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Apple TV goes to the movies

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Face It, Apple TV is another FLOP like Newton, Cube and iPhone

NO ONE is buying Apple TV's, BestBuy even STOPPED inventorying them for store shelves. NO ONE is writing any 3rd party software for it and I don't know a single person that has ever bought one.

Face Apple Kool Aid Drinkers, this is a MEGA FLOP!

It wasn't even a First! It's an Apple iNOvation! I have had a D-Link High Resolution 1080 HD model 802.11g Media Lounge for 18 MONTHS before Apple even showed the Apple TV! It does everything that the Ape TV does and a LOT MORE! It links to D-Links network home Network Drives ... does Apple TV? NOT!

Make room on that dusty flop shelf at Apple, right next to all the others.... here comes Apple TV.

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan

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Take THAT Apple Droids! Bwah ha ha ha ...

Of course, any Mac is a gaming console too, since every time Apple releases an OS X or Apple app update, it's a gamble that your Mac won't be dead after installing it.

Mac OS X firewall blocks Skype and online gamers

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I TOLD YOU SO!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

OS X doens't = Vista or Windows ....... it's TEN TIMES WORSE!!

Apple = Bug-o-matic Coders

I TOLD YOU SO!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

iPhone to solve UK unemployment

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Yeah, Apple Will Hire Hundreds of REPAIR Technicians

For like replacing the battery YOU CAN'T.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder

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And now, Lets Talks about ALL the BUGS Found So Far!! Apple S.O.S.

Apple S.O.S. (Same Ol Shit)

Sunday, November 04 2007 @ 08:14 AM PST

Time Machine causing Aperture to crash


Sunday, November 04 2007 @ 09:48 AM PST

AirPort Disk connectivity problems widespread in Leopard


It is becoming tolerably clear that Leopard's support for AirPort Disks (a USB disk connected, and accessed through, an AirPort Base Station, as a way of sharing a hard disk between multiple computers, often including Windows machines) is not all that it might be.

Friday, November 02 2007 @ 11:00 AM PDT

AirPort problems in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5)


Card not recognized/will not power on.

Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 03:20 PM PDT

Flash (YouTube, etc.) broken under Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5)


Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 10:00 AM PDT

Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5): Slow app launches; high fan activity, processor usage; crash reports don't submit; desktop icons froze


Wednesday, October 31 2007 @ 11:45 AM PDT

Leopard Dock annoyances and workarounds


Wednesday, October 31 2007 @ 10:20 AM PDT

Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5): Repair permissions takes too long or does not complete

Several users have reported that the repair permissions function, performed by Disk Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities), takes an extremely long time or does not complete under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). In some cases, the issue is accompanied by the error message:

"Warning: SUID file"


Macs seized by porn Trojan

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Bwah ha ha ha ha Macs + Porn ... FIGURES! Bwah ha ha ha ha ...

We all know that MacDroids spend all day on the porn sites with their "safe macs" ...

This is TOO FUNNY!!!

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

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This is all BULLSHIT, who wrote this? Steve Jobs?

I administer as the Dir of IT, over 18,000 PC and a few Macs (that's all that are left) at a major school district in California. We have seen ZERO problems after the update, NONE on Windows XP, 2003 or Vista PC's ! I think those numbers (over 18,000) versus the paltry number this stories so-called "journalist" reporter quotes speaks for it's self ..... this story is BULLSHIT.

Frankly, I see this as a anti MS story plant by Apple PR or by an Mac zealot media writer.

With the few Macs we have left after YEARS of bugs, flaws, prematurely dead Logic Boards amongst other costly hardware failures, we have MORE problems after nearly every Apple OS X update that we ever have with our 18,000 plus Windows boxes.

You know what we call Macs? Just another PC Clone, but with a much more flaky OS at twice the price of a Win PC.

Hypersonic hydrogen airliner to bitchslap Concorde

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What a STUPID headline ... Register sinks to Juvenile Quips

This headline only proves that the English language and creative literary writing is now only safe in the hands of Canada, US and India. Good work "buggering" journalism, "dim-brits". Grow up, it isn't cute.

