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I saw aliens at Roswell, claims dead PR man

Webster Phreaky

Inconvenient Coincidence ... new book released, dateline Art Bell BS

Geez, ain't it an mysterious coincidence that this so-call uncorroborated "affidavit" just manages to appear a YEAR AFTER his death, when a new aliens are here book!!??

It still always boils down to one fact the Art Bell Nut Crowd can't refute ... so us ONE SINGLE PIECE of tangible, touchable, testable physical evidence. Otherwise, go live in a cave.

Lets worry about a REAL alien invasion ... Wahabi Muslins.

Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile

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This Story is Pure Bull$hit ....

WHY would Apple make a 3G iPhony ONLY for Europeons and NOT for the US where the BIGGEST criticisms are against a GSM device!???

This story is pure bullshit.

America wastes gazillions with always-on PCs

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IT and Brands have said to do this for YEARS!

Hey wait a damn minute before you little island buggers castigate (look that up Red Coats) "Americans" on this!! I've been in IT since 1989 and hard drive, computer makers and IT Managers have told people in business and consumers to "leave your computer on" for decades. (I never agreed with this and many of my IT friends have be vocal in our disagreement). I've read this in the UK and European IS Tech rags for year too! It "supposedly" led to longer HDD and computer life.

The Apple and Mac morons in Stupertino USA have BRAGGED for decades that Macs should be left on 24/7/365. In fact MacDroids boasted about leaving them running all the time - hence the bitchin when continuous Apple Flake-Updates caused "sleep" problems. Idiot tech talking heads on the radio like Apple whore Leo Laporte, still tell listeners to do this!

If you live in a Glass House UK, better not be throwin' stones or rock hard kidney pies.

Apple buyout rumours circulate as iPhone launch nears

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Walt Mossberg will be CEO and ....

... all the other Media Whores for Apple (like those at The Apple Register) will have Executive spots or Board Seats. Mossberg being the king Apple Whore, will of course have the top spot.

Seriously, all Google or Sony or your building janitor has to do is wait till 4 months after the iPhony is out and ALL THE USUAL APPLE BUGS are leaked out past the Apple Whore Media, the iPhone will FLOP along with the ALREADY FLOPPING Apple TV and Apple Stock will be back to $14 per share. Maybe Lenovo and the Communist Party will buy Apple .... after all, most Apple products are engineered and manufactured in those same Chi-Com Sweat Shops already.

Me? I will laughing my ass off and writing everywhere .... I TOLD YOU SO!

Apple GPS System rumoured to debut in Mercedes cars

Webster Phreaky

What Bull$hit from the Apple Nut Crowd ...

The Apple Rumor Nut Crowd belongs on Art Bell's nightly radio show reporting Aliens and UFOs. First off, Apple DOESN'T Engineer or Manufacture ANYTHING! It's ALL done for them in Taiwan, Korea and now comie China. All Apple does is send them pretty enclosure sketches. There are NO engineers at Apple. I know, I worked there!

WHY would Mercedes go with a GPS NOBODY like Apple, with NO GPS EXPERIENCE or name value over the highly respected brands with military precision and year of experience!!??

This rumor is bullshit .... just like ALL the Apple kook stories.

Apple toughens iPhone screen, boosts battery life

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Taking Bets ....

Taking Bets ... on just how much of a LIE this extended battery life is.

Apple and Stevie Gods, err Jobs are NOTORIOUS LIARS. Look juts recently at the OFFICIAL spokesman rebuke that there is NO SUN FILE SYSTEM in 10.5! A day later, THAT LIE is contradicted. Stevie LIED to all the developers about an OPEN access to APPLICATION dev fo the iPhone, instead he bitch slapped them with lame Safari scripting.

And lets NOT FORGET 6 years of lying about batter playtime and longevity on ANY version or model of iPud. (I bought a iPud Mini some years ago - out of the box it played for less than 3 hours and the battery croaked in 14 months ... Just out of warranty!)

