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There was yet another net neutrality hearing today in America, and it was all straightened out amicably and smoothly


my country is broken . . . sorry for any inconvenience for the rest of the world.

some of us are desperately trying to fix it.

Our vulture listened to four hours of obtuse net neutrality legal blah-blah so you don't have to: Here's what's happening


Re: Turf wars

"...and then the plumbing that joins them."

would that be some system of tubes?

Bethesda blunders, IRS sounds the alarm, China ransomware, and more


20 months

for ruining someone's life in a particularly nasty way? . . . maybe 20 months hanging from his dangly bits then a lifetime behind bars to think if it was worth it.

Tech support discovers users who buy the 'sh*ttest PCs known to Man' struggle with basics


do you think that's the reason the power button is on the bottom left on my monitor?

FCC slammed for 'arbitrary and reckless' plan to change how text messages are regulated


comforting innit.

it's so good to know that someone is watching over the telecos . . . it would be terrible if they missed any opportunity to screw over their customers.

as far as content is concerned, i can't wait for a complete loss of messages from any and all groups considered "progressive" . . . and i'm sure that a "service" to repeat all t'Rump's tweets as text messages to every device in the country will be greenlighted and added to our bills.

It's all a matter of time: Super-chill atomic clock could sniff gravitational waves, dark matter



i found that the NIST site (as usual) to be helpful.

try: https://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2018/11/nist-atomic-clocks-now-keep-time-well-enough-improve-models-earth

Tor-forker Joshua Yabut cuffed for armoured personnel carrier joyride


Re: I'm curious..

they all form up behind the leader so they can be there at the end of the "chase" (usually the chasee wrecks or runs on foot).

then they can all chant"STOP RESISTING!!!!!" while beating the perp . . . unless he's white, of course.

Calm your conspiracy theories, latest glimpse reveals Planet Nine may just be a pipe dream


it's Planet Ten, damnit!

[ haven't they seen Buckaroo Banzai? ]

It's true – it really is grim up north, thanks to Virgin Media. ISP fined for Carlisle cable chaos


Re: Taking the cheapest contractor is not the only option

But C.M.O.T. Dibler offered such good terms!!!!!

[ thank you, Sir Pterry ]

NRA gives FCC boss Ajit Pai a gun as reward for killing net neutrality. Yeah, an actual gun



there are limits on every right in The Bill of Rights . . . there are limits on 'free speech' (unless it's money) and there have been restrictions on fully automatic weapons, sawed-off shotguns and others for a long time now.

i have no idea why the supreme court decided that everybody is a member of a "well regulated militia" . . . but i suspect the reason is money again.

Is that you, T-1000? No, just a lil robot that can mimic humans on sight


outcome questionable

want to drive the 'bot mad? . . . have a human palm a basketball and then spin it up on one finger.

What did we say about Tesla's self-driving tech? SpaceX Roadster skips Mars, steers to asteroids


Re: no one has mentioned

who cares about thee boot . . . look in the suit!

[ has anyone seen Bezos lately? ]

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


thumbthing else

apparently, Musk confirmed that there's a towel in the glove box.

Night before Xmas and all through American Airlines, not a pilot was flying, thanks to this bug


Re: Time and a half or a holiday over christmas

Money can't buy happiness but it can rent it!



It’s another example of why we are thankful to have such an incredible team.

i've never seen a statement like that by a corporation that wasn't followed by layoffs, salary reductions or pension theft?

[ it's good to be loved ]

Today is your last chance to pick up a piece of channel history


i'd rather have KAR 120C

576-megapixel 'Zwicky Transient Facility' telescope sees first light


Re: Zwicky thought of it first

"spherical bastards" . . . i might find a use for that.

A draft US law to secure election computers that isn't braindead. Well, I'm stunned! I gotta lie down



right-side-of-the-pond problems.

i've voted a lot of times (damn i'm old) and the best system i've seen is paper ballots where you fill-in a block (or other little shape) that are put into a ballot box and, at the end of the day, transported to the town hall for machine counting.

the system leaves a human-readable paper trail that can be recounted by precinct for spot checks or entirely recounted is shenanigans is suspected.

that secures the votes . . . now, can we solve the voter suppression problem?

[ . . . and, just maybe, confine campaigning to the two months preceding one national designated day for all primary elections . . . and hold the election one month later ]


it helps if the acronym lies about what is in the bill.

Hurricane Maria leaves Arecibo radio telescope damaged and dark


yes, fix the people and their water, sewer, electric, etc. first (just so nobody thinks i'm a monster)

then . . . i hate to think it but the present administration will probably see this as a sign that the big beard in the sky hates radio astronomy and therefore won't fund fixing it . . . letting the equipment rot in the jungle for a few years, until a more enlightened administration happens, will insure it doesn't get fixed.

[ . . . or maybe all they need is their personal hatreds of science ]

Facebook posts put Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli in prison as a danger to society


one smirk down . . . thousands to go . . . persevere!

New Horizons probe awakens to receive software upgrade


what will they do if they find out the duck is made of wood?

