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World+Dog lines up for iPhones

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@ Lee and the "Anonymous Coward" ... yes you are.

The BEST you can do is a personal attack? No rebuttal with facts, not retort with substance (other than the substance you smoke) That, everyone normal reading this, is your TYPICAL Apple Kool Aid Drinker Retard.

Here's the facts: After 20 years of VERY HEAVY advertising Macs are STILL less than 5% of the world and US market. Fact, the iPhony is STILL only in a distant THIRD PLACE in Smart Phone Sales, a tiny blip on the radar in total mobile phone sales (per Gartner Research and other non Apple pimp market analysts). Fact, Apple is an iNOvator, they copy other innovators products and then claim the breakthrough as theirs - iPud a rip off of the Rio, OS X a rip off of BSD UNIX and Windows, and Apple is LAST to 3G on the iPhony which was a rip off of LG's GUI interfaced Smart Phone shown CeBIT Germany a year before.

Face it Apple Sheeple, YOU are the losers. You CAN'T even carry on a debate.

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These are ALL just Apple Sheeple ... fortunately.

The sick, pathetic, the no life other than blow their wad ($$) on over-priced Apple Gadgets and most of all - stupid Sheeple (sheep-people) - are the only ones that follow the word of Stevie Gods everytime a new crApple product comes out to replace the previous one released just months previous.

Fortunately for the sane world, crAppleTards are only a miniscule minority. (of course these same fools will vote for another big iPhony - Barak Hussein Obama)

DreamWorks switches to Intel for stereoscopic 3-D high

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Notice MacTards ... they AREN'T Macs!!

1,000 HP's that AREN'T Macs in the once claimed video world of the MacTards domain. Oh but you still have gadgets like iPhonies and iPuds.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

Okay MacTard, time for your juvenile retorts instead of any qualitative (you'll have to look that big for you word) factual rebutal. It's all you ever have.


Sorry, no typos for you to divert attention from the facts either. 8^P

Apple drags its heels on iPhone security patches

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@ By Anonymous Coward and the other AppleTard

See, the BEST the AppleTards can do is criticize a slip of the keyboard entry like the little juvenile punks they are, INSTEAD of offering any substance in a rebuttal. Reason being, THEY CAN'T!

Apple HAS BEEN branded by security experts and even some of their slightly brave whore media, as being TOO slow at patching; far worse than MS. That's Microsoft, not the Multiple Sclerosis you Apple Tards exhibit every time you open your saliva dripping pie holes. Of course you high and mighty never make a typo, do you perfect wonders of fantasy land?

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Apple Doesn't Know How Too Patch Wholes and Bugs ....

But Apple SURE IS Good at creating them on everything from OS X, the iPhony to their own iApps. It's HISTORY and it's DOCUMENTED ... all you have to do is read any Apple Self-help site like macfixit and their archives.

Apple is 20 Times Worse than MS!

Segway CTO scoots to Apple's design team

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Macs are JUST LIKE Segways .......

1) Segways are cute but a novelty item that will NEVER be a market segment (motorized vehicle) contender or in much demand. Same for Mac

2) Segways were the darling of the Lefty Media, just like Apple and their junky products; yet the Media Whores couldn't make Segway a real success .... just like Apple junk.

3) Segways are horribly over-priced .... need I say more (iPuds, Macs, iPhony, etc)

4) Segways are known for throwing their riders unexpectedly and Segways has been sued numerous times ...... hmmmm, flawed iBooks, PowerBook, iMacs, iPuds, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, etc etc .... class action lawsuits galore!! DING!

5) Dean Kamen is a kook and an arrogant asshole. Stevie? DITTO.

6) The only difference between Segway and Apple is that Segway has always made their own product; Apple on the other hand HASN'T MADE ANYTHING of their own since the Apple ][e, which itself was outsourced later to Canada, then Taiwan. Apple junk is Chinese Sweatshop garbage.

An iPhone with a keyboard?