Here is the model everyone should live by with Apple Stevie Gods ... if he says it, it's a lie. If he promises it, don't hold your breath. If he quotes a delivery date, it'll be 3 to 6 months late. If he says it's economical, mortgage the house and sell your children, cause it's Mac over-priced. And, any announcement of fixing a rumored problem just before the product is on the shelf is BULLSHIT!

View THATon your MacBook Pro with ONLY 1/4 Million Colors when it was advertised as a Million.

Why is Hotmail so bad at spam?

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Yahoo is FAR WORSE than Hotmail!! AND Yahoo doesn't care either!

I have three Hotmail and three Yahoo accounts, all used the obvious - junk mail receptacles, service signups, writing to stupid people who then put your mail address on BULK group mailings of jokes, etc.

I get FAR MORE SPAM through the filters at Yahoo than Hotmail on ANY day! AND it's obvious SPAM!! Subject lines with scrambled letters and words, along with the obvious repetative sales ploys of stock offering to obscene material! Yahoo LETS IT ALL THROUGH, even after I've selected higher levels of filtering and marked the same ol shit SPAM time after time for years!

What's worse about fu@ked up Yahoo, is that I've been forwarding THEM the obvious SPAM referenced above everytime for the last 6 months with a note of when the hell are they going to MAKE THEIR FILTERS WORK for a change?

You know what you'll get back from caring good Yahoo? The SAME form email for months upon months upon months. Is there anyone really ever reading your complaints at Yahoo? Shit NO!

Yeah, Yahoo sucks just as bad if not much worse than Hotmail.

Steve Jobs: struggling to redefine the TV paradigm

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Try "Struggling with a FLOP", is what Stevie is dealing with.

The ONLY honest retail sources (BestBuy, CompUSA, etc., NOT Apple Stores) , since Apple is a notorious LIAR about retail sales (and stock options), are reporting an predictable complete indifference for the Apple TV. It has been and will be a FLOP.


1) It's Apple, clunky to use and forces you to use iTunes.

2) The resolution SUCKS

3) It's as usual, Apple Over-priced.

4) No content, only YouTube idiots can get excited about this (pixelated video).

and 5) Since it's Apple, it will be buggy as time goes on, just like the last 7 years of complaints about G3 - G4 iBooks, MacBook and MacBook Pro's.

He's a brand new bug just today - http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?story=20070615083747809

George Bush's watch clocked on eBay

Webster Phreaky

The Reg Idiots, pandering to the Hate Bush "godless" morons

While not all Brits are morons like those that write for The Register who take every chance to bash the President of the US, just wait till the next time that you need your arses Bailed Out when your island paradise is threatened with extinction from real evil forces. A Bill is in the mail for all that "lend lease" you never paid off.

Have a nice day ... while it lasts.

Ps. Stupid story with no semblance of fact, but that's what you're known for.

Newegg turns to tech publishing

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NewEgg is a "C" Player

Their prices aren't even competative most of the time. Look for yourself! If the price is low the shipping is high .. it's the eBay "low price vs. high shipping game"

The "publishing" crap is nothing but a roose to lure in the unsuspecting impulse buyer to their site. Get it RIGHT about "Publishing" The Reg!! Writing Articles is publishing, ... having a blog or BBS is NOT!

Jobs: one more thing... a browser war

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Don't Make Me Laugh!

Notice - ONLY 5 % market share for Safari, that's LESS than the Mac market share, so that means not even all the Mac owners use it at all!!!! Safari is a piece of shit, it crashes on complicatate sites, especially with lots of Java or Flash, it's NOT even Current HTML standards compliant! In FACT, a huge percentage of Mac users DON'T use Safari as their primary browser! They use Firefox!

Windows users aren't going to migrate, MOST won't even migrate to Firefox or Seamonkey, both superior to IE already! Windows users hate Apple, and with good reason. Watch the tele.

Reg, either you're such an Apple Whore, or your staff is pretty stupid to fall for this.

