your pleasure


Re: Just. No

Only electric ones?

Hopefuls rattle tin for customisable snap together 3D printer


Re: No real advantage over a standard RepRap

So something like this then


Licenses blocking third-party emergency warnings



http://eric.csiro.au/ seems to provide the Victorian and WA fire data under whatever terms the data is licensed in those states.

Forget Wi-Fi, boffins get 150Mbps Li-Fi connection from a lightbulb


Robin Williams covered this in the Science Show on saturday. http://ab.co/1aUb7xY

You thought NFC tags were Not For Consumers? Well, they're in Maplin's


Re: One use I've found for NFC

Thats the Oyster cards problem. The system could write in the clear to a read only space on the card - should there be room -, like many NFC ticketing solutions do already. Or you go all the way and replace the card with NFC phones. http://bit.ly/18AGmRh. And when I say "you" I mean "large government bureaucracy with billions of dollars already invested in a public ticketing system"


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