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Yeah, it's called a MacBook .. put it to your ear .....

and listen it crackle from over-heating, discolor for shabby packaging engineering and see the LCD close-up as it develops lines and then goes blank.

But ALL Mac notebooks are very useful! They make wonderful door stops and iPhone the iPud on steroids are great suppositories for Apple buyers. Oh my, Apple the Great iNOvator. No other Cell phone has ever had a keyboard, have they??

Trojan heralds OS X's 'new phase of exposure to malware'

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Best Comment: Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

Smart-ass AppleTards, you ASKED FOR IT with your BS Mac vs PC adverts and , now you're going to get it good. Now you can not only enjoy forking out $149 every 18 months to feed Stevies every growing cash chest, but you will enjoy popping for $40 - $50 per year on Anti-Virus subscriptions, which might be even more expensive since Norton and the other AV companies will need to charge more to cover programming costs for the MINUSCULE market share the MacTards are.

I LOVE it!!

Google's Gmail verboten in Germany

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Bet those big San Fran Liberals are Spitting up their Ganola!

I take a wager that Serg moons Deuschland from the Soyuze capsule on his Too Rich Assholes Space Ride.

Did you know that San Francisco is call the Cereal Bowl of Fruits Nut and Flakes?

Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

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More Fodder For The Art Bell Liars Club Radio Show....

Isn't it AMAZING Fox, that the morons in the UFO's NEVER are bright enough to pop in at the White House, Buckingham Palace or House of Louts, The KREMLIM!, Beijing, Toronto eh?; but instead pick leadership spots for Joy Riding like Cardiff and the Beer Swigging 'copter Bobbies, or "bum-fu_k" New Mexico where the local AAF base only tested Helium balloons with radar reflectors? (jesus, they could have gone to a SAC base at least!).

And isn't it "GREEN" of them Ay-liens to always pickup after themselves after a little picnic visit or CRASH! What the hell do they fly anyway from 20 light years away and Warp 50 that they wait to crash here, .... a Fiat UFO??? Fix It Again Tony the alien!!

The ONLY Morons that are stupider that those morons that believe in the Physics based IMPOSSIBILITY of Extra Terrestrial Space Travel - hence Aliens and UFOs - fantasy, are the morons that believe in the god and religion business. (equally with any substance or physical proof .... and it IS a business)

London hospital loses 20,000 unencrypted patient files

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Someone check the bedpans!

Wanna bet that this hospital never "loses" patient billings.

Considering there must have been a security hole and Apple OS X and Safari has more holes that swiss cheese, bet they have an Xserver.

Apple's 3G iPhone to launch 11 July

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Here's the SIMPLE FACT! iPhone is a DISTANT 3rd Place World Wide

According to a just released report by Gartner Research, the Apple iPhony is in a dismal DISTANT Third Place in the World Wide Smart Phone market space behind Nokia and Research In Motion (Blackberry). This despite the year long barage of constant Apple iPhony TV and Print ads, all the Paid Off Media Whores and the reported 8 thousand iPhones that Apple has GIVEN AWAY to Media Hacks, Movie and TV show "product placements" and assorted celeb jerks to flash in public.

EAT THAT FACT, Apple Kool Aid Drinkers.

The count-down begins to all the Bugs and Flaws this iPhone has, just like the first one had and just like every other product Apple has their name put on by manufacturers with Chinese Sweatshop factories.

Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0

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Record for the most bugs in a new release???

Once Mozilla releases settle down a few months later and many "fixes", they are great - BUT first day releases, NO WAY! I think they studied at the Apple Safari Coders School of Spaztics. Don't be an early adopter!!

Phoenix beams back Martian postcards

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Idiots Art Bell and George SNoory ALREADY Fabricating Martian Road Story!

One of their Liars Club freaks with a new books to sell is already planned for the show to tell all the late night morons that the "geometric" shape in the picture is an ancient bit of Martian road or canal!

Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

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Spin your way out of THIS Mac vs PC ... AppleTards.

See, when it comes down to HARD FACTS, something AppleTards can't deal with, OS X is and always will be the slacker - lagger - buggier. Bet you see this result in those fantasy-land Mac vs PC TV ads.

Researchers out Apple over unpatched iCal bugs

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Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha .... Apple = Security? NOT ...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... Enjoy your latest Mac vs. Windows Fantasy TV ads MacTards. It's OS X users that need an AA Group to go to.

Lenovo undershoots Wall St as US disappoints

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Buy a Lenovo .. profits go to the Nuclear Arming of China

This is FACT - Lenovo's MAJORITY owner is the Chinese Communist Party, the profits and most income from sales of Lenovo products puts western money in a TOTALITARIAN Rights Restricting Government that spends MORE than any other nation into it's MILITARY and is threatening to physically over-run Taiwan, a country thats wants to stay INDEPENDENT and DEMOCRATIC and has NOT been part of China since it was seeded LEGALLY in a treaty to Japan in 1852 and liberated by the US in 1945.

Think about that the next time you are even thinking of buying a Lenovo product!

Lenovo is NOT IBM anymore.

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

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AppleTards All Have Windows Penis Envy .... here's proof

The Apple Kool Aid Drinkers have rushed with rapture to use TWO DIFFERENT WAYS to run Windows XP or Vista on their Macs.

Before that there were DOZENS of Hacks to Run Windows on Macs before the PC Clone MacIntels.

Now the MacTards can't wait to make their little Commie Chinese Sweatshop made iPhonies LOOK like Vista!


Next they'll dress their Blow Up Polyethylene Dates in clothes like Steve Balmer.

'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it

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PayPal and eBay sucks

You'd think that Apple owns the two of them considering the BUGGINESS and Greediness of the two companies are so alike.

Apple to issue refunds for sparky, prematurely dying products

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Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are ALWAYS in Denial, this no exception

Apple ALSO just settled the Canadian Class Action Lawsuit on their BIG LIE about iPud battery playing life (they claimed 8 hours, really 3) and usable longevity (dies just after the warranty date, surprise!) for a lousy CD$44. A similar lawsuit in the US that the A-holes at Apple originally settled on, Stevie RENEGED on paying it to date three years later!

There are dozens times 20 of other lawsuits on many Apple crumby products with flaws, something the AppleTards cannot rebuke with evidence from any of the big 5 PC makers. Go ahead and try!

Apple and Stevie is the most disreputable company, yet the AppleTards always vote like Democrats (vote early and vote OFTEN) whenever there is a satisfaction survey ..... apparently, the surveyors never survey all the millions involved with all these Class Action Lawsuits against Apple.

Go ahead AppleTards, flame .... but never rebut with any evidence. You never have any.

Yahoo? We don't need no stinkin' Yahoo!

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Figures a MacTard would think Yang made a "brilliant move" ...

Lets see ... Yang has RENEWED the already infuriated major Yahoo? stockholders to ad additional lawsuits against him and the Yahoser board; other than a minute (as in small) up tick in the stock for ONE DAY after the first of the Yahooie price crashes, Yaho! is back down and going down from here on; also Yahoser made it obvious stupidly by Yang after HAVING TO APPROACH Google, that they CAN'T survive on their own. You MacTard call this brilliant?? It figures since your ilk think Jobs the great iNOvator iCON is as an equal.

Anyone that uses Yahoser! email and Yahoser! portal knows that the dopes at Yaho!! only reply to help or complaints on their vertually non-existant SPAM filtering (often using their own service) is only by "Form Emails". Yahoo sucks, and going down the drain will be a pleasure to watch.

How's that Spinning Beach Ball of wait n wait n wait n wait ..... ?