One billion PCs in use in 2008

Webster Phreaky

.. and Macs are INCONSEQUENTIAL!

Not a single mention of Macs ..... bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..

Apple to use Sun's ZFS in Leopard

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Anything is Better than the POS Apple File System!!

Look for a File - Spotlight locks up

Look for a File - Spinning Beach Ball of wait n wait n wait n wait .....

Look for a File - Finder CRASHES REPEATEDLY!

Look for a File - In Windows, NO PROBLEM.

NASA chief regrets having unpopular opinion

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Lefties Can't Stand Decenting Opinions, So They Bash Then

This is what Lefties around the world are ALL ABOUT. Just like Hugo Chavez, when anyone has evidence and a counter-opinion, LEFTIES - Harrass, Humiliate, Censor, Badger, Refuse full media coverage of their stance and evidence and often revoke their right of free speech .... JUST LIKE HUGO CHAVEZ and the TV Stations in fledgling Totalitarian Commie Venzuela.

REAL Scientists that aren't on the dole of lefty politicians or aren't getting sizeable Grant funds to blur the facts, all agree that there is not proof the Humans have anythign to do with changing the weather or climate, nor that there is any proof that the Earth isn't repeating previous states of the climate.

700 years ago the Romans grew grapes in Northern Briton and Scotland, try that now ... was it the Norse with their Viking SUV's and Industry that caused that climate change towards warming???

Tell ya what lefties, it's nice and cold still in Russia and gross poluter Northern China, why don't you all move there with your comrades?

Space elevator business plan crashes to Earth

Webster Phreaky

Robert Zubrin is another Con Artist ....

Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin and cohert James McKay are another pair of "space exploration" Con Artists with their bullshit promises (and investment schemes) of terraforming of Mars. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!

- (Mars has NO MOON capable of stabilizing it's rotation like Earths!; the CORE IS DEAD - no heat to perpetuate an atmosphere or create a protective magnetosphere!; NOT ENOUGH SUN LIGHT to perpetuate a crop of anykind IF you could grow one!; Sand storms that fry electronics, let alone humans, from the static electricity the storms create!; etc. etc., etc.)

Why Apple won't sell 10 million iPhones in 2008

Webster Phreaky

AppleDroids Have Heads Up Arse As Usual

What a bunch of Apple Kool-Aid Drinkers! Apple has a misserable history of instituting new technology when in the VERY FEW TIMES they actually devised it. Like the Newton, the Cube (first desktop non computer computer), Apple Cyberdog, Macintosh TV (now the Apple TV has flopped already!), mega-buck Apple Lisa, and the mouse that was thrown away faster than any other mouse "Apple Puck Mouse".

Apple even badgered pure Motorola into Stevie's recent stupid phone that flopped immedicately - Motorola ROKR.

The iPod made it because Apple DIDN'T THINK OF IT! The ground work was laid very well by the Rio. The only thing that made the Made In China iPod more successful is iTunes and Apple is the biggest marketing bullshit artists of all times. Out flanking better pocket players like Creatives and iRivers. Enjoy your iPud after the battery is dead in 14 months?

Predictions I will Happily be able to say I told you so in 12 months - the iPhone and the Apple TV will be flops and soon available on big time closeout retailers like Big Lots and Overstock.com

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ......

Missing German doctor reappears after 22 years

Webster Phreaky

Idiot "Journalist" - "dovecot"

Apparently this Idiot "journalist" either never passed 5th grade spelling or doesn't know how to use a dictionary. So what exeactly is the "dovecot" that the body was found in?? The City of Liverpool in his garage, OR was the body stuffed into an email software attachement?

Or, maybe the DOPE meant a DOVECOTE!!!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dovecot can mean:

* Dovecot, Merseyside, an area of the City of Liverpool.

* Dovecote, a building for pigeons or doves.

* Dovecot (software), an IMAP and POP software package.

Apple moans over sex toy ad

Webster Phreaky

Stevie Gets Off on Illegal Stock Options

That's Wallet masterbation for the Jobs.