Oracle 'systematically denies' its sales reps their commissions, forces them to work to pay off 'debts', court told


if somebody is waiting around for the US Supreme Court to save them from the evil corporation . . . don't hold your breath now that they jammed a republican into the seat that mitch mcconnell held open for him.

the new guy is known to be quite business-friendly.

Connect at mine free Wi-Fi! I would knew what I is do! I is cafe boss!


@Doctor Syntax

you might want to check to see if someone has wired something backwards . . . that type of half-bright (or less) behavior of CFLs can be caused by switching the neutral instead of the phase wire . . . it's not a problem (unless you consider possible electrocution a problem) . . . the glow is caused by leakage between the ballast and ground (probably capacitive coupling with an electronic ballast and inductive with a really old CFL lamp ballast)

i've found that most people who work on lamps (<pedant> actually fixtures </pedant>) almost never connect the phase and neutral consistently . . . they don't care which wire goes where on the plug end and can't be bothered to keep the wiring properly phased (to match the plug) at the socket.

this is a problem here on the left side of the pond as lots of plugs aren't polarized (and often don't have a ground), nobody pays attention to which side of the all-brown cord goes where (the striated side is phase and the smooth side is neutral) and they haven't a clue why one screw on the socket is brass-colored (coloured) and the other silvery.

[ i swear, it's like all of them are trying to be Witchfinder Private Newton Pulsifer - h/t Mr. Gaiman & Sir Pterry ]



i don't have to pick my "white" . . . i just use NTSC.

No, the cops can't get a search warrant to just seize all devices in sight – US appeals court



Orin Kerr, a law professor at Georgetown University, via Twitter observed, "On a first read, at least, Judge Srinivasan's alternative holding in Griffith is going to create a mess."

funny how respecting everybody's rights is always such a bother.

US trade watchdog puts down the phone to Qualcomm, reaches for probe, sticks it in Apple


sounds to me like somebody didn't make a big enough campaign contribution.

[ . . . or wouldn't support some idiot plan to redistribute even more wealth upwards ]

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor


Re: "by the size of his Micro Channel Adapter"

my father taught me at a young age (about 60 years ago, now) that all tools and most things you work on require occasional blood sacrifices . . . i thought i found the one job, draftsman, that broke his rule and was thinking of telling him when i cut a finger to the bone while trimming mylar sheets to size.

it was years later that i discovered that they make computer cases from old razor blades.

It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines


the electronics are lovely but useless when casting your vote.

probably the safest method is manually marking a paper ballot . . . if a human can mark it a human can read and count it.

when it comes time to tally the vote a machine does it faster, and probably more accurately, than a human.

recounts can also be done by using other machines to get a first look and comparing it to the count by a human panel . . . if there is a discrepancy, the source should be relatively easy to find.

[ when all is said and done, i worry more about masses of people (olds, non-whites, poors) being disenfranchised by the various cures for non-existent voter fraud ]

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


racism is a social construct and has no basis in biology . . . there is no "white" gene!

As you head off to space with Li-ion batts, don't forget to inject that liquefied gas into them


great stuff for Mars . . . greenhouse gasses could only help . . . sounds perfect for outer planets (and their moons) also too.

FOIA documents show the Kafkaesque state of US mass surveillance


how much longer until the FISC just send you the verdict and a set of instructions to follow and a list of persons who have to report for jail time?

Worried about election hacking? There's a technology fix – Helios


Re: "Because you can"

paper ballots marked with crayons pencil are definitely the way to go . . . at least for now.

how long have some of the i-bet-you-can't-hack-it challenges lasted when crowds get to sourcing solutions . . . hours? . . . minutes? . . . without a physical (non-electronic) record of each and every vote there's just too much room for shenanigans.

perhaps someday in the (far!) future when humankind has grown up, we can try electronic voting . . . until that day: trust no one!

[ paper isn't perfect but at least there are no dangly chads ]

US Customs sued for information about border phone searches


Re: Plausible deniability

wouldn't it be easier to just get a throwaway phone for trips to my wonderful country?

load it with only emergency/business/family numbers you can expect to need . . . any other numbers you either memorize or call someone back home who knows the number.

i'm sorry about the hassle for you folks visiting here but it's even worse living here . . . i despair.

Your internet history on sale to highest bidder: US Congress votes to shred ISP privacy rules


Re: WTF?

the usual weasel words . . . pick from list:

- reduce taxes

- reduce paperwork

- take the burden off business


- make America grate again

in this case i think it's a combination of #1 and #3

A webcam is not so much a leering eye as the barrel of a gun


tried to market camera covers years ago . . . wanted to call it The i-Patch . . . can't understand why it wouldn't fly.

Baby supernova spotted, just three hours old and a real cutie


it will be interesting to see if it winds up as a neutron star or a black hole . . . either way we (actually they) get to see that too.

[ . . . but i do wonder at how much theory can be generated by so few data points in cosmology ]

High tides: Boffins spy on dolphins baked on poisonous piscines


Re: Further study required!

bud light ain't that good.