Dope-crazed Canadians sledgehammer iPhone

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Best Thing You Can Do To an iPud Before it Catches Fire in Your Pants

Little do all you Apple Kool Aid Drinkers know is that The Communist Chinese have implanted each Sweatshop iPud with a drug resistant strain of Mooshu Chicken Flu which will leak into your pants pockets as the irreplaceable battery begins to fail 10 days after the warranty date.

The Commies chose to have it leak in your pockets because they know that AppleTards have nothing of importance anatomically near there. The second choice was those clever iPud head bands.

Apple punts 'Penryn' iMacs

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Funny How MacTards call names, but NEVER refute the proof with facts

You MacTards and Apple Kool Aid Drinkers are wonderful at flinging the insults but never ever seem to get around to refuting the DOCUMENTED facts in print and on the net everywhere, often on MacFan Boy sites.

Reason(?), you can't and that answers it all about just how your feeble brains work ... just what they make Macs for. Listing all your Apple crap is proof of nothing. Apple Droids are notorious liars about the reliability of their Apple gadgets. Our IT dept administers more than 26,000 computers in a rather large K - 12 school district. We USED TO BUY Macs, but a 29% failure rate within the the first 18 months on 4,600 G3 and G4 iBook, a 26% failure rate in 18 months on G3 iMacs and G4 eMacs KILLED Apple with our District for ever! At Educational Administrators conferences put on by the Dept. of Eduaction, I hear the same from other small and large school district IT Admins, they will never buy Apple again because of the horrible reliability! THAT is why Apple LOST the education market 4 years ago and why Apple never seems to talk about ever again.

Facts don't lie, the sample links are PROOF ... just you MacTards are the liars and big babies. Got contrary proof? Spell it out, or just shut up.






eMac Makes PC Magazine's "10 Worst Products of the Year"


Big Apple schools refuse Macs over Wi-Fi flaw


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Lets Start Counting How Many Bugs These Will Have ....

Oh Macs are always "perfect"??, there's never been problems with iMacs!!??, Mactards are always in denial folks. Let's just refres=h your MEMORY about JUST ONE segment of Apple's "colorful history" of foisting garbage on the unsuspecting (because the Apple Media Hacks hide it) consumer public -

"Apple iMac: ‘New and inferior,’ lawsuit says" March 31, 2008 -


"iMac LCD problems continue to grow" Monday, Dec. 3 2007 -


"Apple confirms iMac freeze problem" Monday, Oct. 8 2007 -


"20" iMac LCD color problems?" (this one actually is about another Apple lie)-


"Apple faces up to iMac flaws By Louisa Hearn" February 13, 2006 -



And INTEL even helps Apple with MacIntel PC Clone bugs too!

"Intel Core Chip Bugs May Affect Macs" January 23rd, 2006 -


"iMac Vertical Lines" January 4, 2008 (read the fellow owners commments) -


"iMac G5 power supply burning" Mar 09, 2005 (WELL known flaw!) -


Even the Mac Hack Media guys complain ... sometimes, for good reason.

"HEY LA, HEY LA, MY iMAC'S BACK" September 16, 1998


"G3 iMac have a tendency to suffer from video failure" (Our school Dist lost 340 iMacs in 16 months back in 1999 from this!) - http://www.macopz.com/columns/imacrepair/

Oh, but lets go back to the BEGINNING of the iMac, the KOREAN made G3 iMacs:

"iMac Flaws" February 1999 -


HEY, I could go on for pages and pages because the web is FULL of Documented Apple build-in FLAWS that the Apple Hackl Media and Apple FUDs suppresses. Look for yourself .... well unless you live in the land of denial .. Mac Fantasy-land.

Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

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Ah-Nold is a Publicity Whore Liberal Moron

The folks in Californicate aren't fooled by the big Austrian moron with the pretend little r under his name anymore. The guy is nothing but a publicity whore, changes his views like a feather in the wind or what ever the CA Democrat gustapo wants him to think or act. He and his D friends will Tax the Tarnished Brown state into a Third World state of affairs. You watch.