Apple's Jobs urges Gore to run for President

Webster Phreaky

One Phony promoting another Phony

Both are full of Green House Gasses.

IBM, HP dominate server market

Webster Phreaky

NOTICE? Apple a NON Starter!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ....

With all the hype and BS about G5 (now MacIntel) X Server Superiority claims Apple never broke the 1/2 of 1% market share mark.

Stevie Gods, you're great at smoke n mirrors - and as always, a sack full of crap for substance.

Feeling left out? Get your PC infected today!

Webster Phreaky

Feeling Superior? Update Your Mac OS X Today and F*#k is up

Anytime you MacDroids are falsely feeling superior, just open up that "Software Update" window that's directly connected to Apple's horror chamber of Flaky and Buggy OS X and Apple App Updates.

WHEN will these be part of those cleaver BS Apple TV Ads??

Friday, April 27 2007 @ 03:00 AM PDT

Special Report: Troubleshooting Security Update 2007-004

Covering these topics:

* Release notes, update recommendations

* Common fixes

* Files modified by this update

* Active Directory login issues

* AirPort connectivity issues, fixes

* Cannot connect to local servers (Error -35)

* Files in Finder cannot be renamed

* Flash playback not working

* FTP security issue for Mac OS X server (users logged in at root directory)

* Login problems: users cannot login after update

Or how 'bout those "Quirky" Macs?

Wednesday, May 16 2007 @ 08:30 AM PDT

Apple: New (Mid 2007) MacBooks may exhibit external display quirks

Apple has posted a new Knowledge Base article ( #305507 ) detailing a potential external display quirk with the newly introduced Mid 2007 MacBooks .

If the systems are connected to an external display in extended mode (rather than mirrored), the menubar location is on the external display, and the systems are woken from sleep by opening the clamshell, video may not be displayed on the built-in display.

ALL compliments (daily) from Mac "FanBoy" site macfixit.com

iPhone demand in the UK is 'soft', survey finds

Webster Phreaky

Bwah ha ha ha, iPhone FLOPS!!

I Told You So will be iMy refrain!

Stevie Jobs' arrogant ego has such an inflated view that his minions of Apple Kool Aid Drinker SHEEPLE will buy any OVER-PRICED as usual Chinese Made product.

The Apple TV is a flop here in the colonies, the newly "updated" MacBook Melt on Thigh (new reports of them burning up or melting from over-heating) is already being panned by the non Apple whore media as under powered and still over-priced compared to PC cpmpetitors. And now the iPhony will prove to be a FLOP, of course the Apple whore media like The Reg will just ignore the news and continue to proclaim that Stevie Gods is still a genius and does nothing wrong.

Listen for a Told You So ....

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Webster Phreaky

Spinning Beach Ball of Wait ..n wait n wait....

You want to talk about the "never ending .... WAIT"?

Let's talk about FIVE incarnations of Mac OS X (since 10.0.x, I was a beta tester) with the deep gene embedded endless Spinning Beach Ball of WAIT n wait n wait n wait! Do anything on stupid OS X (and stupid is correct), from simply launching another App while others are running, or connecting to an exterior NAS, opening a file or doc, previewing a picture file, launching a browser, EVEN shutting down and you are more likely than not with see the endless Spinning Beach Ball of WAIT n wait n wait n wait!

Why? Because OS X is STUPID, literally and you can thank BSD for that because it's in the "Genes". Indexing always Sucked on BSD and Apple never fixed it. OS X gets "lost" looking for files, applications and libraries to complete functions, and often these and preferences get corrupted. Lets not even begin about the HORRIBLE disk fragmenting the happens on OS X and the lack of Defrag tool!

OS X IS STILL NOT A TRUE (operative word) MULTI TASKING Operation System (thanks to BSD and UNIX) as Windows is, which is WHY you NEVER see any delays doing these things in Windows since 95 or in Linux.