The Pirate Bay absconds with domain name of its nemesis

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Go for it Pirate Bay! Right On! But ...

.... ya think you could do something about all the downloads you host that are loaded with Viruses, Trojans and varaious other Malware? Huh?

SkypeIn goes out

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It's either Microsoft's or Bush's Fault AGAIN, huh Skype???

Estonians or Russians, 6 of one - half dozen of another, all the same, can't take the blame when it's THEIR fault.

Who ya gonna blame this time, Skype?

Czech Olympic Committee annihilates English language

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Hey! Sounds like my grandma, babi!

What's so funny? This sounds exactly like a typical conversation between my grandparents and their non Czech neighbors, who also spoke broken Italianish or Polackish or Frogish in NYC.

Just to defend our European friends and probably your ancestors; most speak two or three other European languages. How many does the average American or Brit speak? My Grandmother spoke five languages fluently besides Czech (unfortunately English was not one of them) - French (frog croaking), German/Austrian, Italian, Hungarian and Ukranian, after a Masters degree from Prague University in Literature, something no so uncommon for a big percentage of Czechs and Czech women in the first decade of the 1900's.

Ps, The poster is CORRECT. The Czechs DID invent the term ROBOT and NO this does not at all sound like a Babelfish translation.

Apple iPhone

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Tony ... Enjoy Your Mailbox Full of Apple FreeBees, PAYOLA!!

So Tony Smith joins the ranks of noted Apple Hacks in the present of future hopes of a cornucopia of Apple FreeBees, "Special favors", Invites to Press Previews and Cocktail Parties afterwards, and kisses blown from Stevie Gods himself. The "brown on your nose" is as obvious as Rudolphs red one, hope you enjoy the smell that accompanies it as you not so skillfully ignore the obvious negatives about the iPhony and Apple.

No Chat, no camera, no useful texting keyboard, no reasonable battery life, no user changeable battery, no help for the hearing impaired, no interface for the sight impared, no Bluetooth, no HANDS FREE while you drive!, NO OPEN ARCHITECTURE, no love from Apple as the Commissar cuts off your home-brewed Ring-tones, no SMS except what AT&T allows, NO 3G, no high data rates ... is this a piece of crap competitive phone? NO SHIT!

If this is a "Smart Phone", as Tony Smith and the other Apple Whores claim, then it's IQ is that of a boxes of rocks.

Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes

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Apple would go Broke in the US refunding to pissed-off owners!

And I'm one of them - G4 1.22GHz 12-in iBroke, sent back to Apple FIVE TIMES in 16 months and it's still Buggy and Flaky!!!! Fortunately, I paid even more over-priced Apple fees and bought extended Apple Careless

Before that a 600 MHz G3 iBroke that became a Door Stop two years after I bought it.

Fool me once, Fool me twice .... ah-a Apple, Fu@k you Stevie Gods, the third time will never happen.

USAF flying deathbot power-grab rebuffed

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If Apple Took Control, EVERY update would cause a MALFUNCTION

Apple can't release an update without it being buggy to most users, don't believe me? Go to macfixit.com any day, any time after a OS X update.

Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill

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The man wear a TERRIBLE RUG!!

How in the hell can you take anyone that wear such a terrible "rug" (toupee) seriously!!?? He may "kill" me, with laughter.

Astronomers detect red giant survivor planet

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Alien Survivor Will Be On with George Nit-Wit Noory radio Soon!

Did you hear the amazing LIAR guest that was on with Witless Noory last night (Tuesday). This BS artist, who claims he produced kiddie TV shows in a prior career, and some Japanese artist had visited many alien worlds in "out of body experience since he was 12! And of course that moron George Noory believed every word of it.

Well back to the point, proclamations like this discovery is as much bullshit as Noory's Coast to Ghost AM radio shows guests. NO ONE in astronomy has actually ever seen visually or with photography ANY extra-solar planet! That a stars wobble indicated 100% a planet, vs, another dwarf star or even a mini black hole is just as possble. The so-called planet is most likely a gas ball as Jupiter or Saturn etc is! Which means it has nothing to do in parallel, with Earth's future.