Now the big dip-shit wants to change all the FREE carpool lanes into HOT - High Occupancy Toll lanes for all the rich bastards in CA with MBs, BMWs and Hummers. Meanwhile their paying $3.85 to $3.95 per gallon for the cheapest regular and food is going thru the roofs because the truck delivery companies are raising rates because of the gas and diesel.

You can thank the asshole Democrats like Pelosi and Ah-nold that are BLOCKING the drilling of OUR Oil in Alaska, CA., the Dakotas and Gulf of Mexico (where the Commie Chinese are drilling with our buddies the corrupt Mexicans). THOSE are the villans!

eBay sues Craigslist as family squabble goes public

Webster Phreaky

CraigsWhorelist.com only caters to the internet buyer flakes.

First - Delaware is ware, er where all disreputable companies incorporate because Delaware is ware it is the toughest to sue a company by a consumer, allows the most vague of corporate tenants, and there are more lawyers per sq inch than even Califlakia.

Craigslist USED TO BE good, now 99% of the buyers are flakes that call or write and promise to buy and never show up; or they are farming for your phone number and email address (when you reply) so they can Spam your phone or email. Then again, 80% of those selling stuff - even their pussy's - are con artists too.

Of course eBay is just a high-priced whore anyway too, at least you'll get paid if it sells ..... after eBay rips you off with all their fees!

Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

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Worstern Digital has WORST reliability reputation of the top 4

Ask any IT pro or major league gamer and they'll tell you that Worstern Digital has the WORST reputation for reliability and customer support of any of the big four HDD makers. At our school district 24,000 system network, we stopped buying their junk a few years ago because of much higher than acceptable premature drive failures; many under 16 months! A lot of civilian consumers and teachers I know have also told me (often calling for help) that their external and internal WD (Won't Drive) hard drive just suddenly croaked even though it wasn't very old, less that two years in use.

Trying to make Worsten Digital make good on their warranty replacements is a real chore as well. I've never had a probelm getting Maxtor or Seagate to replace a downed HDD even if it died just shortly after the warranty period.

Beware of Worsten Digital!

Apple gets (slightly) less sneaky with Windows Safari play

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Go one better ... DELETE ALL Apple Software from your PC!

Apple and Stevie Gods are a bunch of arrogant bastards, well so are most Mac users come to think of it, but this kind of activity if MS was doing it would be investigated by the LibTards in Congress by the calls of MONOPOLY from the Apple Hacks in the media and all the MacTards.

Enough is enough from these jerks from the Stupertino campus of Limousine Liberality and their addict followers. Boycott all Apple! Burn your iPud, or at least step on it in public! Fling your iPhony through the windows of the nearest Apple Crematorium Store (that's what they look like)!

If you NEED Quicktime, remove Apple's and install QuickTime Alternate 2.5.1 ( http://www.codecguide.com/download_qt.htm )

Get rid of iTunes! Use something else, ANYTHING ELSE! THere are plenty around, unless you're stupid enough to be feeding Stevie Gods retirement fund and gassing his $80 Mil Carbon Foot-print G4 Private Jet!

Most importantly, be belligerent against Apple and MacTards; bad mouth them, push them in crowds, trip them in hallways while they're talking on their iPhone or cut them off in traffic and steal their parking places, laugh at them and point while yelling MACTARD! Write TV stations and magazines that run those lying MacTard v. PC ads and threaten to boycott them unless they stop accepting those blatant lie adverts!

Do an "Operation Mac Chaos" when ever you see a poll or survey about Mac or Apple gadget reliability, or how good Apple service is, switch parties and pretend you have a Mac and VOTE TERRIBLE! UNRELIABLE! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE! APPLE SUCKS! .... well it's all true! AppleTards and MacTards have been doing this in PC polls for years and now it's time to turn the tables (thanks Rush Limbaugh for this idea! You know that tard is a Mac fanboy too!)

UNITE PC users!! All together .... F U Apple and MacTards!