So don't give me this shit about this seldom seen bug in Vista that's really just a rare poor upgrade installation of Vista, likely over a cludged previous version of Windows. With over 12 thousand PCs (only 2300 Macs now) on my US school district docket that I administer, WE'VE NEVER SEEN THIS PROBLEMS ..... probably 'cause we know what we're doing! BUT, EVERY Mac (10,4.9) HAS the endless Spinning Beach Ball of WAIT n wait n wait n wait!

Webster Phreaky

Meanwhile 'cross town in Cupertino...

Vista just hates to part you with your files ... meanwhile, a BRAND NEW version of OS X 10.4.x "Apple Pro Application Support 4.0" manages to mangle, strangle and kills Apple other "Power Applications - Logic Express and Logic Pro ... geez, I think I'd rather wait for Vista to empty or move file??

Ps, WHEN will we see THIS referenced in those oh so honest Apple Switch ads??

Quote: (per macfixit.com)

Monday, May 14 2007 @ 09:30 AM PDT

Apple Pro Application Support 4.0 (#3): Logic crashes, potential fixes; Aperture will not launch, potential fix

Users continue to report an issue where Logic Express and Logic Pro 7 repeatedly crash -- sometimes at launch -- after applying the Pro Application Support 4.0 update. One reader writes:

"Just wanted to share my frustration with Apple's Pro Application Support 4.0 patch. Basically the patch completely broke my installation of Logic Pro 7. Every-time I open Logic the application crashes with a " Program quit unexpectedly" error. Right now there seems to be nothing I can do. I have tried all the usual fixes including reinstallation. I am on a Macbook Pro with 2 GB RAM running OS 10.4.9."

Other users are reporting miscellaneous issues with Logic after the update, including problems saving. A reader writes:

"Since the last Apple Update I have problems with Logic Express. I cannot 'Save As, Save a Copy,' nor set the Recording path."

One in 10 web pages laced with malware - Google

Webster Phreaky

Oh B S! Unless You count the INTEL Flash Ads

Google is full of shit, granted half of the Internet is Porn sites and many have incidious multiple pop-ups and cascading windows or even some with bogus installers with spyware or worse (who's stupid enought to click on those .exe files?); but 1 in 10 is pure bullshit.

UNLESS you include the Malware like the obnoxious INTEL doggy ads on THE REGISTER that slow down your surfing and the equally horendious Flash Drop Windows that fill Yahoo home pages!!

If so, than THE REGISTER is a huge purveyor of MALWARE!

Give people back more time and they will buy your IPTV - Microsoft

Webster Phreaky

Apple will COPY this too .. iNOvator Stevie Gods.

Apple TV is a Rip-Off of D-Link MediaLounge and all the others like Linksys, Belkin and Netgear .... soon Stevie Gods will announce another brilliant rip-off, er iNOvation "Apple iPTV"

Ps, Apple TV has been a flop.

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3

Webster Phreaky

Vacuous? STARWARS (all) WAS Vacuous!

I'm an X-Gen and like all were roped into the first StarWars, even saw it 5 times the first month. But that wore off quickly as I realized with the second release in the series that the acting was HORRIBLE, the plots were "vacuous" the special effects were YAWNERS and character building was EMPTY.

Samuel L Jackson, New Y'Awk accent as a Jedi .... yeah sure!

StarWars is to Spiderman, as the original StarTrek is to Dune, Alien or the original War of the Worlds. Excuse the pun, Worlds apart!

George Lucas ... your jealous and a has-been, go stick a light sabre where the sun don't shine

DRM pinches Motorola's stream

Webster Phreaky

iPhone will be a huge FLOP, Motorola with last laugh

Too many technology analysts that aren't on the Apple Cupertino Payolla Bandwagon have honestly concluded that the iPhone is saddled with too many limitations and the usual staggering Apple Premium Greed price structure. These analysts all to a person have said that the iPhone will either make an insignificant dent to the mobile phone market. to outright FLOP!