Go cure cancer, AIDs, MS, HUNGER, etc. instead of wasting our time and money on this speculative bullshit that saves NO ONE on Earth!

Apple restricts ringtone rights

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Stevie Jobs, the friend of the "regular guy" ... here's proof

For all the Apple Kool Aid Drinkers, you know the delusional crowd ... here's some more proof that Stevie Gods, er Jobs is just a nice fellow, just wants to take care of the fan-boy "regular guy" and is so pro "Open Platform" thinking.

Two words .... Bull and Shit.

Coming Tuesday: 5 Microsoft patches

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f@#king disgraceful is full of BS!

I have a brand new HP DV6500 series Notebook (core 2 duo) and Vista Ultimate (64-bit) installed (I upgraded immediately from Home Premium) after purchase. I've had the notebook all of 7 weeks and have installed ALL the updates that MS has offered (not that many) and the TOTAL install time has been less than 25 minutes for all combined, via a STANDARD DSL connection.

Mr. "f@#king disgraceful" ("took the best part of 4 days to get all the patches installed."), either you are a blatant liar, a Mac user (one in the same) or you a still using a 300 baud modem Internet connection. I strongly suspect that you are both of the first two (liar and Mac user)

I was skeptical of going to Vista at first, since I have NEVER had a problem with Vista on any of my 5 other PC. Vista is elegant, has features Apple never dreamed of and frankly makes OS X Panther look like OS 9.

If I need more RAM for a project, all I have to do is plug in a "fast" USB Flash module and Vista "ReadyBoost" adds all or part of it to my internal RAM. Does Apple's piece of archaic crap OS X have that? NOT! With a 40x speed SanDisk 8GB Flash USB drive, I have 10GB of RAM. How much can you put in a MacBook Pro? What, it's not running cause you had to send it back to Apple again for repairs on the LCD?

And yeah, I use a few Macs at work (as we get rid of them) - IT Admin for a large school district.

Webster Phreaky

Never as BUGGY as EVERY OS X Update!

History speaks for it's self ... Apple releases updates that are ALWAYS Buggy, something that YOU can't show proof of for Microsoft.

Here's the Apple Proof, just check it every other day! -


Where's your proof of equivalent (number of) buggy updates, Apple Kool Aid Drinkers???

Apple lobs $100 credit at iPhone buyers

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Lets see, Credit ONLY at Apple Store, hmmmm .....

Apple Dorks, "early adopters" .... you're still fu@ked over and Stevie is still laughing his way to the bank, and the on to the lovely Big Carbon Foot-print $80 Million Dollar Private Jet Apple GAVE HIM with your hard earned money expenditures.

Boy are you sheeple S T U P I D.

China looking to develop scramjet missile tech

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Szileszky, Stupidity and Sophomoric Simpletons

Typical Extreme Lefty retorts as exemplified by morons like Szileszky offer plenty of accusations, name calling and no proof of substance. Fling around enough stupid statements and you hope no one notices that you're just an overflowing toilet of crap. How does anyone with half a brain, something that Levente wishes he even had a quarter of one, draw a comparison between a belligerent totalitarian nation of a couple billion and Dubai or private US companies??!! What a moron!

So for all the and shubin Democrat loving, Levente Lefty retards, here's some proof of Clinton and the anti-American American Lefties (Democrats) that fraternize with our enemies for the sake of power and money.-

The China Connection Is the Real Scandal


U.S. Pays for Clinton-Riady-China Connection


The China/Clinton connection has come full circle


The real China connection


Hillary Clinton, Norman Hsu, connections with Chinese military




and there is a LOT more that this blog doesn't allow me to list - just Google - Gore, Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton "China or Communist Connections" and be amazed with FACTS, not lefty hyperbole!

Webster Phreaky

Clintons Already Arranging Sale Of Us Technology for Campaign Funds

Just like back in 1995, when Bubba Bill Clinton signed off on the selling of VERY sensative ICM Missle, Computer and Atomic technology secretsw to the Commies in China for campaign funds (so did Al Internet Gore later) the Democrat traitors including Hillary, I'm sure are "making the connections" in Bejing.