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Webster Phreaky

This story is pure bullshit ..... net 12,100 computers and NO problem!

This story is pure bullshit. I admin an entire school district network of over 22,100 PC's and NOT ONE SINGLE PC running Vista on our network of 14 schools has had any issue with USB devices. Trust me, with cry baby teachers and staffers that complain about anything with their computers to get out of working (civil servants ya know), we would have heard about it.

Now lets talk about the latest crop of OS X bugs listed on macfixit.com

IBM offers 4,000 frequent flyer miles per core to abandon HP

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@fluffels .... Aren't Macs made for idiots?

Must be why you're using one .... except when the Beach Ball is spinning and spinning .....

Why bother to learn Apple's "cleaver" product names, when NO BODY USES THEM? You must already be sampling Stevie's stash since you're delusional enough to think anyone cares how it's spelled ... or what your moronic name calling (typical AppleTards) retorts are. See that's what all MacTards resort to, name calling instead of being cleaver. Must not be a keyboard shortcut for "cleaver" on those Macs. See that's cleaver, but you and MacTards don't know how to do that ... can't key stroke it on your own. Have to have brains.

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Stevie Will Offer Some Of His LSD Stash If You Buy an Unwanted X-Server!

Stevie Gods still has a few dozen gallon paint cans full of Timothy Leary's best brew left (you know the cheap bastard bogarts his weed and LSD), but since absolutely NO ONE is buying those over-price POS X-Servers, Stevie says he'll give a tab per core if you Apple Kool Aid Drinkers (sorry, only arsenic in the Kool Aid) will spend some more of your "stupid money".

Look, you can get high after you buy one on the tab and pretend that the POS X-Server actually works! Just gaze and gaze at the Spinning Beach Ball .. spin n spin n spin n spin n spin n spin n spin n spin n spin .......


Only one man can save Motorola

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Motorola needs Apple's PR Spin Dept. NOT a Stevie Gods....

Over the long history of Motorola in the cell handset business, they sold at the top by making rugged reliable phones at fair prices, the StarTac sold in higher numbers than ANY other phone ever and set THE benchmark for tiny size (for it's time) and the clam shell design. I still have one and it still works with the original battery!

The ONLY thing that Geoffrey brough to Motorola's recent "road to success" and the over 100m Razrs his "Moto" campaign sold .... was gimicky promotions on a so-so phone. In the short time Motorola sold that 100m RAZRs, will Apple be able too? NOT! But, what Apple has is a powerful Bullshit Machine - their PR Dept and all their paid-off Media Hacks that do a great job of making Apple's failures into iphony successes through disinformation and outright lie propagation; and that Apple lies through their teeth about sales figures and then went caught, they have to "restate earnings" - something they've had to do numerous times in the past.

No, Motorola doesn't need a Stevie Gods, they need an Apple Bullshit machine ..... IF they can't seem to find their way back to making phones people really want (feature set and easy of use) and that really last heavy usage.

Otherwise, go buy a POS iPhone that's more a gimmick gadget than a phone and enjoy having to PAY a premium to replace the battery and god knows what else (considering Apple's LONG history of flaky products) every 9 months or less.

Alienware Area 51 ALX CrossFireX gaming PC

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Apple Mac Pro's hiding in fear of being stomped

... wimpy and grossly over-priced Apple Mac Pro's are hiding in fear of REAL high powered computers like this one and others. And for guys like @Greg, compare the feature set vs. a Mac Pro and then compare the prices and then see who's over-priced!

HP Proliant USB key riddled with worms

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Must have come from the Chinese iPud Factory

1) it's typical Apple production QC, and 2) A way to further sabotage competitors in the server business since NO ONE is buying X Servers.

Al Gore's green job bonanza - can we afford it?

Webster Phreaky

Only Global Warming is Gore's Hot Air ...