Apple has already been planning rebates on the iPhone and it hasn't even been released yet, if it isn't late (like OS X 10.5) again!

"Already Despirate Sign, Apple Plans iPhone Rebates"


In 6 months, I'll be quite happy to yell out loudly .... I TOLD YOU SO!

Ps, The Apple TV has already FLOPPED.

Dell reinvents the cardboard box

Webster Phreaky

Use Grocery Bags Instead ....

So now my IT boss has to order 4 1U systems or 10 blades in a single box and I have to return 3 1U systems and 7 blades, so I can get the 1 1U and 3 Blades I need to keep the damn network up?

Actually, with the crap Dell makes, they'll be using 4 Multipacks to ship the flaking servers they make back and forth three times before I get ones that will stay reliable for 12 months.

I have a better idea, have Dell use recycled grocery bags, that way when the rip throught the plastic bags and splatter on the ground like a gallon of milk ... no respectable IT engineer will cry over "split milk".

Irate New Mexican workers ward off alien attack

Webster Phreaky

Francis just loves America ... will kiss the Aliens too.

Francis, the first poster, is CLEARLY one of your Hillary / Gore / Barak Hussian Obama "Hate Amercia" Liberals .... too bad that you (Francis) are enjoying such a fat, happy life, no doubt driving a Gas Pig vehicle, maybe even a private jet like Stevie Jobs, in America.

Got a suggestion Francis, why don't you move to Cuba and wait for Fidel and your other hero Castro Jr. Chavez to fend off the Aliens.

Russians tell aliens to suck on a fat one

Webster Phreaky

Stupid Story, Reg Stoops to nonsense.

Must be a VERY slow news day. Going to chance the name of the "rag " to The Register Tabloid"??

Digg buried by users in piracy face-down

Webster Phreaky

Kevin Rose is a Corp Freebee Pimp Anyway!

Give me a freakin break! Kevin Rose is one of the Biggest Corporate Freebee Pimps around, only surpassed by radio's Leo Laporte and Marc Cohen. All take free products to get their commmercial endorsements directly or indirectly, name dropping and biased recommendations with NO public disclosures of what's really going on!

Watch ANY of the Digg videocasts beginning from last year and see Kevin Rose with his FREE Lenovo notebook and black MacBook. He and buddy Laporte have been garnering freebees for endoresements since the beginning of their involvements with cables ZDTV through the end of G4 TV. Never a disclosure.

Rose and Digg aren't any Web 2.0 "counter culture heros", just your typical media phony's.

Vista – End of the Dream?

Webster Phreaky

Wayne Farnworth, Typical Delusional Apple Droid

Wayne, time to dig you head out of your arse and see some daylight and REALITY. Apple ROUTINELY delivers BUGGY and FLAWED issues of OS X, whether on the initial release or the EVERY BUGGY UPDATES! Need PROOF! He is just ONE of over 450 txt file notes since 10.1.x was first released courtesy of a Mac Fanboy site - macfixit.com. Check the DAILY list of OS X bugs! You're are truely DELUSIONAL if you ignore facts.

Monday, April 17 2006 @ 08:10 AM PDT

Special Report: Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.4.6 (macfixit.com, YOUR own Mac site!!!)

* General purpose workarounds

* List of updated Apple applications

* Update process recommendation

* AirPort network not automatically re-joined after sleep

* Bluetooth: Connectivity issues

* Dock Auto Hide/Show function broken

* Double restart is expected behavior

* Energy Saver issues -- system will not automatically shut down, etc.

* FireWire problems

* Font issues

* Improvements

* iSync Issues -- Issues with hacks for unsupported devices; Sony Ericsson K700i won't synch

* Menu bar items missing

* Networking issues: Problems with proxies

* Photo booth distortion

* Printer issues

* Problems logging in from Windows systems

* Reminder: Have enough free drive space before installing

* Reverting (downgrading) to Mac OS X 10.4.5!!! Bwah ha ha ha ...