Democrats = American Traitors

Yahoo! Unveils! New! Mail! Service!

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Yahoo! Email! Good! For! Shit! - Lets! 1 in 5! SPAM! Through!

Yahoo is absolutely good for shit, I've complained for a year about their lousy Obvious SPAM filtering and the morons at Yahoo only send you their damn form-letter replies. Do these Yahoo morons even know what a bayesian filter is?

Google? Rarely lets more that 1 on 150 SPAM emails through.

Yahoo can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

Dell laptops not in the pink after all

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Dell using Same Chinese Sweatshop that made Flaking G4 PowerBooks

Oh you remember the 3 YEARS of G4 "TiBooks" in which the phony Titanium PAINT Flaked, Chipped and Cracked off the PowerBook within months of ownership!! What? You Apple Kool Aid Drinker with your heads up your arses have already buried those memories?? Yeah and Apple has too, never compensating owners of those TiBook (me being one of them).

Wo while you're ragging on Dell (POS anyway) remember Apple and also that BOTH of these dirt bag greedy companies moved ALL their manufacturing to the sweatshops of Commie China where they are poisoning you and your children with their "quality" products.

US customs bust coke-smuggling 'submarine'

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Pepsi submarine would surely have a Red White and Blue paint job....

I can just see the TV commercials now ....

Coke semi-sub sputtering, belching diesel smoke an oily coke trail following it; with a Los Angeles class Pepsi sub, decks loaded with bikini top - hot shorts Navy "uniformed" all gal crew romping on the deck zooming by the coke sub. Life and smuggling goes better with a Pepsi (sub)

Apple puts refurbished iPhones on sale

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So that means about 500,000 available in US???

That would account for all the ones that Apple BS PR Dept. claimed were sold and AT&T said WEREN'T!

With 65 Documented Bugs and Flaws, geez, that would mean every iPhone is a candidate to be a Piece of Crap.

iPod Nano revamp to see widescreen display?

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Apple has to revamp, the iPhone is a US FLOP!

Never-the-less, the whole iPud thing is passe and this won't save Apple with two huge flops in a row - Apple TV and iPhony

Hey Europeons, don't get sucked into the iPhony hype BS, 65 DOCUMENTED bugs and flaws. Stevie laid a whopper of a egg this time.

Who'll win the webcasting war?

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Just shut down Webcast Product Whores like Leo Laporte

Guys like Laporte and many others that make big profits for endorsing brands like Apple, Dell, hardware, software and services (without any disclosure that they're PAID OFF by those brands), are turning Webcasting into nothing more than slick INFOMERCIALS. It has corrupted the original intention of webcasting (podcasting) as a media for the little guy in a sea of commercial TV, Radio and Cable broadcasting.

If a Webcast technology war succeeds in killing webcasting by these greedy whores, go for it. It's better that there is no media, than a corrupted one.

NASA weather error sparks global warming debate

Webster Phreaky


I posted this info over a week ago much to the harangue of the Lefty's and lots of name calling ... well you Limousine Liberals, turn out YOU ARE THE MORONS and your Church of Global Warming has been Unmasked!

Go pick on smokers again, do something worthwhile losers.

Earth will feel the heat from 2009: climate boffins

Webster Phreaky

One Word for this story - BULLSHIT. Story Even Contains a LIE

The HOTTEST YEAR in the last Century according to NOAA was 1935 and then 1936, the years of the Great American Dust Bowl.

Global Warming is the Religion of the Leftists, and Al Gore is the Bullshit Pope of the Church of Global Warming Lies.

Look a t this Google Search for the "Hottest years in the 20th century" and see all the bullshit conflicting claims of which years were the hottest! Proof that every claim is bullshit.

We'll never get alien telly, says Zagreb boffin

Webster Phreaky

Alien Radio Already Here with idiot George Noory and his liars club...

.. of phony guests spinning whopping bullshit tails of UFO's, alien building Pyramids and Sphyx, Star Child hybrids, modeling human evolution, etc. all so they can pitch books, presentation and websites full of equivantent bullshit.