As there is more and more REAL evidence to refute any global warming, the only hot air around is that which eminates from Al Gore's ass and mouth. Let's be honest, this massive a-hole is a power hungry politician still pissed that he lost an election and then helped another moron John F*@kin Kerry lose another. All his climate blustering (pun intended) is to supplant his lack of presidential power and a publicity set up to be selected as an alternate choice of the DNC at the convention for two virtual communists - Barrack Hussain Obama and Hillary Rodhorn Clinton.

THAT's the bottom line ... you watch.

People say Google will buy Skype and Expedia and, and, and, and

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and, and, and ...... Bullshit

it's the same morons that make up Apple BS rumors that never come true.

Google pink slips 300 Doubleclickers

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Compassionate LEFTY Google .... no surprise.

Google and it's founder and managers, like the notorious Limousine Liberal Stevie Jobs and Apple, are Lefties; so is it any surprise that these a-holes slurp up a company and layoff many of their hardworking original employees? NOT.

Hey Serg and crew ..... a-hole!

Apple lags MS in security response

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Apple Droids defend being MacIntel "PC Clones" now

Just enjoy this thought ...... MacTards are proud of being Intel PC CLONES now and all the wonderful advantages, like being a Virus target!

Hey remember the days of your Emperors claims of G3's / G4's / G5's are Sooooo much better and faster than Intels??? Hypocrites!

Every day you Apple FUDs prove you are MacTards.

Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

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OS X WAS 1st ! OS X was 1st !! OS X WAS 1st !! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ....

NOT Vista, NOT Linux .... BUT Security Swiss Cheese OS X; and WHAT'S THIS!!?? ... The new release of SaCrapy Safari is ALSO FULL OF SECURITY HOLES, like THAT was a big shock!!

Apple, YOU suck!

OS X, YOU suck!

Mac's SUCK!

AppleTard FUDs, you are stupid and the first three prove it.!

Linux WINS!!!

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

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TOLD YOU SO!!! TOLD YOU SO!!! ..... Eat Crow MacTards

I predicted this two weeks ago and I said then I would be saying .... TOLD YOU SO!!! TOLD YOU SO!!! ..... Eat Crow MacTards

Your OS X is a Buggy, Security Risky, Piece of Shit. Swallow that with your Crow.

Apple grants Windows PCs the right to run Safari for Windows

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Should Include an Insurance Waiver for Safari's INFAMOUS Security Holes

Can't hide from this one too Apple Kool Aid Drinkers and Mac Denialcrats ... it's DOCUMENTED!

Apple Plugs Windows Safari Security Holes


Security researchers poke holes in Safari


Safari On Windows A Security Risk


Apple's Safari a Windows security risk?


Security researchers: Safari for Windows not so secure


<b>Apple CAN'T even make a secure version for themselves!!<b/>

Security firm discovers severe iPhone Safari exploit


<b> Apple security updates LONG LIST from the Apple site!!<b/)

* Apple security updates (25-Jan-2005 to 21-Dec-2007)

* Apple security updates (03-Oct-2003 to 11-Jan-2005)

* Apple security updates (August, 2003 and earlier)


The Apple image is PHONY! Just like their advertising and their Apple Kool Aid Drinkers!

Buyers BEWARE!

Apple orders 10m 3G iPhones - analyst

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More Apple Anal-yst FUD Bull$hit.

From all the ACCURATE data, the iPhone is a bomb. Apple's probably GIVEN AWAY more iPhones for "product placements" in various media's and to all their Hack Media buddies, then they've actually sold.

I'd like to see Apple Stock Holders demand a REAL sales Audit.

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

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Some Apple Pimp "SPIN" - Try SEAKING it on Windows PCs!

When users have "auto update" software enabled (as most do so they won't be bothered), there is no such box to UNcheck if you don't want that notoriously Security Buggy Safari on your PC! The fact the Stevie Gods is blatantly trying to bundle Safari in with somewhat benign iTunes, is tantamount to SNEAKING it in!