Senator wants a piece of Pai: FCC boss blasted for ripping up schools, libraries internet report


you must know the drill by now . . .

if it might benefit anyone outside the 1%, cut it!

if it might result in an educated electorate, cut it!

[ how else will they get richer and keep being reelected? ]

Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order – what does that mean for rest of us?


Re: Prepare For Third WW

you are obviously not a true prepper . . . follows: checklist for simple airport drop-off

- gun

- extra ammo for gun

- spare gun (if gun fails)

- extra ammo for spare gun

- knife, sheath type

- knife, folding

- whetstone (in case knives dull)

- flashlight

- spare batteries for flashlight

- lighter and candle (if flashlight fails)

- matches (if lighter fails)

- flint and steel (in case matches get wet)

- cell phone

- spare batteries for cell phone

- walkie-talkie (if cell phone fails)

- spare batteries for walkie-talkie

- car keys

- spare car keys

- remote starter (in case car wired to blow up)

- spare car


- compass

- first aid kit

- Bactine™

- cash

- small pieces of gold (if economy crashes)

- pair dry socks

- spare boot laces

- sewing kit

- toilet paper

- MREs (sufficient for two weeks)

- entrenching tool

- canoe

- spare paddles for canoe

- tent

- spare tent stakes

- tent repair kit

- canteen

- water purification tablets

- sleeping bag

- zip-tie handcuffs (may have to take prisoners)

- NRA lifetime membership card


- pocket copy of Constitution

- Soverign Citizen ID

- Social Security Disability ID

- Medicaid ID

[ list for WWIII similar but with moar gunz!!!!! ]

Speeding jet of Siberian liquid hot Magma getting speedier, satellites find


i don't know about the rest of you . . . but i'm panicking!

[ it's apparently what my countrymen (left side of the pond) want me to do in every situation ]

Elon burning to get Falcon back on the launchpad


Re: Feeble troll, but anyway...

everybody knows there are no alien death rays at Area 51.

[ they moved them all to Area 52 . . . because nobody looks there ]

Prez Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election meddling


Re: Evidence it was the Russians what dunnit

"There is something wrong with the system when a [...] President can be issuing Executive Orders [...] three weeks before he is made redundant."

also try

"There is something wrong with the system when a [...] President can be issuing Executive Orders [...] three weeks can not be issuing Supreme Court nominations a year before he is made redundant."

yeah . . . yeah . . . i know . . . one has nothing to do with the other . . . except that it does!

Obama hasn't been my idea of the best president he could have been but the (dis)loyal opposition has been just awful from day one.

Climate change bust up: We'll launch our own damn satellites if Trump pulls plug – Gov Brown


i would never burn a denier at the stake . . . it produces too much carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Disney sued in race row: Axed IT workers claim jobs went to H-1B hires


you're fired . . . now train your replacement.

this seems to be the perfect moment for some malicious obedience.

OK, a lot of malicious obedience . . . i'm sure they didn't tell me to train them well or completely.

Going underground: The Royal Mail's great London train squeeze


. . . but still nothing about the whereabouts of the golden suit and hat?

[ i am disappoint ]

Ames boffins mix metals to boost electron velocity


Re: A topological quantum material

@Pascal Monet, according to that wiki you cited

topological order is defined/described by robust ground state degeneracy

i don't mind my computer getting heavier but i do mind if it starts downloading kiddie-porn as it's ground state!

NASA spunks $127m on SSL-powered robot to refuel satellites in space


Re: "should be capable of refueling satellites that haven't been designed for the job."

from what i've seen on NASAs website, designed for refueling means putting the fueling ports in an easily accessible location with some sort of hold-fast for the refueling spacecraft to grab for stability.

all satellites have fueling ports/valves that are used once just before installation of the satellite on the rocket . . . this should place them in relatively accessible locations, being one of the last things done to the satellite on the ground.

accessing the fueling ports on orbit is just a bit trickier if not designed for refueling . . . you need more / different types of adapters to accommodate different satellite manufacturers changing standards . . . and probably several additional elbows on the arms as anyone who has ever tried to work on parts under the dashboard of a car knows quite well.

and refueling even if just for controlled deorbiting would be worth it too . . . although a self-contained propulsion and guidance package for attachment to a dead satellite might be a worthwhile project.

The UK's Investigatory Powers Act allows the State to tell lies in court


it's probably just me . . . it usually is.

This law seems to make one of the cops oldest ploys legal. Cops will bend, twist or just fabricate evidence to convict a "known criminal / gang member" because "it's obvious that we have to get him off the streets."

if they could prove it, they would have done it years ago but this guy is a bit smarter than the cops so they take the low road and put him away. Problem solved, public safe, cops win . . . hooray!

Just one wee problem . . . the real murderer is still out there!

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*



OK . . . OK . . . just tell the veggies that the tallow was donated by a very public spirited cow after a session of liposuction.

[ i'm sure that's the kine of story they'll believe ]


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