Too bad Art Bell has "retired again" with his latest Flip child bride (conspiracy theory - he killed off Ramona with a faked Asthma attack with the the help Alpha Centauri agents), because at least Art was a good actor sounding like he was a real pretend authority on UFO crap. But George Noory just sounds like a country bumkin dope who'd happily buy swamp land as a retirement estate.

* Tonight on Alpha Centauri Radio "rift to rift AM" - How a humanoid species from a distant planet, third from a star called Sol sent civilizations instructional seeds to our planet Putok in the form of I Love Lucy and The Three Stooges ...... Naw naw naw clunk, eye (two of five) poke.

Cassini to make third Enceladus flyby

Webster Phreaky

When all you morons are dying of Colon Cancer or HIV AIDs .....

... enjoy the news that they found nothing on Europa, Titan, or Alpha Centuri as you die in agony because there is no cure. Morons like CoZmo and Snag will dully deserve Colon Cancer because you truely have your heads up your asses if you don't already have AIDs.

Name just ONE life that was saved in all the BILLIONS of dollars that have been wasted on Space exploration ... no, instead NASA KILLED 17 Astronauts. (Apollo 1 and 2 Shuttle missions for you morons that know shit.)

Webster Phreaky

Cessna Makes Flyby for Enchiladas at TacoBell!!

I mean who f*cking cares???!!

Does these stupid expenditures for useless science cure - Cancers, Cerebral Palsy, SIDs, AIDs, Rheumatic Arthritis, Alzheimer, etc. etc.??? HUNGER around the world? Will it find Duct Tape strong enough for that f*cking Idiot Al Gore's mouth and his bullshit Global Warming claims?

Come ... on! Spend money on something that saves people lives! And find that Duct Tape fast!

NASA's drunken astronaut report released

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Hey, Just Trying To Keep Up With The Russians! Stoli Salute!

Everyone knows that Russian StoliNauts drink vodka instead of water.

Windows Vista unreadiness revealed

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It Takes Apple to OS X xx.9 or .10 to get it to FINALLY work too!

Apple is the KING of OS Updates, ALL usually buggy and every iteration of a new version of OS X CUTS OFF half of the Applications that worked on previous versions! All to make Apple tiny legion of idiot fanatics to spend MORE money each version $149. plus plus plus plus plus .....

After 10 years of Macs mostly and some Windows boxes occationally, I needed to replace my aging 1GHz TiBook ... I bought an HP 15.4" DV6000 series notebook with Windows Vista Premium instead of another over-priced Mac (Book Pro) that undoubtedly would be as buggy as my TiBook was. The HP is twice the elegant machine a MacBook Pro is and only cost 2/5ths the price. It has a 2GHz Core 2 Duo and came with 2GB of RAM, and everything and more that a top of the line MacBook Pro has for $3000!

Vista? Vista makes OS X look and act like OS 9. Ancient and simpleton, while Vista is elegant and fast. Oh, I'll still occationally use my TiBook, but with the HP I ain't looking back ... buh bye over-priced Apple. See ya Spinning Beach Ball of Wait n Wait n Wait n Wait .......

Latins prefer Microsoft to Google

Webster Phreaky

Mexicans are NOT Latins, do some research idiot writer.

Historical references to Latins, i.e. Italian natives and Italy's possessions which were latin speaking and those from counties colonized by Latin SPEAKING peoples (Italians and Portaguese), i.e. Latin America which was SOUTH AMERICA and NOT Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc and ESPECIALLY NOT Mexico!

Mexicans and those that are Spanish decendents or mixed are HISPANICS! As in Hispania (Spain)!! Those that are NOT Hispanic are Central America INDIANS!

The Mexicans have tried to bastardize the meaning of being Latin in an effort to soften their image in the media and slip in the US in the guise of another legitmate ethinc group.

I am 75% Italian, therefore Latin - Mexicans are NOT! Get it straight!

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Webster Phreaky

Apple Kool Aid Drinkers HATE THE TRUTH ....