* Safari: Image loading problems

* SCSI drives not recognized

* Server volumes cannot be written to

* Special permissions messages no longer appear in Disk Utility

* Spotlight issues -- make sure drive is not in Privacy tab

* Startup problems -- will not proceed after update, etc.

* Streaming Audio -- fixes

* Third-party applications: Fix for Photoshop save on crash; Word crashes; more

* Update Installer cannot find destination drive

I have hundred more before and after the 10.4.6 update. Apple turns out crap and your Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are fools to accept it, least continue the out-right lie that OS X is so superior! BULL$HIT!

Engineers write defence against aliens manual

Webster Phreaky

DEMOCRATS Already Surrendered

Senator Harry Reid has already waived the White Flag and they're not even here yet. CongressMAN Nancy Crypt-Keeper Peloci is already wearing Alien garb in an act of capitulation and Sentor Hillary Clinton and Barrak Osama Obama are making speakes in Alien getto accents. "Yo yo what dis, take me to ya'll leader, get down"

Google glitch loses user data

Webster Phreaky


The IDIOTS at Yahoo spam filtering do NOTHING about blocking obvious Spam with OBVIOUS subject lines like "how bigs yoiur dick" "got 10 inches?" or Random letters and numbers. Only morons in an IT position are neglegent like this.

Yahoo sucks.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 25 today

Webster Phreaky

And the '84 Mac Was ONLY B&W and Slower

It should be noted for all the Apple Kool Aid Drinkers, that the NOT YET RELEASED Mac (1984) WASN'T EVEN COLOR (or Colour for the Brits), while the Sinclair ZX was Color AND the Mac 128k sold for (US)$2,495 - 3 times the price of the Sinclair!

Once AGAIN, Apple is shown only to be nothing more than an iNOvator posser.

BA edits Branson from Casino Royale

Webster Phreaky

Branson is UK version of US Trump

BOTH are idiots, BS artists "supremo: and shameless Egomanics. Bravo to BA.

Study: Users pay for Microsoft patent woes

Webster Phreaky

Oh really, this is total bullshit.

I have no doubt that the authors of this study are a bunch of Mac Apple Kool-Aid Drinkers. How about all the times that Apple has been sued by disgruntled owners and other companies for stealing their technologies? There is a running list of current Apple lawsuits at www.techedgeezine.com and owner complaints on www.appledefects.com.

Considering the value/sales magnitude of the two companies, MS and Apple, just who do you think has their product costs impacted by the costs of Lawsuits??? Oh but you won't see this in the majority of the Apple Whore Media.

With Microsofts VERY deep financial pockets, the costs of lawsuits are chump change!

500 dead in Hungarian motorway lapine bloodbath

Webster Phreaky

This is a Hare raising tale that makes me Paws

The upside - FLASH! Bargain Prices for Lucky Rabbits Foots in Vienna comes from this unfortunate situation where bunnies caught in a Stew.

Windows Vista marketing 'deceived' consumers

Webster Phreaky

REMEMBER the Steve Jobs OS X Lie???

REMEMBER the Steve Jobs OS X Lie???

Funny how the Apple Pimp Media always seems to forget the BIG STEVE JOBS LIE about OS X fully supporting ALL THE G3's made just prior to and during the development of OS X ... hmmm, ain't that convenient of the media for get that while blasting MS. "Apple sued over G3 support in OS X" http://www.macworld.com/news/2002/01/31/g3osx/ Smile while in Denial, Apple Kool Aid Drinkers!!

Ps, Apple LOST that lawsuit.

Your humble Apple Basher,

Webster Phreaky

Apple's iPhone haunts 3GSM

Webster Phreaky

Actually, Apple is "polishing off" ALL THE BUGS Apple usually has!

Actually mr. Matthew Waters, Apple is notorious for talking about and showing ONE OFF proto-prototypes that barely function and only enough for PT Barnum Stevie Gods to demo at MWSF at the Apple BS Sideshow. (I know, I worked at Apple for 5 years!)

