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Google sued for 'stealing' Android name


He's right

[The suit contends that "it is clear that Google stole first and asked questions later."]

That is Google's mo. They take without asking and then deal with the lawsuits later.

Facebook in Pirate Bay block Fail

Paris Hilton

On purpose perhaps?

Maybe they are just going through the motions of blocking to ward off the IRAA while not actually doing anything that will upset their users..

Multi-site bug exposes cloud computing's dark lining

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Who'd have thunk it?

Luckily this never happens when people own their software. Can't ever recall hearing about a software bug that affected thousands of businesses like this.....

Dell offers 'Windows Vista Bonus' to frightened customers

Gates Horns

A significant shift in the OEM's relationship with Microsoft?

Suuure.. MS are still selling Vista licenses. They are still keeping out the competition by locking in the customers to an MS operating system. And they still appear to be supporting Vista. Dell is doing their job for them - No shifting necessary.

Japanese ISPs agree three strikes-style anti-piracy regime


IP spoofing

I can't wait until some bright spark spoofs the ip addresses of the rights holders and the isp's boards of directors.

Apple iPhone storms world smartphone biz

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That's funny.. All the fanbois would have a fit if you compared the iPhone to a smartphone before and just after it was released.

I bet they would still do the same if they came in 4th or lower in the stakes..

Do we need computer competence tests?

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Barking up the wrong tree...

If you want to compare surfing to driving, then computers are no where near the standards of a car. A car has to be fit to drive on the roads. Cars are equipped with all sorts of safety devices. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription to make sure your car doors are locked. Your car won't crash for no reason. You don't need to update your car to run on newer roads. If you buy a new car it won't have a completely different layout. Being the 'administrator' of your car is not a security risk.

ISPs nominate UK record industry as top internet villain

Paris Hilton


I've got a hole in my pants pocket...

PS3 demand booms in Japan

Dead Vulture

Yes Liam

The Wii is for partys and women.. Two things you will never have.

Apple iPhone


iPhone = Wii

The iPhone is just like the Wii.. New, different, cute, innovative, lacking all the features that are unnecessary to the majority of people. The only difference is that Nintendo can't sucker people into paying 6 times the price of a PS3.

Burned by a MacBook



Reminds me of that scene in Ghostbusters:

Apple PR: Are you a GOD?

Emily: No

Apple PR: Then.... DIE

[power cord goes on fire, dvd burner blows up]

El Reg: Emily, when Apple PR ask you if you are a *God*, you say "YES"

Evolutionary database design


What a load of


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