Delusional, Head-up-their-arse-itis, livimg in Apple Fantasyland and flinging torts instead of facts is the way the Apple Sheeple cope with well written and factual article on the world of Stevie Jobs bullshit.

the Pogues, Levys and Mossbergs, and a new crop of radio Apple Whores like Leo Laporte are all blatant bought off media Apple promoters. Whether they get cash, freebees or special favors from Cupertino, they all do the same - act like shameless and obvious street Whores for P.T. Barnum Stevie Gods and the Apple snow job.

Watching Stevie and Apple go through their product antics is like going to a cheap carnival and being taken in by the best "flim-flam" side-show huckster. And the the Pogues, Levys and Mossbergs of the world? Their the willing accomplices and NOTHING they say or write should be taken for other then the bribed bullshit it is.

Vodafone sinks to new low

Webster Phreaky

Perfect Company to Host the iPhony ...

because with the Buggy iPhone, Vodaphone will be sinking further and like with water, even more full of it.

Just for the benefit of the "continentals", here in the "colonies" Apple has pulled ALL Mac switch ads from TV and print and in it's place is running three times as many iPhony ads.

There is an old saying in Marketing that any professor in that field with agree with - You don't have to advertise (especially heavily) a product that is (1) popular, and (2) in demand.

i.e. the heavier the adverts, the WORSE it's selling.

Burned by a MacBook

Webster Phreaky

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha Apple P O S bwah ha ha ha ha ...

This is just too hysterical, all the MacDweeb FanBoys squirming and sqawking and not a single one answering with facts or addressing he issue.

Here's one - Apple has been and is being sued more often than any other current computer brand by its customers since 1991!

Nice record of customer satisfaction, Apple.

Sharks in the soup, says conservation group

Webster Phreaky

Al Gore Serves Up Chilien Sea Bass - On Extinction List!

Mr. Global Catastrophe, Mr. Save the Environment, Mr. Global Warming, Mr. Bullshit Limousine Liberal Al Gore held a "rehearsal dinner" this week for his daughters upcoming wedding. What was on the menu for all the 50 to 60 that attended?? Why is was Chilean Sea Bass, WHICH IS ON THE ENDANGERED EXTINCTION LIST!!!!!

Now you know (again) what a Bullshit Artist Al Gore is.

PS3 outsold Xbox 360 2:1 in Japan

Webster Phreaky

Geez, I Wonder Why? PS3 = Japan, XBox = MS =US?

Ya think that MAYBE the Japanese are favoring a homebrewed (Sony) product as a matter of pride, even though it is higher priced and inferior to the Foreign (US) Microsoft XBox 360 unit???

Funny thing is, neither device is MADE in their own home countries! Flip em over and find Made in China! So much for buying a homegrown product, Japan and US. (Ps - same goes for the Wii)

Boycott Commie Chinese made products, it's funding their military and the sale of weapon and weapons technology to Militant Islam and Leftist Countries. It's in the news EVERYDAY.

iPhone becomes phisherman's friend

Webster Phreaky

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha .. iPhone piece of sh!t - told you so.

This is just too iPhunny .... Apple you make my day .... everyday you realease a new Flakey, Flawed, Buggy product (all made in China)

Ex-Broadcom CEO broadsided by cocaine and orgy torture charges

Webster Phreaky

Stupid Writer! Broadcom ISN'T IN Silicon Valley!

Someone tell the Twit Ashlee Vance that Irvine California, the headquarters for Broadcom and the former executive office for Nicholas, ISN'T in "Silicon Valley"! It's in Orange County SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, south of Los Angeles. NO WHERE NEAR Santa Clara County NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!

Where the hell does The Reg find these stupid writers?? (nobody should call them "journalists")

Stories of Coke parties put on by Henry Nicholas down here in ORANGE COUNTY are notorious. Everyone in the Tech Industry has heard of them and the Kook nature of Nicholas. The idiot has nearly run the company into the ground numerous times, now you know why.

Ps. Orange County is known by many as Network Valley - because its the home of Linksys, D-Link, Cisco (south), Airlink, SMC (formerly Accton), Hawking, Belkin (in beautiful and dangerous Compton), Trendnet (Torrance, near LA).

How can you possibly test modern software fully?