It's more likely, pertaining to you comments, that Apple is despirately trying to "polish off" all the inherent BUGS and FLAWS that ALWAYS accompany Apple products on the first launch and regularly follow in serious form well into the product life. Care to debate the G3 and G4 iBook-junk that cost Apple to have to extend the warranties to THREE YEAR or else be sued by the US Federal Trade Commission??? (I work at a huge School Dist. which leased 1700 G3 iBooks and had 32% of them FAIL in the first 6 months! Dont' tell me about PISS POOR Apple Quality!

Stevie Gods, err Jobs is the iCon of the computer and gadget industry and I think that Nokia, Samsung, et. al. should just more direct in telling the Apple whore media to just F.O. and just try to BUY a Vaporware iPhone (no not a Cisco, who OWNS the TM) and them make comparisons!

Ps, Where was that 3G feature capability in the Apple phonyPhone?

If whales can communicate by telepathy, why can't humans?

Webster Phreaky

Dr. Juan, NEXT GUEST BS Artist on Art Bell's Show!

What a damn liar! There is NO EVIDENCE that Whales communicate in any other way than via their sonar soundings and touch. This is a blatant LIE! Look it up for yourself on any University Zoological reference!

Dr. Juan, you are full of crap and have NO RELEVANCE TO REALITY!

Where does the taboo against sex during menstruation originate?

Webster Phreaky

After his stupid reasons for "hairless faces on humans" ....

After his stupid reasons for "hairless faces on humans", ones TOTALLY unsubstantiated by anyone in science, who believes anything this Ph.D. quack has to say!

What is sexsomnia?

Webster Phreaky

All the listed examples of proof are anecdotal ....

This is all BS, there is no proof of this being an actual medical, neurological or psychological condition in fact. Research it yourself! This Internet talking head doesn't report on myths, he perpetuates them.

Read this link at Museum of Hoaxes: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/weblog/permalink/sexsomnia/

NOTICE that it's the same quacks in Toronto CN that Juan refers to in his rediculous story!

After his stupid reasons for "hairless faces on humans", ones TOTALLY unsubstantiated by anyone in science, who believes anything this Ph.D. quack has to say!

Why is the human face hairless?

Webster Phreaky

Stephen Juan, Ph.D. is full of liberal primate sh!t.

Typical of LIBERAL science POSERS, Stephen Juan, Ph.D. spouts dribble with little to no scientific basis.

I have a Ph.D. in Vert. Paleontology and in Anthropology - there's MY basis, what's Dr. Liberal's?

Humans have JUST AS MUCH hair on their face as their counterparts in the Great Apes! SOME of our species have considerable COURSE and thick hair and some have barely visible fine hair. Why the difference? Let me spell it out for Dr. Dopey Juan ...... E N V I R O N M E N T A L evolution, just at the colour of our skin has to do with the same!

The farther north a human group evolved , the lighter the skin tone and the generation of Vitamin D by our bodies. The advantage of light skin is that it does not block sunlight as effectively, leading to increased production of vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption and bone growth. The lighter skin of women may result from the higher calcium needs of women during pregnancy and lactation.

So goes the reason for less hairy faces AND bodies. The environment changed OUR species by locale for MANY reasons - primarily a LESS hairy body cools faster, and because the human brain is so much larger and more active it MUST stay cooler compared to that of an ape who spends most of it's life relatively inactive! So why aren't Finns and Eskimos more hairy? Because on an evolutionary time scale, they are new comers to their cold climate and they have adapted their clothing for the extreme frigid climes.

Also, humans evolved hairlessness to reduce parasite loads, especially ectoparasites that may carry disease. Hairlessness became possible and desirable as clothes and shelter could be cleaned or changed if infected with parasites.

So "Dr. BS" Juan, NO ONE in the scientific academia shares YOUR "hair brained" hypothesis ... and while you and your lefty buddies think our President (who deserves some respect) looks like a Chimp, I am quite certain now that you proved that YOU are a Horses Ass.


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