Say, wasn't MS raked over the coals for doing similar things by the HYPOCRITE Apple Hack media and all the Apple FUDs??? Geez, all you guys would make great Dems and Liberals ... oh wait, according to recent research, Apple kooks are usually snooty hypocrite Liberals.

The big rumor is that a number of Windows users have already been soliciting ambulance chaser lawyers to sue Apple. a known Malware, if not historic buggy software provider. Now THAT will make my day! ... oh, YEAR!

Apple's Time Machine now works as advertised

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@Gareth Irwin ... still puckered and wanting more.

Afraid that was you that got it in your "arse" from Stevie Gods everytime you bought an Apple POS, but then again you brits love it in the "arse", don't ya.

Oh and tell your communist friend "Paul Warne" that freedom of speech is still in force in the free non-Apple controlled world. 95% of the world knows that you Apple freaks just can't take any criticism .... bunch of arrogant socialists!

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

IMAGINE if that was Microsoft for Vista .... MacTard Hypocrites.

Funny how this ALL TOO OFTEN PROOF that Apple and all you MacTard are full of sh1t about the perfection of Apple and OS X. If this were a MS and Windows problem, you A-Holes would be harping about this for months and all the Apple Hack Media types would be bashing MS in every publication and broadcast.

Yet the F O's at Apple coding get away with murder over an issue that has been simmering for many many months, a lot longer than MS has ever taken to fix any bigger issue in Vista! NOT A SINGLE BERATING comment in any Apple Pimp publication, not a word said by Apple Whores like Mossberg or Leo Laporte.

Look in the mirror Apple Tards, see a hypocrite pussy, because you put up with this kind of BS from Apple and their pimps, and Apple sees it and keeps taking advantage of you. You get what you deserve ... over-priced Apple crap that's always buggy.

Mac OS X Tiger out, Leopard back in

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

Having a Vista Moment Apple Droids???? Hypocrites!

My my my my ... All mighty Stevie Gods walks on water while simultaneously hurling turds of a buggy OS (Tiger), which this article and tons of complaints on macfixit.com and other Mac self-help sites confer on (see Apple is no help); yet you Tards have the miniscule ca-hones to lambast Vista for lesser bugs or being slow (which Tiger is too).

Take a look in the mirror MacTards, see the Stevie Gods brain-washed Hypocrite.

Hope you enjoyed tossing $149 down the drain, again. Running Linux, means never having to go BACK(wards).

So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

@Morely Dotes, Funny ... OS X was the loser LAST YEAR!

How do you Apple FUDS account for that??

And as for the inane comment "Dumb prize", a computer is a computer whether it's a notebook or a desktop. The target is the OS, not the conveyance, dope. A MacBook Air is more attractive when it's free than having to buy the under-featured POS.

I'll have plenty of Catsup for you MacTards to eat your Crow with. Keep watchin.

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

I'll put my money on Flaky Buggy Swiss Cheese OS X

and all the MacMonkey Kool Aid Drinkers will faint from acute Denial Fantasy. The more and more evidence that it's OS X that's a POS, the deeper the Apple FanBoys stick their heads up their arses to escape reality.

Apple unleashes monster patch batch on Mac faithful

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

Geez Apple Trolls, thought OS X .5 was so Perfect?

So this is the, what 4th or 5th time that Apple has tried to make it "Perfecter", nah it's just that you're all Apple Kool Aid Drinkers and OS X has been and always will be holier than swiss cheese, security and bug wise. AKADs are so deep in denial.

Next time you bash Linux or Windows, look in the mirror as see a stupid hypocrite.

Apple patents reveal Apple TV DVR plan?

Webster Phreaky
Jobs Horns

Will Only Record Apple Authorized iTunes Channels

.... like Stevie sitting on the shitter passing gas and turds, also known as Apple PR Blasts and Keynote Addresses. Which is why there is so much Apple sponsored news coming from the porcelain throne .... Stevie is "full of it".


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