Webster Phreaky

Don't Ask Apple .. they NEVER test their software....

... they leave it up to their customers to "test" and debug Apple POS buggy software and OS X. Here's just a sample today! -

QuickTime 7.2 breaking Rosetta CFM apps -


iTunes 7.3.1 (#3): Problems syncing with iPhone -


iPhone batteries don't appear to fully charge - (Oops that's shitty Apple hardware)


Special Report: Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.4.10 -


And these A Holes in Stupertino California have the balls to run those bash Microsoft Ads! Bwah ha ha ha ha hah!

Cloak and dagger Chinese firm tells Google to change its name

Webster Phreaky

Rots o Ruck Beijing Guge

I'm more inclined to believe that Beijing Guge is owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party (like Lenovo), which has been trying to undermine (if not POISON with tainted food products) America since the 50's.

I'd like to see Google just block all communications via links to China, lets see how long that Law suit lasts.

iPhones, iPhones and more iPhones

Webster Phreaky

Apple will always have plenty of money to spend on "media" iPhone PIMPING..

... because the cash RICHEST company in the Tech Industry, the one that makes the most outrageous profits (like the Big Oil Industries) has NEVER PAID A SINGLE STINKING CENT of Stock Dividends from their profits to their stock holders. Oh but Stevie and his crew of limousine liberal executives DO GET special treatment on Stock Options don't they .... and how about that $80 Mil Private Carbon Polluting Jet Stevie got from Apple???

Keep it up 'Ol Reg, keep taking about the iPhone ... the checks in the mail.

Martian ice swaps poles every 25,000 years

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Jesus Christ! Mars Flips Around 90 degrees!!

Well DUH! Of course the ice caps flip from one "end" (up or down) of Mars, because Mars axis flips around like a wobbly top. Because Mars has no Moon of any substance as the Earth does to stabilize its rotation, it precesses around as much as 90 degrees in relatively short time spans! Look it up!

Which is WHY Mars can NEVER BE "tera farmed" becasue you would have wildly erratic seasons at any geographic area of Mars! Not withstanding the high solar radiation, extreme tempatures, 200 MPH AVERAGE winds, NO Soil, etc. etc.

Idiots like phony "scientist" Robt. Zubrin and his like of Mars Colonization fruit cakes never talk about this. Know why? They want your tax dollars to fund the Mars folly, but it really goes into their pockets.

Webster Phreaky

Jesus Christ! Mars Flips Around 90 degrees!!

Well DUH! Of course the ice caps flip from one "end" (up or down) of Mars, because Mars axis flips around like a wobbly top. Because Mars has no Moon of any substance as the Earth does to stabilize its rotation, it precesses around as much as 90 degrees in relatively short time spans! Look it up!

Which is WHY Mars can NEVER BE "tera farmed" becasue you would have wildly erratic seasons at any geographic area of Mars! Not withstanding the high solar radiation, extreme tempatures, 200 MPH AVERAGE winds, NO Soil, etc. etc.

Idiots like phony "scientist" Robt. Zubrin and his like of Mars Colonization fruit cakes never talk about this. Know why? They want your tax dollars to fund the Mars folly, but it really goes into their pockets.

Sprint boots 1,000 phone customers for talking too much

Webster Phreaky

COMPLAINING too much! Misleading Headline by author.

I have Sprint / Nextel (thank god not shit AT&T) and I've found that their customer support people are the best if you're courteous with them (the service is the best sounding and most reliable of the big four here in the US too).

That said, I don't blame them the least in dumping jerk customers that on average call them and complain ON AVERAGE 100 times per quarter (which your lousy writer failed to mention!).

The Reg, your reporter and reporting leaves a great lot to be desired, that's my first bitch this quarter.

iPhone hackers disclose vulns and hunt for clues

Webster Phreaky

Typical for BUGGY Apple products

While Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are in constant denial, anyone in IT knows that Apple OS X and products are the buggiest in the industry, and every Apple update either makes then buggier or are buggy themselves.

I love this! Go Blackhat Hackers!!! Humpty Dumpty Jobs had a great fall.... bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha .....


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